I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 868

as everyone knows, all “jumps” are related to the Transcending Tribulation’s own cultivation base.

A True God Realm cultivator, the impossible descended from is beyond the scope of True God Realm.

However, there are many kinds of catastrophes, some are strong and some are weak, but in the final analysis, they will not exceed the critical point of this realm.

However, many people in the world will fall during Transcending Tribulation.

The main reason is that their cultivation base is flawed, not complete enough, and the foundation is unstable.

Therefore, in many cases, many people will borrow something, such as Formation, Formation, talisman, and weapons when Transcending Tribulation.

In this way, there is hope to survive the catastrophe.

But sometimes, even if all means are used, some people will still die in catastrophe.

In the final analysis, it is still not deep enough.

If the foundation is solid and the realm is perfect, then no matter how powerful the catastrophe is, it can be easily overcome.

“All catastrophes in the world are nothing but a test and tempering of the cultivator by God that’s all.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

As it is now, Skywrath looks terrifying, but in fact it is not at all beyond the level of True God Realm!

However, this day’s anger is simply too much for ordinary people!

Just because everyone’s cultivation base is more or less flawed!

“I cultivated to now, I think my realm has no flaws!” Jiang Chen stared at him, stopped shaking his fists, and stood proudly in the air.

He looked up towards the scarlet palm that was close at hand, coldly said: “I can verify my dao fruit with the wrath of heaven, why not!?”



Tone barely fell down, and saw the bloody palm falling down, pressing on top of the head of Jiang Chen!

For a time, everyone only saw the bloody brilliance drown everything, like a sea of ​​blood, overturning everything!

“Jiang…” Bei Mingxue exclaimed, subconsciously about to call out Jiang Chen’s real name, but still held back.

But her heart is pulling!

After more than three thousand years of waiting, is it just that we have just met, and are we going to die?


“What’s the matter!? Am I dazzled?!”


Suddenly In the meantime, many powerhouses stared, and saw an unknown flower bud manifesting in the sea of ​​blood that thunderbolt had turned into!

Flower buds are glittering and translucent, just like the most perfect thing in the world!

Under the thunderbolt of the sea of ​​blood, the flower buds gradually bloom!

Time passed slowly, and after a dozen breaths, the buds bloomed completely, a beautiful flower that made people demented, and amazed the eternal blooming of rose flowers!

Among the flowers, there is a silhouette standing proudly.

Behind him, the Dragon-Tiger illusory shadow hovered, and there was a vague blue light rising and falling.

Behind the green light, the emperor vine and the undying bird stood quietly, seemingly silent forever, never moving.

The most shocking thing is that behind all that, there is a vague illusory shadow!

Where does it stand, it seems to be in the void, and it seems to flow in Time and Space!

illusory shadow Standing upright, with one hand on the abdomen and back, and the other with a blue lamp.

And Jiang Chen, with an expression on his face at the moment, stood there quietly.

After more than ten breaths, the robbery cloud dissipated, the bloody thunderbolt disappeared, and all the natural phenomenon in Jiang Chen’s body disappeared.

Only himself, with a smile on his face, standing proudly there like a vigorous old tree.

“My Tao, perfect and without blemish!”

“My cultivation base, there is no blemish!”

“My foundation is indestructible!”


Jiang Chen lightly said, his previous guesses are correct!

He tried his own dao fruit with the wrath of the sky, and passed it safely!

“He… survived the wrath of the sky!?”

“This… can it be said that… he…”

At this moment, many people thought of a legend!

According to legend, when a creature gets through the wrath of the sky, it can calm the wrath of the sky!

From now on, his road will be unimpeded!

That’s where Fury of Heaven has subsided, and a door will be opened for this person, and a road will be opened to the top of Peak!

“Paragon fruit position!”



Several Elders whispered out, they know what does this mean!

Jiang Chen, at a young age, his cultivation, also known as dao fruit, has reached the Supreme level!

This is the dao fruit of Supreme!

“Every cultivator is different. According to its own cultivation, the strength will be divided into different levels.”

“The dao fruit of ordinary people belongs to the word dao. fruit, which is the most common dao fruit.”

“Further up is the word dao fruit, the word dao fruit, and the mixed yuan dao fruit.”

“to the mixed Yuan dao fruit means that this person is extraordinary and is expected to become a Divine King!”


At this moment, in the corner adjacent to the Academy, a white haired old man is facing A teenager next to him explained: “There are tens of millions of cultivators in the world, but those who can cultivate their dao fruit to the Hunyuan level can be counted on one’s fingers!”

“Like those Peak’s main gods, Their dao fruit is at the Hunyuan level! They are expected to be the Divine King!”


Hearing this, the teenager beside Elderly couldn’t help asking:” What about the Paragon Dao fruit?”

“The Paragon Dao fruit… is almost invisible, at least in the current environment, few people can do this.”

” However, as long as he dao fruit cultivation to the Supreme level, his future and achievements in the future are limitless and beyond estimation!”


“That……Master, I What kind of dao fruit is it now?” the boy asked.

This young man is delicate and pretty handsome, tall and straight, like a crane.

People like him, no matter where they go, are the most shining ones.

And this person is the Great Saint son adjacent to the Academy, that is, the Holy Son titled God-level!

The Elderly next to him is the dean next to the Academy!

“Your dao fruit… is infinitely close to Paragon, but it is Hunyuan dao fruit after all.” The dean said with a smile: “Hunyuan dao fruit is enough.”

“Do I have any hope of hitting Paragon Dao fruit?” the boy asked.

“Impossible.” The dean shook his head.

“dao fruit, from the moment your cultivation is doomed.” The dean said: “cultivator, the reason why you want a higher cultivation technique is that your own dao fruit is better Advanced.”

“If you want Paragon Dao fruit, then…you need to cultivation again! Start over.”

For many people, especially for high realm cultivators, it is simply impossible to abandon everything and re-cultivation from the lowest realm!

No one wants to give up everything!

even more how, Paragon Dao fruit of infinite knot printing is already rare in the world!

“Is there no way?” the boy asked.

“There is a way.” This Elderly lightly said, “If you have Paragon Dao fruit, I will help you. Maybe you can cleanse the bones and recast the dao fruit.”

Speaking of this, the dean could not help but bitterly laughed and said: “No one with Paragon Dao fruit would be willing to do this, after all, doing so would damage them too much.”

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