I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 871

Anyone who can crack the four-door chess game can become the eternal worship of Jiu Tianzong and be protected by Jiu Tianzong and Jiu Tian Dynasty.

This seems very tempting!

However, Jiang Chen did not dare to pass easily!

If the four chess games have not been cracked, his life may be gone!

For life and death matters, Jiang Chen doesn’t dare to fool around.

“I’ll go with you, is this okay?” Bei Mingxue said with a joking expression, “didn’t expect Tianchen Divine King to be so timid.”

“Do you think the rebirth of reincarnation is easy? I don’t want to die again!” Jiang Chen said angrily.

However, if Bei Mingxue goes with him, there is no problem.

After all, Bei Mingxue is not only the Ninth Elder adjacent to the Academy, but also the only heir of the Bei Ming family!

With her, even if her cultivation base is not enough to deter Jiutianzong, but with her identity there, Jiutianzong does not dare to attack Jiang Chen.

“By the way…Have you seen anyone from the Nine Heavens Dynasty?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I really haven’t seen this, just heard.” Bei Mingxue said: “It is said that the people of the Nine Heavens Dynasty are in the Nine Heavens Sect, but no one has seen them.”

“Perhaps… it’s just a rumor that’s all.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “The Nine Heavens School may have only obtained the Nine Heavens Profound Art, not at all, the Nine Heavens Dynasty.”

“Or maybe …The Nine Heavens Dynasty may have completely disappeared and will not be born again.”

“Who cares about this, are you going or not?” Bei Mingxue asked.

“go! What am I afraid of with you?” Jiang Chen said with emotion: “Unexpectedly, Little Lass, who needed to be protected by me at the beginning, is now going to protect me in turn.”

“Cut.” Bei Mingxue glanced at Jiang Chen, then stood up and said: “Let’s go now.”

“So fast?” Jiang Chen was shocked, this was really true. wants to walk to walk?

No need to prepare! ?

Soon, the two got up, and after talking to all elders, they stood on the transmission altar.

Nine Heavens God World is very big, each state is far apart, and most people want to cross a state, there is no simply impossible for a hundred years.

Therefore, in general, cross-state trips have to rely on Transmission Array.

Half a day later, Qing State, in the Nine Heavens Sect…

Jiang Chen and Bei Mingxue were transported here and directly entered the Nine Heavens Sect.

However, this is the outer sect of the Nine Heavens Sect. There are no restrictions. Anyone can come in.

“Damn! This building is really a trench!” Jiang Chen looked at it, it was just an outer sect, the building here is just like the Imperial Palace!

The gilt ground, the real gold walls, every palace is like a craftsman sculpted!

In the air, a big river hangs, flows out from the void, and after a circle around the entire outer sect palace group, it sinks into the void again.

On both sides of the square, there are spiritual grass Spirit Trees everywhere, and they are full of Spirit Fruit, fragrant!

The World’s Essence Qi here is very rich, turning into a haze, just like Immortal Realm!

“Is this really just the outer sect of the Nine Heavens Sect?” Jiang Chen asked.

“The family property of people is very profound.” Bei Mingxue said with a bitter smile: “On rich and imposing, I’m afraid that only the farewell Gu Neng can compare with Jiu Tianzong.”

Farewell Valley, which is the sect where Cassia Young Master is located, that is the real “rich landlord”!

“But this decoration……isn’t this too ridiculous.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

The Nine Heavens Sect is truly gold everywhere!

Don’t these people feel dazzling when they live here all day long?

“There are not many people.”

After a few breaths, the two came to the inner courtyard, which is much simpler than the outer courtyard.

Perhaps, this is the proof of that sentence, let’s face it!

The outer sect is so well decorated, but the inner sect is very simple. It is mostly pretended to be for outsiders.

At this moment, standing at the gate of Inner Sect, Jiang Chen feels a little deserted here.

Outer Disciple, just now Jiang Chen could see thousands of people.

And this Inner Sect, there are only a dozen of them.

Among them, some are not the dísciple of the Jiutianzong, they are here to participate in the four chess games.

“The Nine Heavens Sect does not invite many people every year.” Bei Mingxue explained: “After all, the Nine Heavens Sect has offended many people, and has a bad reputation. The sect forces that have grudges against them are basically willing. Not come, they won’t invite each other either.”

“But this Inner Disciple…is it missing?” Jiang Chen asked.

Bei Mingxue hearing this, pointed to a tall tower not far away, and said: “That is the land of cultivation of the Nine Heavens School, known as the Profound Heaven Tower. There are a total of 18th-layers in it, each with ten Eight cultivation rooms, Inner Disciple are all there for cultivation.”

“This…Eighteen times eighteen…” Jiang Chen Forget it, the Inner Disciple of the Nine Heavens Sect is fast. The number of dísciples is comparable to that of the average student!

“Don’t look at the Nine Heavens Sect was only established for about three thousand years, but it has developed very fast, and there are many Direct Disciples!” Bei Mingxue introduced: “Maybe it won’t take long, the Nine Heavens Sect will be Nine Heavens God World number one Sect door.”

“Number One Sect?” Jiang Chen pouted.

Number One Sect, who can take care of it! ?

As far as Jiang Chen knows, the Bright Clan, Martial God Martial Pavilion, Kunlun Mountains, and Aolai Tianmen are enough to overcome the Nine Heavens Sect!

The reason why these forces did not deal with the Nine Heavens Sect was mostly because of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

After all, no one has seen the people of the Nine Heavens Dynasty. It has always been a rumor.

But, if the Nine Heavens Dynasty was really born, then some forces such as the Kunlun Mountains would really don’t dare provoke the Nine Heavens Sect.

That’s why the Jiutianzong has always acted in a high-profile manner, actually relying on the name of the Jiutian Dynasty.

If one day, the world knew that the Jiutian Dynasty was simply not born, then the situation of the Jiutianzong would be in danger!

“You are…hanhan!?”

At this moment, an unfriendly voice came not far away.

Jiang Chen hearing this, when he saw the emperor, the whole person was refreshed!

“Yo, Old Partner, what a coincidence!”

Jiang Chen smiled and greeted the emperor, but the other party’s face turned gloomy in an instant.

I saw the emperor walked up to Jiang Chen a few steps, looked up and down Jiang Chen’s dress, and asked: “Are you the dísciple next to the Academy?”

“Yes.” Jiang Chen nodded and said: “Just joined the adjacent Academy.”

“This is easy…” The emperor nodded, with cold glow flashing in his eyes, said: “I will find you in the future. Much more convenient!”

“What do you mean?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and said, “Want to trouble me?”

“No, to be precise, I want to kill It’s you!” The emperor’s face was dark, and said: “I have pitted that many things, don’t you plan to return it?!”

“Return it? You are willing to give it to me, why should I return it?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “There is no reason to go back for the things that are given out.”


At this moment, another young man called out. Jiang Chen, and then saw Chen Zhulu’s expression walking towards Jiang Chen’s weird moved towards Jiang Chen.

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