I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 872

“Yeah, what a coincidence, I saw you two here at the same time.” Jiang Chen laughed and said hello, as if he had a good relationship with the two.

Chen Zhulu was hearing this, his brows bounced, coldly said: “What are you doing here?”

“Of course you are here to participate in the four games.” Jiang Chen said: “Is it possible that I am here to beat Jiutianxia?”

Of course, this is a joke, after all, this is the territory of Jiutianxia.

But, as soon as he finished speaking, Jiang Chen felt a chill in his back, as if he was being stared at by some beast!

Suddenly looking back, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but shrank his neck when he saw the image of the Nine Worlds behind him that was about to eat people, and pulled the sleeves of Bei Mingxue next to him.

“Come and beat me?”

At this moment, I saw the corner of Jiu Tianxia’s mouth slightly raised, revealing a charming and evil smile, slender jade hand stretched out a finger and pointed Pointing to his feet, said: “Do you know where this is? This owner’s site!”

“Come on! Call me!”

The voice fell, I saw all around suddenly There are more than a dozen Divine Grade powerhouses, including a main god!

Jiang Chen panicked when he saw this posture!

Nine Worlds is who, known as Little Demoness, dare to do anything!

“He is now my Direct Disciple, and also the Holy Son adjacent to the Academy Three Great Realms.” Bei Mingxue hurriedly said, seeing her like this, she is also a little jealous of the nine worlds.

“What about the adjacent Academy? When you get to my site, you have to listen to me!” Nine Worlds is very arrogant, and the pretty face is also a little red.

Just because she thought of the scene of being spanked by Jiang Chen!

It’s so… ashamed!

“My name is Bei Mingxue, Ninth Elder next to the Academy.” Bei Mingxue said. After saying this, he stopped speaking.

After all, all that should be said, if Jiu Tianxia really wants to do it, then Bei Mingxue can only do it.

When the time comes, no one can be sure of the scale of the trouble.

“Bei Mingxue?” Jiutianxia frowned, working hard to remember, just because the name sounds familiar.

“Little lord! It’s the Beimingxue of the Beiming family!”

At this moment, an Elderly walked to the side of Nine Heavens, lightly said, and waved Waved, the people beckoning all around to disperse quickly.

Hearing this, the exquisite pretty face condenses slightly, and then looks towards Jiang Chen with a look of contempt, saying: “You can really do it, relying on a woman?”

” You are not the same, relying on Jiutianzong.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “There is no such backer as Jiutianzong. Believing or not I will open up your ass?”

As soon as these words came out, Jiutianxia’s face blushed again!

She gave Jiang Chen a stern look, stretched out a finger, and said: “You wait for me!”

“Everyone, mountainside, please.”

At this moment, a strong voice came from the mountainside of the Nine Heavens Sect.

For a time, everyone who came to participate in the four chess games moved towards mountainside one after another.

On the way, Jiang Chen gave Bei Mingxue a thumbs up, said with a smile: “Your name Bei Mingxue really works!”

“Where is your Tianchen These two words work.” Bei Mingxue teased: “If someone knows that you are Tianchen, the entire Nine Heavens God World will shake.”

“Uh…Don’t make trouble.” Jiang Chen His face went dark.

If anyone knows his true identity, it will not only be the shock of Nine Heavens God World, it is estimated that the whole day will be split!

When the time comes, those who chase him will probably fill a Great Prefecture!

“There are really not many people who come to the competition.” Along the way, Jiang Chen kept watching all around and found out a few acquaintances, other people.

Is it possible that, just a few people who came to participate in the four games?

“There are many forces that have grudges against the Nine Heavens Sect, so most of them will not come. The most important thing is that the four-door chess game has been played for about three thousand years, and no one can crack it. No one is interested in this.” Bei Mingxue explained.

Speaking, Bei Mingxue’s eyes suddenly condensed, looking towards the two people in front.

The two are from the same sect and wear the same robes.

One is a middle-aged man with a burly figure and bronze skin, two heads taller than ordinary people!

This person is a fierce man at first glance!

Beside this man, there is a chubby youngster with a steady pace, and you can vaguely see strands of scarlet gold circulating on his body.

Jiang Chen at first didn’t pay attention, but he was a little excited at the moment!

Because, that chubby boy, isn’t that Jiang Liu!

“The light of red gold is flowing on the body surface. It seems that Jiang Liu’s Ancient Saint Body Cultivation has arrived at the Great Ascension!” Jiang Chen was very pleased.

From meeting Jiang Liu to now, the two of them have lived and died together, and they are even relatives, brother.

Now, looking at Jiang Liu safe and sound, and also joined a small sect, with a place to live, Jiang Chen is also sighed in relief.

“Don’t provoke those two people easily, they are from Lizong.” Bei Mingxue warned: “Lizong, simple and rude, never unreasonable.”

“Oh Lizong?” Jiang Chen was stunned for a moment, and he also knew something about Lizong.

At the beginning, when Jiang Chen was the Divine King of Tianchen, he knew that there was a small sect called Lizong.

There are not many dísciples in this sect, but every dísciple, and even the top level of Elder, is Saint Physique!

Also, they don’t accept Saint Physique, they only accept the “simple and rough” Saint Physique!

The strongest eternal Saint Physique with fleshy body like Jiang Liu is undoubtedly Lizong’s favorite!

“Didn’t expect Jiang Liu, this kid has such a deep chance to join Lizong.” Jiang Chen whispered.

“en? The people from Hundred Flowers Sect are here too? This…should not be.”

When everyone entered the mountainside and came to a cliff, it was already here Many people are here.

As soon as Bei Mingxue came here, her eyes fell on the two women on the side.

A person is wearing a pink dress and a purple hairpin, with petals flying around him, like a Fairy Maiden Hua.

And this person is the first female sect Hundred Flowers Sect of Nine Heavens God World!

Beside her, there is a masked girl with a graceful figure. Although she can’t see her face clearly, her eyes are very charming, and she looks like she will be hooked away. of.

“Hundred Flowers Sect, the first female stream sect of Nine Heavens God World, it is full of female disciple.” Bei Mingxue doubted: “They have some grudges with Nine Heavens God World, so logically they will not come here. That’s it.”


After saying this, Bei Mingxue suddenly turned her head, because he felt something was wrong with Jiang Chen.

I saw Jiang Chen at this moment, winking at the masked woman, in the eyes of outsiders, it was like teasing each other.

“What are you doing!? Mocking on the dísciple of Hundred Flowers Sect, don’t kill me!?” Bei Mingxue said with a black face.

“Old acquaintance.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile, and then greeted the masked woman: “I can’t come to please peace.”

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