I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 866

Compared with before, Jiang Chen at this moment has become much gentler, which can be described as kind.

However, he did not untie Formation!

I saw him patted the boy’s shoulder and said, “Are there any more?”

“A few more cans…” This boy also tried his best to survive. Pulled out six cans!

After all, these are things outside of the body. Compared with my own life, what are these Dao fluids? ?

Jiang Chen was very satisfied, put away the Taoist fluid, and then looked towards another person, said with a smile: “Where are you?”

“All for you! All for you !” The boy simply took out ten cans of Dao Liquid and offered them with both hands.

The two of them wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads, and were silent at the moment, with a ray of hope and plea in their eyes.

They really don’t want to die!

“What is your look? What expression? Am I the kind of person who kills innocent people?” Jiang Chen was very dissatisfied with the expressions of these two people, and then he untied Formation and said: “You Let’s go.”

“many thanks!”

“many thanks, silly!”


these two people sighed in relief, after thanking him, he turned around and ran away. There was no arrogance and arrogance before.

“Many thanks Hanhan Fellow Daoist, I asked for some compensation.”

“Yes, many thanks Hanhan.”


At this moment, the Heavenly God Realm Holy Son and Mysterious God Realm Holy Son came over and thanked Jiang Chen.

However, what made them didn’t expect is that Jiang Chen just glanced at them and said lightly: “Did I say these things are for you?”

After that, Jiang Chen turned around, leaving everyone with a dashing back and back of his head. He left with a dozen cans of Dao fluid.



A group of people is messy, secretly thought this is really pitted to oneself ! ?

“You all have to get used to it, that’s how Han Han, his behavior style is completely inconsistent with his name!” Someone said seriously.

“For this style of behavior, who gave him the name Hanhan?”

Everyone is quite speechless, this is also called Hanhan What? Change it to a pit!

“Can this fluid… be compared with Daoyuan?”

At this moment, on the ninth peak, Jiang Chen’s own Cave Mansion.

Jiang Chen looked at the dozens of canisters in front of him, and did not dare to say anything for a while.

“Theoretically speaking, Dao liquid is a diluted thing from Dao Yuan. Although the effect is not as good as Dao Yuan, it is also useful.” Undying bird said: “Moreover, with so many cans of Dao liquid, it can be done anyway. It’s comparable to three or five drops of Daoyuan.”

“So much…will it hold up after drinking?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Jiang Chen has already seen it. These jars seem to be only palm-size, but they actually contain Sumi!

In each pot, there is also a small pond as much as possible!

There are so many sources, drink it…not to die! ?

“If you don’t suffer from hardship, how can you be a master.” Undying bird said: “Okay, drink it quickly, maybe Myriad Transformations will change.”

“Ai, that big brother is really difficult to raise, all his belongings have been taken in!” Jiang Chen sighed, not knowing whether Myriad Transformations Tianzhan can be advanced.

You must know that if Jiang Chen replaces all Daoyuan with Dragon Fruit and bloodline fruit, maybe his current Dragon Vein has advanced to the Rain Dragon vein, and the tiger bone may also change several. Up!

Now it’s good, all family properties have been replaced with Daoyuan and Daoye.

“Don’t think about anything, just fix it.”

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen opened a can of Taoist liquid, raised his head and poured it into his mouth.

As a cultivator, within the body hides the Profound Level, and there are other things.

Under normal circumstances, as long as Jiang Chen is willing, he can swallow an ocean!

However, what surprised him was that just swallowing half of the pot of Taoist liquid was full, and he couldn’t swallow it anymore!

“What’s the situation!?” Jiang Chen was stunned. He could swallow an ocean, but now his body can only swallow half a jar of Dao Liquid!

“Dao liquid contains essence power, of course it cannot be compared with ordinary water.” Undying Bird explained.

Tone barely fell, undying bird Dao Soul suddenly screamed, and said: “There has been a change!”

Jiang Chen also noticed that the light of Myriad Transformations Tianzhan suddenly Soaring, and a fuzzy silhouette appeared next to it!

The lantern man!

However, there are a lot of impurities in Dao Liquid, and there are few essences that can really advance Dao Soul.

Jiang Chen is still holding it, simply can’t drink it anymore!

However, the essence that can advance Dao Soul has been absorbed!

“Continue Hah! in one go!” Undying bird Dao Soul is very excited, and he wants to see how it looks like Dao Soul, the first eternal soul!

“I really can’t drink anymore…” Jiang Chen touched his stomach, it was chubby, and he felt like he could squirt water out of words!

However, in order to advance Myriad Transformations Tianzhan, Jiang Chen also spared no effort!

Next moment, Jiang Chen blushed, picked up the jar again, and poured it into his mouth!

This fall, Jiang Chen feels like he is going to blow up!

Especially those impurities in Dao fluid, especially bitter, with a sour smell!

It’s so sour, it can’t be described in words!

“No! The fleshy body will blow up like this!” Jiang Chen said solemnly, holding the jar in one hand and pouring the Dao liquid into his mouth, while the other hand carved the rune formation mark in front of him, and one A collection of talisman!

After more than ten breaths, a Formation takes shape!

Formation runs, and chains shoot out from the Formation and insert Jiang Chen’s within the body.

Immediately afterwards, the impurities in the Taoist fluid were drawn out, and it was pitch black, like ink, with a stench!

“Yin!” Jiang Chen closed the seal again, Formation reversed, and the impurities drawn from within the body were directly sent to Cave Mansion!

“My God! What is that!? black river!?”

“Oh! It smells! How does it feel like a stinky drain!”

At this moment, in the adjacent Academy, many people have seen a weird picture.

On the ninth peak, a big black river rolled down, carrying a foul smell, like gutter water!

The overwhelming stench spreads, and in just ten breaths, this stench covers the entire adjacent Academy!

The most irritating thing is that the smelly water flows directly into Hanoi, which is adjacent to the Academy!

For a time, the whole river turned black, and even the spirit fish and lotus that were raised inside were all dead!

“This…what is Ninth Elder doing?” Some people wondered, the Ninth Peak is where Bei Mingxue lives.

“Old Nine! What are you doing?! The spiritual river that breeds spirit fish and lotus roots is broken!” Eighth Elder lives next door, pinching his nose, and shouting across the mountain.

At the same time, the other peaks of Elder also appeared, all of them looked ugly, and even pinched their noses, and did not dare to breathe!

It’s so stinky!

“How did my mother know!” Bei Mingxue also walked out of Cave Mansion. When she saw the smelly water like a galaxy hanging upside down, her face turned green!

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