I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 884

Nine deep, deep and unmeasurable in strength, it is even more evil, but a big evil!

The ability of such creatures has long surpassed the cognition and understanding of ordinary people.

They can go up to Heavenspan, go down thoroughly, and look forward to the past, the present and the future. The methods can be described as extraordinary!

And such creatures are undoubtedly the most powerful in this era!

However, when Jiu Shen saw Jiang Chen, there was a hint of fear in his eyes.

This makes Jiang Chen a little confused, but he dare not ask more!

After all, where is the strength of others, what dare Jiang Chen say?

“Are you… back?”

At this moment, Jiu Shen came to Jiang Chen, with a strange expression, and the fear in his eyes disappeared.

He stared at Jiang Chen closely, with complex emotions flashing deep in his pupils.

“Me? Are you back?” Jiang Chen was also a little messy when asked.

But Jiang Chen soon reacted.

He knows that most of these Jiu Shen are previous lives who knew him!

“It seems that I haven’t come back.” After hearing Jiang Chen’s words, Jiu Shen also woke up, said with a bitter smile: “That’s right, how could he come back. If he could come back, he would come long ago. Now.”

“How many times have passed, the world has almost forgotten him.”

Speaking of which, Jiu Shen, frowned, stared at Jiang Chen, and asked: “You… …Have seen Jiuyuan? You have the aura of Jiuyuan!” When these words came out, Jiang Chen didn’t react much, but the three of Jiutianzhong were moved!

“In the blood of Atheus Continent, I once encountered Jiuyuan Senior.” Jiang Chen said truthfully.

In front of Jiu Shen, he has nothing to hide.

Once you tell lies, you will definitely be clearly understood by the other party.

“Is he… okay?” Jiu Shen asked.

“Fortunately, there seems to be something wrong with the body. I have been training in the forbidden area of ​​the blood path.” Jiang Chen curiously asked: “What is the relationship between Senior and Jiuyuan?”

“Abyss.” Jiu Shen lightly said: “I am Jiu Shen, he is Jiu Yuan, and I and him are the abyss in the eyes of the world.”

” Jiu Yuan is my Imperial Father’s biological brother It’s my Imperial Uncle!” Jiutian Zhong said solemnly: “How is the Imperial Uncle now!? Have you ever mentioned me to wait!?”

“Not mentioned.” Jiang Chen said: “However, Jiuyuan Senior has given me some advice and taught me Dao skills.”

“en? He taught you Dao skills?” Jiu Shen frowned, seemingly surprised.

Even Jiu Tian Zhong and the others are dumbfounded, looking at Jiang Chen dumbfounded.

Especially in Nine Worlds, she blinked beautiful eyes, as if she had discovered a new world in Jiang Chen.

“He actually taught you Taoist skills? This is…want to be your Master?”

After a few breaths, Jiu Shen said with a bitter smile: “What a courage! , If one day, you really come back, knowing that he teaches you Dao skills and wants to be your Master…You are afraid…”

Speaking of which, Jiu Shen waved his hand and said:” It doesn’t matter if you don’t mention the past, although you have not yet returned, and you are not sure whether you can return, but at least if you meet, it is fate.”

After that, the Jiu Shen expression suddenly condenses, looking towards Jiu Tian Zhong and the others, said resolutely: “He, from now on will be my Jiu Tian Dynasty…”

Speaking of ordinary things, Jiu Shen stopped.

Just because he doesn’t know what to say.

“What the hell is it?” Jiang Chen asked curiously.

“I’m thinking, what kind of official should I give you.” Jiu Shen is thinking very seriously.

“What!? Imperial Father, are you right?!” Jiu Tianxia was in a hurry at that time!

Although he made a blood oath, Nine Worlds does not want Jiang Chen to live a good life!

And now, if Jiu Shen really bans Jiang Chen, then Jiang Chen can’t be bullied casually!

“Yes, based on what you have learned, there is a position that suits you very well.” Jiu Shen lightly said, the expression became serious again, said resolutely: “I consider the current emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty In the name, I will make you the Taifu!”



At this moment, the nine days and the others are stunned , Even with nine thousand years old is messy.

Master! ?

“Tao Fu? What the hell?” Jiang Chen asked.

“That is to say, you are at the same level as nine thousand years old.” Jiu Shen said: “By the way, please teach me Xiaoxia.”

“Huh?” Jiang Chen Stunned, let him teach the nine worlds?

Is that right? !

“By the way, you can assist Tianzhong.” Jiu Shen said.


At this moment, Jiang Chen is full of question marks!

You are right! ?

Jiang Chen would like to ask, your cultivation base is so profound, your children still need me to teach! ?

Finally, assist Tianzhong? What the hell is that again! ?

“Presumably you can also tell that I am actually in the evil, and what I have learned is not suitable for them.” Jiu Shen sighed: “As for the Nine Heavens Profound Art… So Xiaoxia’s cultivation has always been a problem.”

“Wait!” Jiang Chen hurriedly said: “Senior, you don’t know the relationship between me and Jiu Tianxia? You look at her eyes, like Is to swallow me alive! I dare to teach her!?”

“If I say yes, so do.” Jiu Shen lightly said, taking a look at Jiu Tianxia, ​​and said: “I don’t care what you have before Regardless of contradictions and grudges, Tiancang will be the Master of your cultivation in the future.”

“Yes.” Jiu Tianxia is full of grievances, but dare not violate Jiu Shen’s meaning.

She was crying in her heart, secretly thought that her life is really gloomy and bleak!

First, I was fattened by Jiang Chen, and then he was spanked by Jiang Chen. Now it’s fine. I haven’t reported my previous grudges, but I have become Jiang Chen’s discipline!

This… grievance!

“Heaven… Tiancang?”

At this moment, only Jiutian realized what Jiu Shen called Jiang Chen!


“It seems that you all don’t know his identity, do you?” Jiu Shen said with a smile: “He is heaven, a character in my age.”

“speaking of which, the establishment of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, thanks to him.” Jiu Shen sighed: “It’s just… he seems to have forgotten the past.”

“What!? Hanhan is Tiancang!?”

“Is it possible!? Heaven!? The most powerful Divine Emperor known as Nine Heavens God World since ancient times!?”


This moment , Cassia Young Master and the others also exclaimed.

They don’t know Tiancang, the times are different, but they have heard of Tiancang’s name!

Even, in today’s ancient book, there are records about heaven!

That was a generation of Divine Emperor. According to legend, when he was alive, he was truly overpowered!

But, for some unknown reason, the heavens disappeared. It is said that the life essence is exhausted, and I found a place to bury myself…

Of course, these are nothing.

The thing that people remember most is the power of heaven!

He is known as the strongest Divine Emperor in Nine Heavens God World since ancient times!

“As for his other identities…” Jiu Shen lightly said, looked towards Jiang Chen, and said: “Do you want to talk to them?”

“This…you Just be happy.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, slandering in his heart.

Old Monster of your kind of cultivation base, you can just talk about it.

I dare not stop you?

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