I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 873

Hundred Flowers Sect, the first female sect of Nine Heavens God World.

Don’t look at Hundred Flowers Sect, all of them are female, but their background is very deep, and there is even a Peak-level god of tens of thousands of flowers sitting here!

Since ancient times, the sect forces in Nine Heavens God World have changed and changed, but this Hundred Flowers Sect has always survived.

Some people have speculated that there may be a stronger presence in Hundred Flowers Sect, and even the Divine King of ancient times is alive!

Furthermore, Hundred Flowers Sect are all women, and most people can’t do anything with women. Under normal circumstances, they will be courteous.

All these have also led to the special status of Hundred Flowers Sect in Nine Heavens God World.

However, since the establishment of the Nine Heavens Sect, Hundred Flowers Sect’s situation is a bit wrong.

In the 300th year of the establishment of Jiutianzong, the contemporary Sect Master of Jiutianzong directly killed Hundred Flowers Sect because of a small matter!

At that time, the Nine Heavens Sect Sect Master and Hundred Flowers Sect sect master fought very fiercely, and eventually both of them were injured and stopped.

Therefore, between Hundred Flowers Sect and Jiu Tianzong, there is great grudge.

But today, Hundred Flowers Sect actually came to participate in four chess games. The deep meaning of this is hard to guess.

However, compared to Hundred Flowers Sect’s intention, Bei Mingxue is now more concerned about Jiang Chen.

What is this guy doing?

Staring at the dísciple of Hundred Flowers Sect, let her come over and ask for peace?

You are not confused! ?


However, what everyone didn’t expect was that the covered face female gave Jiang Chen a wink, which was even more shy and lightly said. Scream.

This sound is very crisp, very numb, and very attractive!

“I’m still a little bit arrogant.” Jiang Chen joked.

Bei Mingxue on the side blinked beautiful eyes, looked at Jiang Chen, and asked: “Do you know each other?”

“Of course I know, and I’m very familiar.” Jiang Chen Said.

On the other side, the Elder of Hundred Flowers Sect also asked the covered face female: “What is your relationship?”

“He…an old friend.” Covered face female lightly said, how dare you say that you are Jiang Chen’s discipline!

Yes, this covered face female is Nalan Meier!

Although she wanted to call Jiang Chen a Master in the past, she even wanted to pull Jiang Chen’s arm to act like a baby.

But she knows that this is not a virtual God World!

Once she yelled from the Master, everyone would be suspicious.

When the time comes, if someone with the heart chases it down, Jiang Chen’s identity will inevitably be exposed!

So, she can only say that she is a friend.

On the other side, Jiang Liu also saw Jiang Chen, smiled honestly, and said nothing.

However, the burly man beside him has been staring at Jiang Chen.

After a few breaths, the burly man suddenly spoke and said: “This kid is good. He has Saint Physique and has a very strong fleshy body. Have you thought of joining my Lizong?”

As soon as the words came out, everyone present was a little messy.

big brother, although I know that Lizong is very decisive and direct.

But, you have to see who the other person is now!

“That…Senior, I am now a dísciple adjacent to the Academy, and I am not suitable for sect.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“What’s the matter? After the Academy graduates, you are going to go out and do something, or join sect. You can’t stay in the Academy for the rest of your life, right?” The burly shouted, “You and me Do you know the Holy Son of Zong?”

“Uh…this…” Jiang Chen opened his mouth, but didn’t know what to say.

If you tell this burly man that your Holy Son is my little brother, would you hack me?

After all, Lizong’s Holy Son has become someone else’s younger brother. If this is said, Lizong is somewhat frustrated.

However, Jiang Chen did not expect, Jiang Liu is so good now, not long after he soared, he actually became the Holy Son of Lizong!

However, it is normal to think carefully.

Jiang Liu can be regarded as his half-disciple. Can the people he teaches be worse? !

“Hundred Flowers Sect is such a rare visitor.”

At this moment, a young man dropping from the sky fell in front of the cliff.

With the appearance of this person, the people of Jiu Tianzong kneel down and salute one after another, and they even shouted: “See Sect Master.”

As for the other sect people, It is cup one fist in the other hand, and it is also polite.

“The Sect Master of Nine Heavens Sect, known as nine thousand years old.” The woman from Hundred Flowers Sect raised her eyebrows and said: “There are so many sects here, what do you mean by pointing at me Hundred Flowers Sect? “

“I’m very curious, the people from Hundred Flowers Sect come to my Nine Heavens Sect, are you afraid of going and not going back?” Nine thousand years old seems very young, but in his eyes, there is a trace of ordinary people Undetectable vicissitudes.

He has been staring at the two of Hundred Flowers Sect with bright eyes, but there is a touch of sadness in the depths of his eyes!

“I’ll go! There must be adultery!” Jiang Chen saw it at a glance, and was slanderous.

“How is she?” Nine thousand-year-old asked suddenly.

“What’s the matter with you?” The expression of the woman from Hundred Flowers Sect was suddenly cold, and said: “It has nothing to do with you!”

“Heh…that’s right.” Nine thousand-year-old sighed, and after taking a few deep breaths, he bowed his hands to everyone, said with a smile: “It’s really an honor for you to come to the Nine Heaven Sect today!”

“Don’t talk. Nonsense, open the four chess games, I’ll take a look at it first.” The burly man of Lizong waved his hand impatiently, and said, “Nine thousand years old, you are all sensible, even more how you have all four chess games. It has been held several times, and I will understand the rules.”

“Nine thousand years old, let’s start directly.”


Hearing these words, Nine thousand years old smiled awkwardly, but didn’t say anything.

After that, he waved his big hand, and the brilliance appeared on the cliff behind him, and more lines were changing!

After more than a dozen breaths, the cliff turned into a chessboard, covered with black and white chess pieces.

And at the top of the cliff, there is a black chess piece standing there quietly.

“Everyone, this game… is actually a dead game of black chess, but since the game is still there, it means that there is a glimmer of survival. Who can crack this dead game of black chess, my nine days She protects him for life!” said nine thousand years old.

“Let’s take a look. We are not good at playing chess,” said the burly man, very directly.

On this, Nine Thousand Years old just smiled, knowing that Lizong’s people are like this, and didn’t care.

“Nine thousand years old, how did I hear that these four chess games are actually a seal with a demon inside.”

Suddenly, the Kunlun who came with the emperor Mountains Elder spoke, eyes flashing with suspicion.

Following his words, an Elder from Aolai Tianmen also questioned: “The four-door chess game is very similar to the long-lost Sifang seal formation! Nine thousand years old, you can say Clearly, is this a broken game, or do you want us to unlock the seal?”

“Yes, I have also heard about it. In the four-door game, a demon is sealed!” nodded, said: “I am not waiting to believe in nine thousand years old, but there are too many rumors, and the spread is too real. Today, I hope that nine thousand years old will give me an explanation.”

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