I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 882

Under one sword, another white tiger in Peak Master Divine Grade was cut into powder!

At this moment, Jiang Chen was horrified. No one knew better than him how terrifying the power contained in that sword just now!

“Divine King!” Jiang Chen was shocked, this kind of power was too familiar to him!

Only Divine King can perform such a powerful attack!

“This is a half-step Divine King!?”

“The Nine Heavens Sect really has a deep heritage!”


Decision Ming Young Master and the others move, that might of a single sword, seems to be able to break the sky!

“Oh, a few ignorant people.” Jiang Chen glanced at Cassia Young Master and the others, shaking his head for a while.

However, it is right to think about it carefully. If the Divine King is only half a step away in the Nine Heaven Sect, Nine Thousand Years old dare to be so arrogant! ?

In fact, Jiang Chen should have thought that the powerhouse of the Nine Heavens Sect, the cultivation base must surpass the Divine King by half a step, and it is the real Divine King!

This person is mostly the Divine King who survived the last era. He has a deep foundation and deep and unmeasurable strength!

“How do I open this bronze door?”

At this moment, Nine Thousand Years Old and Jiutian Zhong walked over, and pulled Nine Heavens back to their side with unkind eyes. Staring at Jiang Chen.

“cough cough…” Jiang Chen’s face blushed, after all, a big man hiding behind a girl is indeed a bit embarrassing.

But, this is also for my own life!

“Then it will be simple, condense the four elements of wind and rain and thunder-fire to open the bronze door.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “For such a simple thing, I don’t need to do it myself. ?”

“Is it all you need to do with the four elemental powers?” Jiutian asked again.

“This…the cultivation base must have some requirements, at least it must be the main god.” Jiang Chen said: “You also know that only after stepping into the title god, can you cultivation the major strength of Element , So…the main god you are looking for must be the title main god.”

“This is simple.” Nine thousand years old lightly said.

Jiang Chen hearing this, could not help but froze for a moment, but his heart was extremely shocked.

Four gods with the title of wind and rain thunder-fire, are there in the Nine Heavens Sect? !

You must know that the title of the main god is extraordinary, and only one can be found among thousands of main gods!

In today’s world, most of the main gods are ordinary main gods. Before they became the main gods, they never stepped into the title god this realm.


At this moment, Jiu Tian waved his hand and shouted.

When the voice fell, 36 main gods suddenly came here!

Looking at it, they are all titled Lord Gods, and they are all Peak Levels. Don’t!

“Let me take it?! This is the foundation of the Nine Heavens Sect!?”

“This…this…too terrifying!?”

Everyone was moved. They didn’t expect that there are 36 main gods in a nine-day sect, and all of them are titled main gods, not to mention Peak Level!

If this force were born, there would be a few people in this world who could stop it! ?

“This is the foundation of the Jiutian Dynasty staying in the outside world.” Jiutianxia raised his eyebrows and said: “Now I know how powerful the Jiutian Dynasty is? hmph!”

“Then again How? You swear not to kill me.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “Moreover, I liberated your clansman. I don’t think the Nine Heavens Dynasty will requite kindness with enmity?”

“You !” Nine Worlds stomped with anger, wishing to crush Jiang Chen!

At this moment, Nine Thousand Years Old and Nine Heavens are standing in front of these 36 titled master gods. After scanning their eyes, they seem to have an idea.

Afterwards, they looked towards Jiang Chen and asked: “How many do you need?”

“Of course it is the more the better.” Jiang Chen said: “The power of the four elements Larger, the faster you can open the bronze door.”

“So, very good!”

“My people are finally born!”


Jiu Tianzhong and Jiu Qiansui were excited, and then selected eighteen master gods with the title of wind and rain thunder-fire!

Immediately afterwards, under Jiang Chen’s guidance, the eighteen people stood in four positions in front of the bronze door, and then the four strengths of Element erupted and impacted on the bronze door.




With one after another explosion, the four strengths of Element are like rainbows Flying.

The ripples spread, like one after another rainbow emerges.

At the same time, the rust on the bronze door is falling off and the rune is annihilated!

After half a day, with a scream, the bronze door finally opened a gap!

“It’s opened!” I was so excited for nine days, I could see my clansman soon!

“This is!?”

“There is weirdness!”


Suddenly, those eighteen title gods The expression changed dramatically.

Just because, inside the bronze door, there was a huge suction power!

Like a black hole, it has firmly absorbed these eighteen title gods, and even the power with them within the body is being swallowed!

In just a few breaths of time, three titled master gods have fallen, and they were all swallowed up in Essence, Qi, and Spirit and cultivation base!

“What’s the situation!?” Jiang Chen stared, looking through the gap behind the bronze door, he seemed to see a pair of dark eyes!

The depths of the eyes are like an abyss, and at the bottom of the abyss, there seems to be a Demon King sitting cross-legged!


“Don’t make a sound.”

Nine thousand years old and nine days of heavy are very calm, as if they had expected it!

“What’s the seal inside this…!? It’s really your clansman!?” Jiang Chen was frightened, and secretly thought this time might be a major event!

It’s just because the wisps of demon and evil, evil and evil auras diffuse from the gap in the bronze door!

This kind of breath, Jiang Chen is very familiar, it is baleful qi!

Be aware that Jiang Chen’s current within the body also has baleful qi, but it was temporarily sealed that’s all by San Wei Primal Chaos Qi and Myriad Transformations Tianzhan.

If these baleful qi break out, Jiang Chen will become a big evil!

And now, Jiang Chen is sure that behind the bronze gate, the unknown creature is definitely a big evil!

“As the foundation of the Nine Heavens, you are born as a member of the Nine Heavens, and when you die, you are a ghost of the Nine Heavens.”

“Today, the people of our clan are about to be born, you wait Give yourself.”


Jiutianzhong lightly said, the excitement in his eyes became more intense!

And Jiang Chen felt guilty in his heart, he had a hunch that there was a big problem with the sealed things in this bronze door!

“My God! This is baleful qi!” Cassia Young Master shivered, complexion pale, and said: “Is this a big head?”

“More than that Dasha, at least half a step at God King Level. Other Dasha!”


“Not enough!”

Suddenly, inside the bronze door , A deep voice sounded.

As this voice fell, I saw the remaining a dozen complexion of titled gods greatly changed!

They want to break free and don’t want to dedicate their lives!

However, there seems to be an endless black hole inside the bronze door, which is holding them tightly, and simply can’t open it!

At the same time, their Essence, Qi, and Spirit within the body, and even the cultivation base divine force, are all being swallowed quickly!

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