I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 864

It just made Jiang Chen puzzled that Jiu Tianzong is not an Academy. He came here to ridicule what the adjacent Academy does?

Does it really come to him?

“Okay, stop talking nonsense with you, we are here to pick people.”

At this moment, the young man headed by Jiu Tianzong looked arrogant and said: The four-door chess game is about to start. According to the old rules in the past, some talented people with good innate talent aptitude will be selected from the Great Sect and the Academy to enter the nine-day sect to crack the four-door chess game.”

“I didn’t want to come next to the Academy. After all, the people of the Academy are too weak, but the teacher’s order cannot be violated, so I should come here and walk around.”


“What do you mean!? How long did the Nine Heavens Sect be established? What’s so arrogant!? Compared with the Academy next to me, what is the Nine Heavens Sect!?” a dísciple adjacent to the Academy scolded angrily.


The tone barely fell, and everyone saw that the young man of the Nine Heavens Sect shot out with a palm, and directly knocked the speaker out!

“This is next to the Academy! Not your Nine Heavens Sect! Dare to do it here, courting death?!”

“You are not here to pick people, you are here to pick things, right? !?”


In an instant, many people blasted out, among them the long song, Heavenly God Realm Holy Son, Mysterious God Realm Holy Son, took one step further. , Standing in front of the entire group of Jiutianzong.

“Jiutianzong, I have heard of the name for a long time, but today I want to see the strength of the dísciple of the Jiutianzong.” Changge said.

On the side, Heavenly God Realm’s Holy Son didn’t speak, but his imposing manner was soaring, as if he was about to do it!

As for the Holy Son of Mysterious God Realm, his face is flushed, as if there is a fire within the body!

He was suffocated!

Before, I was defeated by Jiang Chen with one move. I was already angry and there was nowhere to vent!

Now, a group of dísciples of the Nine Heavens Sect are coming to run wild next to the Academy, how can he hold it back!

“Adjacent to the Academy, True God Realm Holy Son Chang’an Changge, you don’t need to make a move, you can go to four chess games.” The young man in the lead said: “Your strength, we have investigated it, it is really strong “

Speaking of this, the young man looked towards the other two people again, jokingly said: “But you two…I’m afraid it won’t work.”

“What do you mean! Holy Son of Heavenly God Realm coldly said: “Despise me and wait!?”

“no no no, not despise.” The boy of the Nine Heavens Sect said with a smile, and his eyes suddenly became cold. Come down and say: “It’s contempt!”

“Damn! I can’t kill you today!” Holy Son of Heavenly God Realm roared, being so despised, if he doesn’t do anything, his reputation will be lost , The face is lost!

Furthermore, the young man headed by the Nine Heavens Sect is just the upper Heavenly God, and he is adjacent to the Academy Heavenly God Realm Holy Son!

He has self-confidence, enough to overwhelm the youth of the Nine Heavens Sect!


But, next moment, a muffled sound suddenly sounded!

I saw that dísciple of the Nine Heavens Sect shot out with a palm, extremely fast, like a flash of thunder!

At this speed, ordinary people simply couldn’t react, and they didn’t even see how he shot!

When everyone reacted, the Heavenly God Realm Holy Son adjacent to the Academy had been shaken off, and then lay on the ground, unable to get up for a long time!

“I’ll just say, you can’t.” The young man of the Nine Heavens Sect looked contemptuous and said: “Although you are Heavenly God Realm Holy Son, you have to know that your environment is like A rubbish dump.”

“In the dump, even the most shining rubbish, he is always just rubbish that’s all.”

After saying this, the boy stepped back After a step, he said to a Mysterious God Realm boy next to him: “The Holy Son next to the Academy, the Mysterious God Realm, will be handed over to you.”

“Anything you can play is a group of trash, it’s just that his trash shines a little bit that’s all.” The man contemptuously said.

“Garbage!? Keep on saying that I am waiting for garbage. If I suppress you today, what are you!?” Mysterious God Realm Holy Son adjacent to the Academy was angry shouted.

“Suppress me? You try.” dísciple taunted of the Nine Heavens Sect: “Don’t say I didn’t remind you, if people like you were moved to other places, I would have already obliterated them.”

“If it wasn’t for the adjacent Academy, do you think you are qualified to talk to me?”


“Arrogant!” Holy from Mysterious God Realm Son shouted angrily, and then the imposing manner broke out, both hands forming seals, and runes rose up like stars!

After that, with a wave of his big hand, rune turned into a flying arrow, hiding the sky and covering the earth and left!

“That’s it?” The young man of Nine Heavens Sect had eyebrows raised, and with a big wave of his hand, a gust of wind rushed out from his cuff!

The squally wind roars like a gang wind with clouds and mist!

This is the secret technique of the Nine Heavens Sect, there is a cloud in the sleeve!

According to legend, the mist in the sleeve is a simplified version of Universe in the Sleeves, but the power is still terrifying!




One after another, there was a burst of noise, the gust of wind entrained the clouds and mist, passing by At the place, the sky full of arrows was shattered!

After that, a violent wind fell, and a cloud covered it, which directly shook the Holy Son of Mysterious God Realm a hundred meters away!

“It seems that the only one who is eligible to participate in the four games of my Nine Heavens Sect is Chang’an Changge.”

“Oh, one person is considered good, I thought it would be for nothing. A trip.”

A group of dísciples of the Nine Heavens Sect said, in the words, there is full of contempt and ridicule.

“These Holy Sons next to the Academy… are really weak.” Someone sighed.

However, at this moment, I don’t know who said: “The three of them are not Holy Son! You have the ability to challenge the real Holy Son!”

“Oh? They Three are not Holy Sons?”

“What’s the situation? Is my Nine Heavens Sect’s message wrong?”


Just a group of people wondering At that time, a slender silhouette came slowly.

“Yes, the three of them are not Holy Son anymore. They are now adjacent to the Academy, True God Realm, Heavenly God Realm, Mysterious God Realm, Holy Son of Three Great Realms-it’s me.”


With the voice falling, the entire group of the Nine Heavens Sect finally saw the appearance of the comer!

At this moment, a group of people were dumbfounded, and some even shuddered all over!

“He…he is…”

“Damn it!? How come I met him here!?”



At this moment, a group of people from the Jiu Tianzong panicked, even more daunted!

What are you doing! ?

Is this enemies on a narrow road? Or God arranged! ?

I encountered this evil star here!

“The Nine Heavens Sect wanted to kill me because of the Nine Heavens, right?” Jiang Chen smiled, seemed very gentle, and looked like harmless to humans and animals.

However, everyone can see that there is a killing intent deep in Jiang Chen’s eyes!

“That’s between you and the lord! It has nothing to do with us!”

“If you have the ability, go directly to the lord!”

… …

The entire group of the Nine Heavens Sect panicked, and the previous arrogant posture disappeared!

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