I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 885

Before Jiu Shen was born, Jiang Chen felt that something was going on!

But now it seems that although Jiu Shen has entered the evil spirit, he still remains sober and sensible.

Jiang Chen secretly rejoiced, but fortunately, Jiu Shen didn’t make a big noise, otherwise he would have become a sinner!

At this moment, Jiu Shen didn’t say much, let the nine thousand years old take care of the rest, and then disappeared.

As for the other identities of Jiang Chen, Jiu Shen did not say anything.

Perhaps he has already seen Jiang Chen’s difficulties, so he kept some secrets for Jiang Chen.

“These people, kill them, they are useless.” Nine thousand years old looked towards Cassia Young Master and the others, and he lifted his palm to kill these people.

“Wait! Let them die!” Jiang Chen hurriedly said, “For the sake of my release of your Old Ancestor, can you let them go?”




When Jiang Chen said this, nine thousand years old and the others were a little messy.

Especially Jiutianzhong, after a moment of stunned, asked: “Don’t you know what Taifu means?”

“I don’t know.” Jiang Chen shook his head.

“Tao Fu, one level with the palm of the hand…” Jiutianzhong said: “If you want to let them go, no one can stop them except Imperial Father.”

“Oh? Is my status so high now?” Jiang Chen was surprised. It’s just a post of Taifu, so awesome?

However, Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is too low, and he is a little worried about whether his high position can convince the people of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

“In the future, we will work together with the dynasty, and everything is easy to discuss.” The nine thousand-year-old handed over to Jiang Chen, with a completely different attitude from before.

Before, in the eyes of nine thousand years old, Jiang Chen was an ant.

Although, in order to release Jiu Shen, they made a blood oath, not embarrassing Jiang Chen.

But in their hearts, Jiang Chen’s essence remains the same, he is still weak.

But it’s different now!

Jiu Shen personally appointed official, Jiang Chen is now the Tai Fu of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, how noble his status is!

Even if Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is low, as long as he is in the position of Taifu, it is enough!

“You guys, let’s go first. Don’t forget what you promised me.” Jiang Chen said to Cassia Young Master and the others: “Everything you see today is not allowed to be said. ! Otherwise, the consequences are… at your own risk!”

“Yes, yes!”

“I didn’t see anything, heard nothing!”

Jieming Young Master and the others are very knowledgeable about current affairs, and then hurriedly left.

“Then can I go back now?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Tao Fu laughed. Go wherever you want to go. The world is so big that few people can stop you now.” Nine thousand years old said with a smile: “If so If you need help, just say it.”

“Help…” Jiang Chen muttered, wondering whether he could use the hands of the Nine Heavens Dynasty to destroy the 36 main gods who killed him. ?

But Jiang Chen quickly rejected his idea.

That is his own hatred, he must avenge himself!

The real revenge is to stab the enemy!

“Disciple, I will follow as a teacher from now on, and I will teach you well as a teacher.”

Jiang Chen got up and walked through the Nine Worlds with a playful look.

The Nine Worlds are angry, and I feel aggrieved.

I saw her glaring at Jiang Chen, grinding her teeth, and the two small tiger teeth are about to be ground!

“Let’s do this first, I’m back next to the Academy.” Jiang Chen said.

In the end, Jiang Chen found Bei Mingxue, and the two of them were speechless and returned to the adjacent Academy.

After returning to Cave Mansion, Bei Mingxue did not leave, but stood in front of Jiang Chen and asked: “Nothing happened?”

“No.” Jiang Chen shook his head and said: “If something happens, can we come back?”

“They didn’t embarrass you? If they embarrass you, I will return to Beiming’s house at worst, and I will try to make you fair !” Bei Mingxue said resolutely.

Jiang Chen hearing this, smiled, he naturally understood Bei Mingxue’s kindness.

However, Jiang Chen now knows more about the details of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

Although the Beiming family is strong and has a deep heritage, it is indeed a bit worse than the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

Moreover, Jiang Chen has a feeling that behind the bronze door, there is still a creature not coming out!

The creature, maybe sleeping, maybe something accident happened, but it’s definitely not dead!

Even, Jiang Chen has a feeling that that creature may be stronger than Jiu Shen!

“The grudge between me and Jiu Tianxia is over, and Jiu Tianzong will not embarrass me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “It’s okay, don’t worry.”

“Really?” Bei Mingxue looked suspicious, always feeling that Jiang Chen was hiding something from her.

However, since looking at Jiang Chen and refused to say, she did not continue to ask.

“That’s right! When will Tianya be adjacent to my comprehend cultivation!?” Jiang Chen suddenly remembered.

Entering the adjacent Academy is not only for shelter, but also for cultivation!

“I am unable to help Lord, you have to ask the other Elders.” Bei Mingxue said, “Of course, if the other eight Elders agree, there is no need to ask the dean.”


“The other eight people agree?” Jiang Chen rolled the eyes and said: “It’s too troublesome, I will go to the dean directly.”

After all, Jiang Chen got up and planned to go directly Find the dean.

But, just as he walked out of Cave Mansion, Saito came again!

This time, I saw him carrying some dragon fruit and bloodline fruit, smiling and sending it to Jiang Chen, saying: “Junior Brother, I heard you need these things, so I got them here. Some.”

“Oh, thank you.” Jiang Chen lightly said, but still did not accept it.

To be honest, Jiang Chen has been watching Saito!

“Junior Brother, why do you think so, you and I are the same sect.” Saito said: “As I said before, we will have to take care of each other in the future.”

” I will take care of myself.” Jiang Chen said, his expression calm, and he walked slowly past Saito.

Saito smiled awkwardly and said: “Then… If Junior Brother has any needs, just ask, if Senior Brother can help you, we will definitely help!”


Jiang Chen hearing this, step one stopped, and said: “I want to cultivation the end of the world, can you help?”

“This…this…” Saito was embarrassed for a while.

Although he is the Holy Son of the highest realm adjacent to the Academy, he has no cultivation adjacent to the End of the World!

“Look, you can’t help.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “I’ll go to the dean by myself.”

“The dean will not promise you Saito said: “Holy Son alone is not qualified to cultivation next to the horizon.”

“How can I know if I don’t try?” Jiang Chen said.

After that, Jiang Chen no longer paid attention to Saito, moved towards Cave Mansion where the dean was.

Saito didn’t know what he was thinking, so he followed all the way.

Not long after, when Jiang Chen came to the Cave Mansion where the dean was, before he could speak, a piece of jade slip flew out of the Cave Mansion and landed on Jiang Chen’s before.

“This is what you want.” Inside Cave Mansion, the dean’s voice came: “Not allowed to pass on.”

“This is…the cultivation method adjacent to Tianya “Jiang Chen was stunned, just got the end of the world so easily?

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