I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 879

For Jiang Chen, these things promised by Nine Thousand Years Old are completely a joke.

You must know that although Nine Thousand Years Old is the master of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, the real master of the Nine Heavens Dynasty is not him!

So, whatever the nine thousand years old promises, it’s useless!

Only when the master of the Nine Heavens Dynasty promises is truly useful!

“Isn’t there a Princess and a prince in the Nine Heavens? Let them swear.” Jiang Chen said: “As long as you promise not to kill me, and in the future, whether it is the Nine Heavens Sect or the Nine Heavens, you must protect me. , That’s it!”

“Don’t go too far!” Nine thousand years old shouted angrily: “Princess and the prince are so noble, how can they swear for you!”

” So…no need to talk about it?” Jiang Chen shrugged indifferently, and said: “I’m just a small cultivator with a bad life. But the Nine Heavens Dynasty is different from me. It is a Peak force that once dominated the Nine Heavens God World. “

“It doesn’t matter if I die, but if the Nine Heavens Dynasty can’t be born…”

Jiang Chen hasn’t finished speaking yet, his nine-thousand-year-old face is already gloomy as stagnant.

I saw him wave a big hand, interrupting Jiang Chen’s words, said solemnly: “I am unable to help Lord, you are waiting here!”

After that, nine Chitose disappeared in place, apparently to discuss with Jiu Tianxia and the prince.

“Hey! Han and Han!”

At this moment, Cassia Young Master complexion pale is extremely pale, with cold sweat on his face.

He knows very well that if there is no accident today, he will die here!

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Chen asked with a smile: “Is…want me to save you?”

“Han Han! We are also destined, if you have a way Keep me waiting, no matter what you offer, my Farewell Valley promises you!” Young Master’s voice is very urgent, as if foreseeing that he is not far away from death!

The most important thing is that it doesn’t matter if a few of them die. The important thing is that the anger of the nine thousand years old vents to the farewell valley, then the whole farewell valley will be destroyed!

Jiang Ming Young Master, including Jiang Chen, firmly believe in one thing, if the nine-thousand-year-old wants to destroy the farewell valley, it is too simple!

“You caused the fault, why should I wipe your ass for you?” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “If you left before, nine thousand years old can stop you?”

“It was you who promised to be able to crack the seal Formation, but the result was good. Formation did not crack, and the Four Gods Absolute Heaven Formation was revealed.”


Cassia Young Master hearing this is also remorseful.

If you leave directly, nine thousand years old will not be so angry!

But now, it’s too late to say anything!

“Han! I heard that you need Daoyuan! I don’t have much farewell valley, that is rich and imposing! As long as you can help us this time, no matter how much Daoyuan you need, we will give it to you! “Cases Young Master said pleadingly.

“Do I have as much as I want? Don’t talk about fooling little children.” Jiang Chen contemptuously said: “I want all the sources in this world, can Farewell Valley do it? “

“This…I will try my best!” Cassia Young Master hurriedly said, adding: “Dragon Fruit, bloodline fruit, these things are in the farewell valley, and there are many!”


“tsk tsk tsk…It seems that you still know me quite well.” Jiang Chen was speechless, but still couldn’t move him.

After all, if Jiang Chen helped Cassia Young Master this time, it would have saved the entire Valley of Farewell!

To save a Peak’s sect, just to obtain these things, then… this Top Sect is too worthless!

“Han Han! Say it! You have the condition!” Cassia Young Master panicked, and now the only one who can save them is Jiang Chen!

However, he doesn’t know what to promise Jiang Chen!

“Daoyuan, Dragon Fruit, bloodline fruit, these things, I want them.” Jiang Chen stretched out three fingers, and said: “Three thousand each, can Farewell Valley do it?”

As soon as these words came out, Cassia Young Master’s face turned green!

You treat these things as Chinese cabbage! ?

Three thousand each! ?

I am afraid this Nine Heavens God World does not add up to that much!

“Five hundred each!” Cassia Young Master said bitterly: “This thing is too rare, five hundred each, I have to spend manpower and material resources to find it.”

“Okay.” Jiang Chen also knows that every three thousand farewell valleys cannot do it.

“There is one more thing, farewell valley must give me!”

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s face suddenly condensed, and the sun and moon gleamed in his eyes, like stars and brilliance. Yang Qixian!

I saw him slowly walk up to Cassia Young Master and said: “I want the information network of Farewell Valley!”

Few people know that Farewell Valley is the most powerful It is not financial and material resources, nor is it a seal of knowledge, but an intelligence network covering the entire Nine Heavens God World!

This information network, Jiang Chen learned about it accidentally!

It can be said that the fact that Farewell Valley can be inherited to this day is based on this information network for eight to nine times!

As long as the intelligence is in place, you can save money and eliminate calamities, or you can start first!

Planning strategies, take the world in your hands!

This is the strongest part of Farewell Valley!

However, the information network of Farewell Valley is not only unknown to most people, but even some high-level leaders within the valley do not know!

The only people at the top of the Farewell Valley are in control of the intelligence network!

“You want to control the information network of Farewell Valley!?” Young Master Jue Ming stared at him, and said: “That thing can’t be given to you if you say it!”

“I I know.” Jiang Chen nodded, said: “I mean, if I have a need, Farewell Valley will unconditionally help me find things and people, and use all the power of the intelligence network!”

” This…use of the information network can only be ordered by the contemporary valley master himself, I…just a Young Master.” Young Master said with a bitter smile.

“Then quickly become the Valley Master!” Jiang Chen coldly said, and looked towards the Elders who accompanied the Cassia Young Master, and said: “Do you think that Cassia Young Master can be the Valley Master? Is it?”

“Yes! Yes! Of course I can!”

“Definitely! I will try my best to assist Cassia Young Master!”


These Elders hurriedly spoke.

“When you become the valley owner of the farewell valley, you will take orders from me, and the intelligence network will take orders from you.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “So, okay?”

“This…then I don’t know how long it will take to become the Valley Master.” Jue Ming Young Master dare not lie at this moment, and bluntly said: “Without a thousand years, my father is impossible to abdicate to me.”

“Then you can find a way!” Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed, and said: “Now, you are begging me, you are qualified to make conditions with me!”

“But… …What do you think of this way…” Cassia Young Master is very helpless, is it possible that he wants to kill his father to take the throne! ?

He can’t do this!

“For one year, sit on the position of the Valley Lord, otherwise…Farewell to Gu Mie.” Jiang Chen lightly said, then stood up, turned his back to the Cassia Young Master entire group, and said:” Swear, one year, after this time, without me, you will all be backlashed by blood, the soul flew away and scattered.”

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