I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 863

Heavenly God Realm’s Holy Son has been comforting Mysterious God Realm. The two are speechless and helpless and bitter.

Since they can be the Holy Son of realm, it shows that they are very strong. They are definitely the first among the great realm in the adjacent Academy.

But now, he has lost to Jiang Chen, the lower True God.

It’s not that they are weak, but Jiang Chen is too strong!

“The only True God!”

Someone yelled, this title may have been with Jiang Chen for a long time.

“Then I am now…three Holy Son identities?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

In this capacity, it should be okay to browse through comprehend, right?

“You! Come over here!”

At this moment, adjacent to the Academy, a majestic voice came from the Eighth Peak.

“Oh? Eighth Elder?” Jiang Chen blinked his eyes, secretly thought that he and Eighth Elder did not know him at all, so suddenly he asked him to do what he did in the past?

However, now that as a dísciple adjacent to the Academy, Eighth Elder has spoken, Jiang Chen will naturally pass by.

After all, for a long time to come, Jiang Chen’s safety depends on the adjacent Academy.

“pay respects to Eighth Elder.”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen came to the eighth peak and bowed his hand to a middle-aged man.

Eighth Elder is very burly, a square-faced, giving people a sense of uprightness.

And now, he has a pair of deep eyes staring at Jiang Chen, his aura is a little uneasy, especially from the corner of his eyes, he is constantly looking at the square.

Obviously, Jiang Chen’s defeat of three Holy Sons one after another has already alarmed the seniors adjacent to the Academy.

“Who the hell are you?” Eighth Elder was silent for a while, then solemnly asked.

“Me? Beiming Elder’s dísciple.” Jiang Chen said, “Is there a problem?”

“Apart from this identity?” Eighth Elder raised his eyebrows: ” With your battle strength, innate talent aptitude, and impossible, you are an unknown person!”

“You use the name Hanhan in God World, but what about your true identity?”


Hearing these words, Jiang Chen shrugged helplessly, and said: “True identity? Still naive.”

“Don’t think of fooling me!” Eighth Elder coldly said: “Don’t think I don’t know where you are from!”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s heart couldn’t help but hesitated, secretly thought that his identity was exposed?

Still, the matter of Heavenspan Church has been exposed! ?

However, before Jiang Chen could explain, Eighth Elder joked and said, “You and the smiling Heavenly God are senior and junior brothers? You are from the same small sect, right?”

“This…yes.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

Almost everyone knows about this.

At the beginning, in the Haotian Conference of the Virtual God World, Luo Shu and the others came, calling Jiang Chen the Little Junior Brother in front of everyone.

There is no way to hide this.

“Then why don’t you tell me straight?” Eighth Elder questioned: “Don’t you know that I and the smiling face Heavenly God are worshiping brother?”

Jiang Chen hearing this , Could not help but rolled the eyes, and said angrily: “I don’t know that you and Senior Brother are worshipping brother, you didn’t say it before.”

“Oh, yes, yes, look at me so confused “Eighth Elder patted his own forehead, said with a smile: “If you have anything to come to me in the future, it is my own family.”

“I and the smiling face Heavenly God are to worship brother, you It’s his Junior Brother again. In this way, you and I are considered equal.” Eighth Elder said.

“Parents? Are you afraid that even my grandchildren are not enough?” Jiang Chen muttered.

If this Eighth Elder knew the identity of Jiang Chen, would he still dare to say that he was a peer?

But at this moment, Eighth Elder this remark, for Jiang Chen, is undoubtedly a great thing!

Ninth Elder Bei Mingxue is properly standing on Jiang Chen’s side, and now adding an Eighth Elder, then he has one more backer in the adjacent Academy!

The weight of his identity and speech is naturally heavier!

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen smiled and asked: “Eighth Elder, can I comprehend the end of the world?”

“en? The end of the world is adjacent?” Eighth Elder was stunned and seemed Very confused and confused.

After a few breaths, he stared at Jiang Chen and asked: “The smiling Heavenly God didn’t teach you the neighboring world?”

“What!?” Jiang Chen was stunned. Up.

“The smiling face of Heavenly God also came to the adjacent Academy to be a dísciple, and later became the most outstanding Holy Son.” Eighth Elder explained: “According to the agreement, after a thousand years, the smiling face of Heavenly God He will come to form the position of the dean adjacent to the Academy.”

“So…Senior Brother, he has mastered the proximity of the end of the world!?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Yes.” Eighth Elder nodded, said: “He really didn’t teach it to you?”

“Really not!” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, even more so Resentful.

I knew that the smiling face of Heavenly God had mastered the proximity of the end of the world, so I just asked him if he wanted to go, and he was still spending so much here!

“I can understand if I didn’t teach it to you. After all, Tianya is adjacent and cannot be easily spread.” Eighth Elder lightly said, then waved his hand, and said: “You wait, I will discuss with other Elders. , It shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“After all, you have defeated three Holy Sons in a row. Now you are the Holy Son of Three Great Realms. If the Elders are not blind, you should agree. “

After that, Eighth Elder waved his hand and motioned Jiang Chen to leave first, waiting for his notification.

“Three Great Realms Holy Son is added. In my capacity, comprehend cultivation is adjacent to the horizon. It should be no problem.” Jiang Chen whispered.

At this moment, Jiang Chen moved his ears and heard one after another shouting from the square.

Looking into the distance, I saw a group of people on the square at some point.

The group of people wore white robes with some cloud patterns embroidered on them.

On the back of the robe is embroidered with the words “Nine Heavens”.

“en? Jiutianzong?” Jiang Chen lightly said, is it possible that Jiutianzong knew that he was next to the Academy? Is this here to capture him?

However, Jiang Chen is now a dísciple next to the Academy, with Bei Mingxue and Eighth Elder behind him. Even Nine Heavens Sect can’t take him anyway, right?

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen was also curious, and came to the square.

As soon as I came here, I heard ridicules in the distance.

“Adjacent to the Academy, which ranks bottom among many Academy, what’s so arrogant? I think among you Holy Sons, the True God Realm’s Holy Son has some strength, and the other Holy Sons It’s all a decoration, useless!”

“hahaha, adjacent to the Academy, bottoming out every year, I can’t assume it!”

“Ai, you can’t say anything, there is no one adjacent to the Academy At the bottom, how can we bring out the strength of other Academy, hahaha……”

Jiang Chen hearing this, it was also a wry smile. The secretly thought adjacent to the Academy is still the same. Among many Academy, it has always been the bottom. The presence.

At the beginning, when Jiang Chen was the Divine King of Tianchen, the adjacent Academy was the bottom.

Didn’t expect, now that three thousand years have passed, it is still the bottom…It’s weird if people don’t laugh at it.

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