I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 862

Jiang Chen’s deeds of Guan Hui were shaken out one by one. He didn’t feel anything personally, but the people who listened to it did admire it, even fanatical!

Kill too sect disciple, pit the emperor, Chen Zhulu, cassia three people, fat beats the world!

Afterwards, the Haotian Conference won the first prize, beheaded the descendants of the Divine Emperor, and moved away three blessed places. These deeds… can be called “heroic”!

Most people really dare not do this!

Especially the incident of hitting the ass of Jiu Tianxia, ​​which was said to be vivid and made everyone feel like they were on the scene!

However, the sound of all around soon disappeared.

Everyone reacted, and now there is a major event!

The defeat of Long Song by Jiang Chen is equivalent to losing the identity of Holy Son!

So, according to the rules, Jiang Chen is now adjacent to the Academy, True God Realm Holy Son!

Of course, it still needs to be declared and canonized by Elder, but it is also a matter of time.

At this moment, Jiang Chen smiled at the long song under the ring, and said: “Just this strength? You dare to call yourself invincible under Heavenly God?”

“You used it What means!?” Long Song ugly complexion, self-confidence was shattered!

He comprehend Yin-Yang Two Qi and consolidated the cultivation base in True God Realm. The battle strength is comparable to the upper Heavenly God!

He couldn’t understand why this familiar boy in front of him was actually better than him!

Especially just now, when Jiang Chen’s palm fell, the waves of tiger roar and dragon roar almost wiped out his Divine Soul!

“What means? Of course it is True God Realm’s means.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes, and said: “After all, it is not the main body. Compared with the long song, You are far away.”

“Read Long Song?” Long Song frowned, and his heart suddenly throbbed.

He didn’t know that he was actually psyched up by the fleshy body who read the long song.

However, out of instinct, after hearing the three words chanting the long song, my heart throbbed, and I felt unspeakable.

It’s like being owed, guilty, or even a little longing.

This kind of emotions and feelings are very strange, which made Changge silent for a moment.

Until a long time in the past, he slowly raised his head, his eyes were shining brightly, and said: “Holy Son is yours for the time being.”

“No need to say, it should be now Mine.” Jiang Chen lightly said, waved his hand, and said: “Go to the cultivation, don’t be embarrassed everywhere.”

“I am embarrassed?” Long song complexion is gloomy, it is really not convinced!

Among the entire adjacent Academy, True God Realm dísciple, who is his opponent! ?

Even Heavenly God Realm, only the Holy Son of Heavenly God Realm can suppress him.

With this strength, it is still embarrassing! ?

“You are invincible under Heavenly God? Huh… Then I tell you, Laozi is invincible under God!” Jiang Chen raised his head, ignoring the expression of unbelief from everyone, and said bluntly: “Go to Heavenly Holy Son of God Realm is calling here!”


“He is going to…challenge the Holy Son of each great realm one after another!?”


Everyone is horrified, Jiang Chen, what is this going to do! ?

I just arrived next to the Academy, are you going to make a big noise? ?

“It’s normal, he made more noise in the virtual God World! It can be said to have broken the sky!” Some people are calm, because they have witnessed those things about Jiang Chen with their own eyes!

“You are very strong, but if you are too self-confident, you are conceited.” Long Song coldly said: “Under arrogance, you will inevitably lose!”

“Pride?” Jiang Chen The corners of his mouth turned up slightly, revealing a wicked smile, and said: “I’m arrogant, let’s see if I will lose.” At this moment, a teenager volleyed in the distance!

The clouds and mist around him are steaming, like a layer of battle clothes.

People haven’t arrived yet, a terrifying imposing manner has already arrived!

“Who is going to challenge me!?”

Everyone knows when he hears this, it is the Holy Son who is next to the Academy Heavenly God Realm!

He should have got the news, so he came here to get his name right!

However, when he came to the square, when he saw Jiang Chen standing on the ring, his face suddenly turned black.

He weakly asked a boy next to him: “Is he going to challenge me?”

“Yes! This is the lower True God, so crazy! Just defeated! The long song Holy Son.” The people around him were very upset and said: “Holy Son, you go and teach him! This kid is crazy!”

“Should I teach him?” Heavenly God Realm’s Holy Son’s face is darker, whispered: “The renowned culprit of the virtual God World is naive, I will teach him?”

“Hey! You are the Holy Son of Heavenly God Realm, right? Come on, Stop talking nonsense and come up for a fight.” Jiang Chen looked towards the boy, speaking very directly.

However, what made everyone didn’t expect was that after hearing this, the young man suddenly smiled, and he cupped the hands at Jiang Chen, humblely said: “Han Han Fellow Daoist, you I know the strength of, don’t you have to do it?”

“If you want the title of Heavenly God Realm Holy Son, I will give it to you. Here I am in front of everyone , Can you just give in?”


Hearing this, Jiang Chen was also taken aback.

He didn’t know that when he was in the Haotian Conference before, this young man was there and witnessed Jiang Chen’s pressure on the descendants of the Divine Emperor!

Now, let him fight Jiang Chen, do you still have to fight! ?

“Yes, you can give up.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and then asked: “Then…call the Holy Son of Mysterious God Realm.”

“I’m there. Here!”

Jiang Chen’s tone barely fell, and he saw a young man holding a seven-foot lance jumped onto the ring!

Such a big event happened on the square, it has already shocked many people, and the Holy Son of Mysterious God Realm is already here.

At this moment, when he heard Jiang Chen’s words, he rushed directly into the ring. The meaning was obvious, he wanted to fight Jiang Chen!

“You are quite straightforward.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Like the Holy Son of Heavenly God Realm, it’s good to admit defeat directly, why bother to come up and be beaten.”

“You underestimate me!?” Mysterious God Realm’s Holy Son has a cold face, with a seven-foot lance pointed finger towards Jiang Chen, coldly said: “I have been in this seat for many years, and I have never met someone as arrogant as you!” /p>

“Then you met today, and you will always meet me for a long time.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.



Tone barely fell, and everyone saw Jiang Chen thrusting out with his fists!

A fist light turns into a dragon body, like a Star River falling down, constant pressure on one side!

Another fist is like a tiger, under the roar, the entire ring is shaking, like a tiger roar, it will shake the stars in the sky!




next moment, everyone only heard two muffled noises, and then they saw that Holy Son of Mysterious God Realm was blown out, and finally fell into the ring under.

He looked dumbfounded, and his seven-foot lance in his hand was cut off!

“I am… defeated?” He asked himself, before he could react, he was already defeated. This… is not appropriate! ?

“Senior Brother, you should just surrender just like me.” Holy Son of Heavenly God Realm helped the boy up and comforted: “It’s okay. It’s normal to lose to him. He is an evildoer. Monster.”

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