I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 883

In just the time of thirty breaths, all the eighteen title gods were swallowed!

They turned into a pile of powder, and everything about themselves was swallowed clean!

“This…what’s the situation!?” Jiang Chen couldn’t calm down anymore, I feel that this time the incident is definitely a big deal!

“Old Ancestor has been sealed for too long, and the loss of its own essence is too serious. It needs to be supplemented.” Jiutianzhong explained: “Don’t worry, since I have taken an oath, I will not hurt you.”


Speaking of this, the Jiutian heavy expression condensed and looked towards the remaining eighteen main gods, saying: “You guys, go and welcome the Old Ancestor back.”

These eighteen titles When the Lord God heard this, his face became pale.

Some people even backed up, and a few people directly rose up into the air, tearing apart the void, wanting to escape!

Although they are powerhouses cultivated by the Nine Heavens Dynasty, their fate is theirs!

cultivated to Peak Master is not easy, how can they easily give up their lives!

“From the moment you become a member of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, you should be enlightened.” Nine thousand years old coldly said, but stood still and never shot.



next moment, I saw a palm suddenly fell from the void, suppressing all the eighteen titles of gods Come down!

After that, the palm swept across and threw these eighteen people in front of the bronze door!

“It’s the Divine King who slashed a sword just now!” Jiang Chen was shocked, but also felt sorry for these people.

These 36 people are all titled Lord Gods, and they are all Peak Levels!

If these people were born, they could even occupy half of the Nine Heavens God World!

But now, they just fell for an Old Ancestor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

Too bad, too cruel, but…very realistic!

“By the way…this bronze door has not been completely opened yet…” Jiang Chen whispered: “Without the other four elements of Divine Grade, this bronze door cannot be opened.”

“It can be opened.” Nine thousand years old was very confident, and said: “As long as a gap is opened.”

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

The Old Ancestor sealed in the bronze door is absolutely terrifying matchless, unimaginable.

As long as he supplements the essence and restores his strength to a certain level, he can easily open this bronze door!

So, at this moment, there seems to be nothing wrong with Jiang Chen here.

“Boy, although you made me wait very unhappy, but I have to admit that you have a lot of credit for the return of Old Ancestor.” Jiutianzhong said.

“hehe……” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly, feeling helpless.

If your own life is not in your hands, who wants to help you release this big evil? !

I don’t know if this big evil spirit will set off a foul wind and bloody rain after it is born.



After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the bronze door began to vibrate violently.

I saw a pair of withered palms inserted into the gap of the bronze door!

The blue veins that looked like yellow dragon-like violently burst on the palm of the hand, and under sudden force, the bronze door was forcibly opened!

In an instant, a monstrous baleful qi erupted, like a gray gust of wind roaring!

But, just in a flash, the baleful qi converged and disappeared!

At the same time, Nine Heavens, Nine Heavens, Nine Thousand Years Old Three people kneeling in front of the bronze gate respectfully, expressing solemnly, and shouting: “Congratulations to the Old Ancestor back!”

“How many years, I finally came back!”

At this moment, a vicissitudes of life sounded, and then a gray-haired old man wearing a tattered cloth stepped out of the bronze door.

At the moment he walked out of the bronze door, Jiang Chen looked in a trance, and felt that this world was shocked!

Even his own avenue has a wave of fluctuations, as if to be shattered by the imposing manner of this gray-haired old man!

“Extremely terrifying! Above the Divine King!” Jiang Chen was shocked. Such characters are rare even in Ancient Era? !

This gray-haired old man’s cultivation base really surpasses Divine King! ?

So, what realm is on Divine King! ? Is it the Divine Emperor?

“The sky can’t destroy me, the array can’t seal me, the glory of nine days will be opened again in my hands!”

After a few breaths, this gray-haired old man roar towards the sky there was a cry, as if venting, and as if swearing!

However, at this moment, the imposing manner on the gray-haired old man has calmed down, like a mortal.

He walked to the front of Jiutianzhong, stretched out his withered palm, and lifted Jiutian up again, with kindness in his eyes, and sighed softly, “My son, I am wronged.”


“Imperial Father!” Jiutian’s eyes were slightly red, and said: “I finally saw you!”

“Xia Xia, you are still the same as before. You have not changed.” gray- The haired old man came to Jiu Tianxia again, and fondly touched Jiu Tianxia’s head, and said: “From now on, this world will be ours.”

“Imperial Father……” Nine With tears in Tianxia’s eyes, she threw herself at the gray-haired old man, and said aggrieved: “Imperial Father, I miss you.”

“Imperial Father is back, this time… won’t go anymore.” gray-haired old man lightly said.

Finally, the gray-haired old man looked towards Nine Thousand Years Old, grinned, and said: “How many generations of the dynasty are you?”

“The 36th generation.” The nine-thousand-year-old said respectfully: “The 36th generation of the ninth-year-old dynasty who has no heels, welcome the return of Old Ancestor!”

“It’s already 36 generations?” The gray-haired old man sighed with emotion and narrowed his eyes. , As if recalling things before it was sealed.

After a few breaths, he walked up to the nine-thousand-year-old and said, “I have been working hard for you all these years. Not only must I take care of Tianzhong and Xiaoxia, but also try my best to release me.”


“For the Nine Heavens!” Nine thousand years old said resolutely, but the excitement in his eyes is hard to conceal!

Just because, the Old Ancestor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty was born!

He seemed to see the future glory, as if he saw the scene of Nine Heavens God World dominating Nine Heavens God World again!

And he will be the head of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, a real under one person, above ten thousand people!

“Today, I will use the name of Jiu Shen to seal you as the real master! From now on, you will be under me and above all beings!” gray-haired old man said resolutely.

In this way, nine thousand years old can be regarded as the real leader of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

“Imperial Father, thanks to this Little Brother this time.” Jiu Tian Zhong fell without breaking his words, pointed to Jiang Chen, and said: “If it weren’t for him, I’m afraid I won’t be able to release you temporarily. Come out.”

“Oh? Really?” Jiu Shen lightly said: “At a young age, I know how to unlock the Four Gods Juetian Formation? It’s not bad…”

At this time, Jiu Shen’s eyes fell on Jiang Chen’s body.

At this moment, Jiang Chen is guilty of death!

Just because, with the strength of Jiu Shen, his roots can be clearly understood at a glance!

Jiang Chen knows that his identity will be revealed today!

However, what made Jiang Chen didn’t expect was that when Jiu Shen saw him for the first time, there was a hint of panic and shock in Jiu Shen’s eyes!

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