I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 865

Tianjiao? evildoer? Holy Son?

All nonsense!

In front of Jiang Chen, there is nothing arrogant!

Even the descendants of the Divine Emperor were killed. What are the other people doing in front of Jiang Chen! ?

The most important thing is that they are the dísciple of the Jiutianzong, and Jiang Chen dares to spank even the Jiutianxia, ​​even more how are they! ?

When I thought of this, the entire group became more and more frightened. Some people even broke out in a cold sweat. I was really afraid of Jiang Chen!

“What did you say before? Why don’t I hear that smell.” Jiang Chen buttoned his ears and said: “The adjacent Academy is the bottom of the major Academy. This is true.”


“But what do you mean by saying that the adjacent Academy is a garbage dump… What do you mean? I mean I’m also garbage?” Jiang Chen raised upwards slightly, jokingly: “Then… it’s better to have a rubbish with me. ?”

“Han Han Fellow Daoist, all misunderstanding!”

“Absolutely misunderstanding!”


Nine days Zong’s group of people panicked, if they knew that Jiang Chen was adjacent to the Academy, they would not come to kill them!

Even if you are here, you should just pick a few people to participate in the four games, and you won’t be ridiculing everyone here!

It’s fine now. Although I slapped two Holy Sons in the face, I got the evil star out!

How can this be done!

Be aware that Jiang Chen was fat and beaten up for nine days, and then hit the butt of Nine Worlds in front of everyone. The Sect Master of Nine Heavens Sect did not speak!

In fact, everyone understands that the Nine Heavens Sect does not want to provoke Jiang Chen!

Not only because of Jiang Chen’s battle strength, but also because of the backers behind him!

Luo Shu, Hong Lingsha, smiling Heavenly God, which of these people is weak! ?

In addition to the red-clothed evildoer, the Nine Heavens Sect wants to move Jiang Chen, he has to think about the consequences!

Now, this group of people feel guilty. If Jiang Chen killed them here, the Nine Heavens Sect would not necessarily avenge them!

“Come next to the Academy impudent, the Great Elder and the instructor did not stand up, but I, the Holy Son of the three realm, should always come out and take care of it? Isn’t that wrong?” Jiang Chen asked.


“You are right.”


entire group Nodded in a hurry, how dare you say anything!

“It’s no longer necessary to apologize, but you have to pay for the medical expenses.” Jiang Chen said, pointing to the injured two, and said: “Look, you beat too hard , The medical expenses…”

Speaking, Jiang Chen rubbed his fingers and said: “Look at it.”

After saying this, Jiang Chen is still leaving After this group of people, the meaning becomes even more obvious!

Today, if the medical expenses are not in place, you guys don’t leave!

“This…superficial wound!” One of them stared wide-eyed.

They wounded the two of them. They seemed to be very serious, but after all, this place is adjacent to the Academy, and they all started their efforts!

Don’t look at the two men covered in blood and lying on the ground, but they are really superficial wounds, they can recover completely after a two or three days rest!

“superficial wound? Then…I will give you some superficial wound, how about?” Jiang Chen clenched his fists, raised his head and sighed: “As a literati, sometimes I really don’t want to do it.”

“I’ll do it! He’s going to do it!”

“Damn! It’s not good!”

… …

The mentality of a group of people in the Nine Heavens Sect has exploded, aren’t you Mingqiang! ?

However, when they think of the things Jiang Chen did in the virtual God World, they don’t feel surprised.

This guy is definitely a repeat offender!

“I think those two were seriously injured, thinking about the need to shed Dragon Fruit, bloodline fruit, Daoyuan this thing to heal them.” Jiang Chen frowns suddenly smiled and said: “I’m good to talk.”

“This…this…I have a bloodline fruit here…you see…” One of them immediately took out a bloodline fruit and said:” Is it okay?”

“Hey, I’m pretty sensible.” Jiang Chen smiled and took the bloodline fruit, pointed to the gate adjacent to the Academy, and said: “You can go now.”

“many thanks! many thanks!” As soon as this person heard this, how could he care about his Senior Brother Junior Brother, and Sa Yazi ran away!

After all, life is important!

“I have a Dragon Fruit here, Han Han adults, look at…”

“Okay, you can also go.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.


After that, the entire group took out the bloodline fruit and the dragon fruit one after another. Jiang Chen didn’t embarrass them and let them go.

However, there are still two people, Jiang Chen did not let them leave!

these two people, these two people shot before!

“Since you did it, you should pay the heavy burden of the medical expenses.” Jiang Chen smiled at these two people and said, “Let’s talk about it, how much you plan to give.”

“Dragon Fruit, bloodline fruit, a person can only take one in a lifetime, and I will only have one in my body. It’s useless if there are more.” The very proud boy was shaking all over. , Stretched out his hands and tremblingly offered a bloodline fruit.

However, Jiang Chen did not answer!

He stared at the boy, a cold glow flashed in his eyes, and said: “A bloodline fruit? Do you think it is enough?”

“This…” This boy is hearing this, cold body, cold heart!

“Does Daoyuan have it?” Jiang Chen stared at him, his own imposing manner gradually exploded, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow appeared behind him!

At the same time, with Jiang Chen’s feet as the center, a formation mark emerges and spreads continuously, and a formation has already risen!

“Let me take a rub! Formation has risen!? Is this not going to let them go?!”

“Formation was set up after I thought, This is really awesome!”


The dísciple next to the Academy was moved, not only marveling at Jiang Chen’s methods, but also admiring his courage!

They are all thinking, is it possible that Jiang Chen is really going to kill today! ?

“Daoyuan!? I am not qualified to take that thing…” The young man was about to cry.

Daoyuan is rare, and they are all prepared for the peak Tianjiao in the clan!

Although the two of them are extremely strong, they are not the strongest batch of dísciples in the Nine Heavens Sect!

So, they don’t have a source in their hands!

“No source? That’s easy.” Jiang Chen was a little disappointed, and sighed: “Injured one time, self-injured three times.”

After that, Jiang Chen lifted The sound of Dragon-Tiger roared in the palm of the hand, and the palm print slowly moved towards the young man!

“Wait! Although I don’t have Daoyuan, I have something similar to Daoyuan! It’s just that the effect is weaker!” The boy was really scared, and his eyes were full of panic.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, he took out a large jar filled with glittering and translucent liquid.

“This is Dao fluid, it is considered to be an incomplete Dao Yuan. Although the effect is not as good as Dao Yuan, it is not bad!” The boy hurriedly explained, “I really don’t have Dao Yuan! Only these Dao Yuan Liquid!”

“Oh? Is the effect similar to Daoyuan?” Jiang Chen squinted, and then said with a smile: “Look at what scared you, can I really do it to you? It’s all jokes, I’m a literati, a gentleman, and I never do it.”

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