I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 869

From the moment of cultivator cultivation, a person’s dao fruit level is determined.

However, this is not certain.

Someone can change their dao fruit to advance!

Some people also re-cultivation and pursue the perfect Paragon Dao fruit!

And all of this, in four words to describe, that is “defying heaven changing fate”.

At this moment, the dean told the boy that he wanted to change his dao fruit. In addition to a few special situations, there is another situation, that is, people who have Paragon Dao fruit, willing to help him advance !

But, under normal circumstances, no one wants to do this!

People who own Paragon Dao fruit can differentiate part of their own dao fruit and plant them into others within the body like seeds.

Until it sprouts and grows, it will eventually change the dao fruit of another person.

If you do that, the person who owns Paragon Dao fruit is equivalent to the incomplete dao fruit, which will have a great impact, and even the foundation will break!

This is a taboo!

So no one wants to do this!

“He is a dísciple next to the Academy. If the dean speaks, he has no reason to refuse, right?” the boy said.

“That is the dao fruit forcibly depriving others. This is a big taboo.” The dean said resolutely: “Don’t think about these crooked ideas.”

“But… I am not willing to .” The boy said.

He is the Holy Son adjacent to the Academy, and even the Holy Son with the title of god level!

His future achievements are limitless, and he is even expected to inherit the position of dean!

Of course, the premise is that the smiling Heavenly God gives up the position of dean.

And this young man has also heard some rumors, the smiling Heavenly God It shouldn’t be to inherit the position of Dean!

In this way, this is adjacent to the Academy. In the end, he may be the most promising person to inherit the position of Dean!

But now, when a person with Paragon Dao fruit appears, he feels pressure, even threat!

He is not reconciled!

“Dean, are there other methods?” the boy asked.

“Saito, take a good cultivation. With your innate talent aptitude, plus Hunyuan dao fruit, the future is extraordinary.” said the dean.

However, after hearing this, Saito’s heart sank to the bottom.

Before, when discussing these topics, the dean would tell him clearly not only that he has an extraordinary future, but that he can inherit the position of the dean in the future.

But now, I just said that the future is extraordinary, not at all mention the position of dean!

“I am not willing to!” Saito yelled in his heart. He has been cultivated adjacent to the Academy for so many years, seeing that he can be in position, he doesn’t want to lose everything like this!

“Dean, I will work hard on cultivation.” Saito said lightly, and then left here.

At this moment, Jiang Chen has returned to Cave Mansion and is looking inside his soul.

In Soul World, the Myriad Transformations Tianzhan has not changed, but beside it, the Dao Void shadow becomes more solid, like a daoist!

It’s just that the facial features are still very vague, and it is difficult to see clearly.

“Is this an advanced level?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It attracted the wrath of the sky, it should be regarded as an advanced level.” Undying bird said.

“But this…the price is too great!” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

In order to advance Myriad Transformations Tianzhan, Jiang Chen cultivation every day, he spent a lot of means to converge to the source of Taoism, and constantly instill Taoist fluid.

With so many essences, changing to other Dao Soul, I have already advanced several times!

When I came to Myriad Transformations Tianzhan, I only advanced once.

“I feel like I can’t afford it.” Jiang Chen sighed.

“After all, it is World’s First Dao Soul. It is normal to not be able to support it.” Undying bird Dao Soul said: “However, it looks like it can be advanced.”

” Do you think I’m blind? Do you still use it?” Jiang Chen said angrily.

The appearance of the lantern bearer has not yet been manifested. Although the illusory shadow is solid, it has not really taken shape!

It is still far from the true form of Myriad Transformations Celestial Light!

“How many sources does it take to advance it to its final form?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“Perhaps there is no hope in this life.” Undying bird said: “From ancient times to the present, no one has advanced Myriad Transformations Tianzhan. You have advanced it once. It is already very It’s not bad, you just accept snacks and be satisfied.”

“Satisfied? Maybe.” Jiang Chen smiled bitterly, very helpless.

After all, he owns three Dao Souls, and it is impossible to use all resources on the Myriad Transformations Celestial.

Furthermore, no one knows how many Yuandao Liquids will be needed for the next advancement of Myriad Transformations Tianzhan!

Jiang Chen feels that in this life, I am afraid that I will be crazy!

“That’s all that’s all, put it aside for the time being, let’s get the Dragon Vein and Tiger Soul together first. Otherwise, it would be a bit embarrassing to stay in the lower True God.” Jiang Chen whispered.

Although Jiang Chen’s current battle strength is very terrifying, enough to suppress the upper Profound God.

But, this realm is on the surface, just like a face.

Jiang Chen has always been in the lower True God Realm world, and his old face will be red too!

“Would you like to go to the virtual God World again?” undying bird Dao Soul said tentatively: “There are so many good things in there!”

“Don’t go now. “Jiang Chen shrank his neck, afraid for a while.

I made such a big wind and turbulence in Virtual God World. If I go in now, it will be very dangerous!

Even, those who are the main Divine Grade and others, are very likely to ignore the warnings of Luoshu and the others and directly act on him!

“Cultivation first, it’s safe to be adjacent to the Academy anyway.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of Jiang Liu and the others.

I met Jiang Liu and the others in Virtual God World before, and Jiang Chen even forgot to ask where they are now!

It’s good now, I want to contact Jiang Liu and the others, easier said than done.

However, those who want to come can take care of themselves, otherwise they will not have the life to enter the virtual God World.

“Han Han Fellow Daoist is there?”

At this moment, Saito’s voice came from Cave Mansion.

Jiang Chen hearing this, got up and walked out of Cave Mansion. When he saw Saito, his eyes narrowed and asked: “What’s the matter?”

“I am next to the Academy Holy Son, the titled God-level, has long admired the name of the Han Junior Brother, and I am here to see you today.” Saito said, smiling and very kind.

“Oh.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “I’ve seen it now.”

After that, Jiang Chen turned around and had to return to the Cave Mansion.

“Junior Brother, wait a minute!” Saito hurriedly spoke, reached out and took out a Clean Jade Bottle, and said: “Junior Brother, I heard you need Daoyuan, Senior Brother has just a few drops here. Take it and use it.”

oh?” Jiang Chen eyebrows raised, not at all, taking over Daoyuan from Saito.

Just because, at the first sight of Saito, Jiang Chen realized that this person is not simple!

Especially, although Saito hides well, but deep in his eyes, he carries a hint of cold glow!

“Let’s talk, what’s the matter.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “one doesn’t visit a temple without a cause, nothing doesn’t do nothing.”

“Han Han Junior Brother, what can I do? I will be Senior Brother Junior Brother from now on, all in the same Academy, take care of each other.” Saito said with a smile.

“Really?” Jiang Chen’s eyes drooped slightly, expressionless, but he was wondering what he and the guy wanted to do.

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