I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 867

The stench is soaring to the sky, which permeates the entire adjacent Academy, and even the spiritual grass Spirit Tree planted in the Academy is affected and is slowly withering!

Bei Mingxue complexion ashen, looked towards the Cave Mansion where Jiang Chen is located. The thing like gutter water flows out from Jiang Chen’s Cave Mansion!

“What are you doing!?” Beiming’s snow exploded, and it didn’t take long for him to come to the adjacent Academy. This happened! ?

I really thought that with me covered, you could act wilfully in the adjacent Academy! ?



However, just as Bei Mingxue was about to enter the Cave Mansion where Jiang Chen was located, a thunder fell over the Cave Mansion. !

A thunderbolt in the blue sky, like a broken Milky Way falling down, if it weren’t for Formation protection adjacent to the Academy, this thunderbolt could destroy the entire Ninth Peak!

“What’s the situation!?”

“That…seems to be Heavenly Tribulation?”

A group of people are puzzled , Is it possible that someone wants Transcending Tribulation?

“Ninth Elder, are you going to Transcending Tribulation?” Eighth Elder asked.

“It’s not me!” Bei Mingxue expression grave, looking up towards the gathering cloud in the sky, unsure.

It’s just that this robbery is a bit special, not Heavenly Tribulation!

The normal Heavenly Tribulation will carry the atmosphere of a great avenue, but the now condensed Tribulation is full of destruction!

There is even an inexplicable strength of Taboo surging in the robbery cloud!

Just like the thunder of the world, it makes people throbbing!

“It is Heavenly Retribution!? Heavenly punishment!?”

“I can’t see…”

“This is…Heavenly Wrath!”


Finally, someone saw the difference in this “Heavenly Tribulation”. Under cry out in surprise, all the powerhouses on the mountainside retreated.

Bei Mingxue didn’t dare to be careless. Skywrath is far more terrifying than Heavenly Retribution heavenly punishment!

Since ancient times, the wrath of the sky has rarely appeared. Only when the gods are angered and the taboo is touched, can the wrath of the sky be attracted!

At this moment, all Great Elders took action and Formation Formation came out, isolating the ninth peak.

Just because, this day’s anger is aimed at the Ninth Peak!

If you don’t isolate the Ninth Peak, when Skywrath falls, the entire adjacent Academy will be bombed!

“Hold me to death!”

At this moment, a curse came from the Ninth Peak.

Afterwards, under everyone’s horrified eyes, Jiang Chen rushed out of the Cave Mansion.

He also sensed “Heavenly Tribulation”. At this moment, he was covered with stinky water and walked out of Cave Mansion slowly, preparing for Transcending Tribulation.

But when he looked up and saw the anger that day, his face collapsed!

“This…wrath of heaven!?” Jiang Chen stared wide-eyed, shaking all over.

“Boy! What did you do!?” Eighth Elder said solemnly: “Do you want to destroy the adjacent Academy?”

“smelly brat! What did you do? Things!? This kind of wrath of heaven can be attracted!?”


A group of Elders shouted and pinched their noses. taste!

“I… didn’t do anything.” Jiang Chen said weakly, but he was still very excited.

Just now, after swallowing a whole can of Taoist fluid, the lantern-bearer behind Myriad Transformations Tianzhan finally appeared!

Although it is still a bit vague, the illusory shadow of the lantern bearer will not dissipate!

This should be the advanced stage of Myriad Transformations.

But what made Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that the advancement of Myriad Transformations Tianzhan would actually cause such a big movement, and it also attracted the wrath of the sky!

“This thing…With my current strength, can I get through it?” Jiang Chen asked himself, feeling unsure.

Because the catastrophe of Heaven’s Fury is rare in the ages, and no one can ever survive it!

This is the catastrophe of destruction, once it falls, everything will be destroyed!

But now, Jiang Chen can only brace oneself!

“I hope I can get through it!”

Jiang Chen thought in his heart, rising in the air, standing in the air, while constantly adjusting his state.

Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow manifests behind it, two Dao Souls sink and float on both sides, and three strands of Primal Chaos Qi are hidden in the immortal fire.

Jiang Chen used all means, Formation Formation is already set up!

After ten breaths, Jie Yun suddenly exploded, and then a bright red palm fell!

It is condensed from the destructive thunderbolt, as if it was stained with blood, with an aura of destruction, as if to destroy the entire world!

Although Bei Mingxue and the others have not been deeply involved, they can feel the horror of the thunderbolt!

“This kid, what a disaster!”

“What are you still stunned!? Quickly strengthen the Formation, in case the power of anger leaks out, adjacent to the Academy To be smashed!”

At this moment, adjacent to the Academy, the major mentors, Elder, and even the dean were impatient.

The adjacent Academy was destroyed, but it can be rebuilt.

But, with so many dísciples adjacent to the Academy, there is absolutely no way to survive the wrath of the sky!

“Let you enter the adjacent Academy, I don’t know if it is right or wrong…” Bei Mingxue smiled bitterly, and together with many Elders, began to strengthen the Formation Formation.



At the same time, an explosion sounded, and the bloody palm that thunderbolt turned into fell down and shattered in an instant Everything Formation and Formation arranged by Jiang Chen!

The trend of this bloody palm did not slow down, and it slowly fell, and under a slight shock, it directly shook the Emperor Vine back to Jiang Chen’s within the body!

“Little bird! Hold on to me!” Jiang Chen shouted, squeezing fist marks in both hands, and the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow roared!

“Look at this Majesty’s!” Ling Ran undying bird Dao Soul expression, flapping his wings, the unquenchable fire rushes into the sky, like an ancient Divine Bird at night!

However, as soon as the unquenchable fire touched the bloody palm, it was shaken away.

Immediately afterwards, under a strange cry, the undying bird Dao Soul was also shocked back to Jiang Chen’s within the body!

“Let me take a rub?! So scary!?” Jiang Chen’s face is full of sweat, and I’m afraid that he will suffer secretly this time!

The two Dao Souls were directly shocked back within the body, and now there are three strands of Primal Chaos Qi and himself!

And the power contained in this blood-colored palm has not diminished in the slightest!

“I don’t believe it anymore, a sky anger can really kill me!” Jiang Chen stared, Ling Dan stared!

next moment, I saw both of his hands dancing, and the shock of fist marks one after another!

Just like one after another Yaoyang thrust forward, and when it collided with the bloody palm print, it bloomed, like the brightest firework in the world!

It’s just a pity, no matter how strong Jiang Chen’s fist prints, he can’t stop this bloody palm!

In just a few breaths, the blood-colored palm fell on the top of Jiang Chen’s head, only a few feet away from his top of the head!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was trembling all over, and a devastating pressure enveloped his whole body!

The skeleton is trembling, the blood is boiling, and Divine Soul and the soul are trembling!

It seems that everything has been suppressed, and Half-Life has stepped into Danger Land!

“I used to open the sky at the beginning, and I can still be afraid of your anger on this day!” Jiang Chen roared in his heart. Although his conscience was guilty, he also knew that whether it was Heavenly Tribulation, heavenly punishment, Heavenly Wrath, etc. The power is related to the Transcending Tribulation’s own cultivation base!

Therefore, this seemingly Death Tribulation’s Wrath may still have a hint of life!

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