I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 877

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen has already thought that Jiu Tian Xia is the Princess of the Jiu Tian Dynasty!

As for the nine-thousand-year-old parent and child, he is the prince of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

“Jiu Tianxia and my parent-child identity, I think a few of them should be able to guess it?” Nine Chisui said: “Now, what else do you want to know?”

“Aside from the lineage, the Nine Heavens Dynasty, is there any powerhouse outside?” Young Master Cassie asked.

“Of course there is, if otherwise, how can my Nine Heavens Sect come with this confidence?” The nine thousand-year-old raised his brows and said: “That power, few people can stop this Nine Heavens God World.”

“Then, if I wait to unlock this seal, the relationship between the Nine Heavens Dynasty and Nine Heavens Sect, and my farewell valley…” There was a hint of expectation in the eyes of Young Master.

Obviously, Cassia Young Master is going to play a big one this time, and he wants to establish a relationship with the Nine Heavens!

That is the dynasty that has dominated the Nine Heavens God World for thousands of years. Even if it is now incomplete and not as strong as it was then, it is also very powerful, even stronger than some Top Sects!

If Farewell Gu Neng and Nine Heavens Sect, the Nine Heavens Dynasty were to gain a relationship, then the position and strength of Farewell Valley in Nine Heavens God World must be as the tide rises, the boat floats!

“If you unlock the seal, you will be the benefactors of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.” Nine thousand years old said: “The Nine Heavens Dynasty does not requite kindness with enmity.”

“That… Allies?” Cassia Young Master asked tentatively.

“It’s not just an ally, I will be my own from now on.” Nine thousand years old said with a smile.

After all, the nine thousand-year-old expression became serious, pointed to the cliff, and said: “Now, can you start to unblock it?”

“Can you take an oath?” Ming Young Master said solemnly: “Although Farewell Valley is strong, but also not the opponent of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, if the Nine Heavens Dynasty is released, and the Nine Heavens Dynasty is against the water, my Farewell Valley…”

“What difficulty is there.” Nine thousand years old lightly said, and immediately took the blood oath!

At this moment, Cassia Young Master and the others feel relieved.

Then, under the leadership of Young Master Cassia, their entire group approached the cliff and began to study the square enclosing magic array.

Farewell Valley’s accomplishments in the sealing process are very high. They are confident that they can unlock the seal Formation!

But, it will take some time!

At this moment, Nine Thousand Years old set his gaze on Jiang Chen, suddenly smiled, and said: “You should know why I said all these things in front of you.

“I know. “Jiang Chen nodded, said: “Because you never thought of letting me leave Jiutianzong alive!” “

“Yes, in my eyes, the moment you entered the Nine Heavens Sect, you were dead. “The nine thousand-year-old expression is calm, and even his eyes are removed from Jiang Chen.

In his eyes, Jiang Chen is like an ant.

I didn’t kill Jiang Chen before, It’s just pretending that’s all in front of everyone.

“You should know the consequences of offending Jiu Tianxia, ​​that is the only remaining Princess of the Jiu Tian Dynasty. “Nine thousand years old sighed: “I can see that you are very strong, and the innate talent aptitude is extraordinary, but it is a pity that you have offended people who shouldn’t offend. “

“Yes, you are right. “Jiang Chen can’t refute it. After all, with his current strength and the backers behind him, he really cannot offend the Nine Heavens.

But, what about it?

Jiang Chen from After seeing the square magic seal formation, I have never been afraid!

Before, the reason for fear was not for myself, but for Bei Mingxue!

“My point Cultivation base, anyway, I can’t escape from your palm, so let me live a little longer and see how they unlocked the square seal. “Jiang Chen lightly said: “I also want to see the style of the powerful Nine Heavens. “

“Well, for a dying person, this requirement is not too much. “Nine thousand years old nodded and said.

After that, nine thousand years old stood quietly, staring at the cliff.

Jiang Chen was a little casual, tilted Erlang’s legs, sitting on a large rock, with a wicked smile on the corner of his mouth.

After half a day, I saw Cassia Young Master entire group starting to do it.

They cracked it first. The outer seal of the Sifang Magic Array, and then the middle seal was broken!

At this moment, the Sifang Magic Array has changed!

The seal Formation that was originally like a chess game, At this moment, it turned into a line of light, permeating the cliff wall!

At the same time, a bronze gate appeared on the cliff wall!

Those lights intertwined, like chains , The bronze gate was blocked tightly.

On both sides of the bronze gate, there are four Divine Beast statues standing, exuding divine light and formation marks!

The last seal is left. “Nine thousand years old is excited. How many years has he waited until he finally sees the birth of the dynasty!

“The last seal? “Jiang Chen expressionless, but he sneered in his heart.

If this square magic circle could be cracked so simple, it would have been cracked a long time ago!

“Hey, when the time comes when you beg me! “Jiang Chen secretly thought.

Thinking about it, Jiang Chen suddenly asked: “Back then, the Nine Heavens Dynasty was sealed by another mysterious organization, so if you are born now, aren’t you afraid of preventing it from taking action again? “

“I waited for so long, mainly because I was investigating the whereabouts of the mysterious organization. “Nine thousand years old said: “According to reliable sources, that organization disappeared, as if it had gone beyond the southern wall. “

“Disappeared! ? Beyond the South Wall! ? Great Thousand Worlds! ? “Jiang Chen was frightened.

What kind of terrorist organization it was that drove the entire organization out of the southern wall!

You should know, even if it’s God King Level. I’m afraid I can’t break the south wall, right?

“Can I make a bet with you?” Jiang Chen calmed down the shock in his heart, with bright eyes, looked towards Nine Thousand Years Old, and said: “I bet they can’t break this seal. “

oh?” Nine thousand-year-old gave Jiang Chen a surprised look and said, “You know seals too?” “

“Understand a little bit. “Jiang Chen lightly said: “Gamble or not? If they can’t crack the seal, you let me go? “

“Let you go? Do you think that’s possible? “Nine thousand years old said with a smile: “In my eyes, you are already a dead person. “

“The reason why I didn’t kill you now, I just want to have one more person to witness the birth of the Nine Heavens Dynasty! “

Speaking of this, Nine Thousand Years Old became more excited, clenched his fists, and said: “Have you seen it? Only the last seal is left. As long as this seal is unlocked, Nine Heavens Dynasty will be fine. Born! “

“When the time comes, unify Nine Heavens and create greater glory! “

However, just after these words were said, the face of nine thousand years old suddenly changed!

I saw, the Cassia Young Master entire group, who was originally cracking the seal, was actually An inexplicable force flew out!

At the same time, on the four Divine Beast statues standing beside the bronze gate, an ancient rune appeared on each.

“How What happened! ? “Nine Thousand Years Old hurriedly asked.

“This is not a Quartet Sealing Magic Array! “Je Ming Young Master’s face is ugly, said solemnly: “This is the four gods! “

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