I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 886

Jiang Chen has never seen the dean next to the Academy, so he is very puzzled. This is just before Cave Mansion, and he hasn’t explained his intentions yet. How can he give the cultivation method adjacent to Tianya He?

“You are qualified to cultivation The End of the World is adjacent.” The Dean’s voice came from Cave Mansion. There is no mood swing. It just warns Jiang Chen that the End of the World is adjacent to the world!

End of the World is adjacent to the Academy’s highest “skill”, which is said to contain time and Space Power.

Of course, these things cannot be spread out!

Saito was silent on the side, his expression was natural, but there was a burst of anger in his heart!

As the Holy Son adjacent to the Academy’s highest realm, he is not eligible for cultivation adjacent to the End of the World!

And Jiang Chen, entered the adjacent Academy but only a few days later, he was eligible! ?

“Could it be…is it just because he has Paragon Dao fruit!?” Saito’s anger was so strong that he was afraid that he could not control it, so he turned and left.

Jiang Chen did not pay attention to Saito. Instead, he looked towards the gate of Cave Mansion and asked: “Why give me the end of the world?”

“Because you want it.” Long said.

“Give me if I want you?” Jiang Chen was astonished. Is this reason too far-fetched?

“Because you are qualified.” The dean said: “Go back to the cultivation.”

Jiang Chen was a little confused, but did not continue to ask, turned around and left. .

At this moment, in Cave Mansion, the dean’s eyes are bright light glittering, watching Jiang Chen’s leaving back.

With a smile on the corner of his mouth, he stroked his beard with his fingers like dead branches, and said with emotion: “Finally, I am back.”

For these words, if it is Jiang When Chen heard it, he would be surprised, even horrified!

Because, the dean adjacent to the Academy has clearly understood his identity!

However, it is normal to think about it carefully. How can it be a common recognition to be a dean next to the Academy! ?

Furthermore, if Jiang Chen only owns the Paragon Dao fruit, he will not pass Tianya Adjacent to Jiang Chen so easily.

After all, it’s because Jiang Chen’s identity is clearly understood!

“Han! Who the hell are you!?”

At this moment, Saito returned to his Cave Mansion, his eyes were full of jealousy!

He is born with killing intent and he is even more jealous!

“I have been in the adjacent Academy for several years, and I have come to this step after several trials, and I have stepped into the realm of titled gods!”

“And you are just a Lower True God, just a few days into the Academy, even if you have Paragon Dao fruit!?”

“Why can you cultivation the end of the world!?”


With a roar, all doubts erupted in Saito’s heart!

He knows what it means for the dean to hand over Tianya to Jiang Chen!

Jiang Chen, will inherit the position of Dean in the future!

“If you don’t come next to the Academy, everything is mine! You took everything from me!” Saito’s heart became more manic, jealous and unwilling, and he almost lost his reason!

However, after a few breaths, Saito calmed down, but deep in his eyes, the cold light was like a dagger corroded by darkness, which made people panic!

“If you lose the Paragon Dao fruit, you will lose everything! The end of the world is mine, and the position of the dean is mine!” Saito secretly thought, the corner of his mouth slightly raised, revealing a gloomy look Smile.

And Jiang Chen didn’t even know what Saito was thinking, and he didn’t even think that there would be a “catastrophe” waiting for him!

“This is the neighboring Tianya, which is known as one of the Peak body methods!?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen opened the jade slip, and the cultivation method near Tianya was imprinted in his heart.

Under the careful comprehend, Jiang Chen has clear comprehension in his heart, as if he is in an endless starry sky.

The starry sky is like a river, and time is like that flying flower floating around.

In front of me, there is a white glow, which seems to symbolize the future.

Behind him, there is endless darkness, like the past.

“There really is time and Space Law next to Tianya!?” Jiang Chen was startled.

He can clearly feel that this river of stars is like a river of years.

Standing on this, you can feel the passing of time!

He tried to take a step, wanting to cross the long river of time, even beyond the time limit!

But, unfortunately, he failed!

Stepping out, Jiang Chen is still standing in place, everything around, as if unchanged forever, without a trace of change.

After looking back, the endless darkness is like an abyss!

“If you don’t move forward, you will be swallowed by the past.” Jiang Chen lightly said, with a clear comprehension in his heart.

However, Jiang Chen is still difficult to understand and comprehend the Law Power of time and space.

Of course, this does not mean that Jiang Chen’s innate talent aptitude is not good, but the two powers of time and space, which are the most difficult forces in the world to cultivation!

Anything that is tied to time and space, which one is ordinary! ?

Destined to be extraordinary and mysterious!

“Take space as the door, time as the path, divine sense is like the starry sky, the sun and the moon are reversed, a thought bloomed flower becomes a Buddha.”


In the next few days, Jiang Chen has been comprehend next to the end of the world, and realized many things.

In the process, he has not forgotten the cultivation magic power.

Time passed slowly, until one day, Jiang Chen’s silhouette suddenly disappeared in place.

When he appeared again, he found himself sitting cross-legged on the square adjacent to the Academy!

“The direction of the heart is the purpose!” Jiang Chen lightly said, the end of the world is already a little less stage!

Next, Jiang Chen’s thoughts are like stars in the sky. One after another ripples spread around him, as if time and space are colliding and blending!

next moment, his silhouette flashed and he returned to his Cave Mansion!


Jiang Chen held breath cold air, just after using it twice, the divine force within the body consumes half!

“What’s the use of this stuff!?” Jiang Chen slandered!

If you play against someone, you don’t need to shoot it three or five times. If the divine force is exhausted, you will die!

This is not practical!

“In other words…it’s good for running.” Jiang Chen whispered.

However, Jiang Chen also realized that it is not that the end of the world is not practical, but that his realm is too low!

The lower the realm, the less the divine force stored within the body. If Jiang Chen is now a god-respecting realm, this end of the world can be used for dozens of times, or even more!

Furthermore, Jiang Chen also understands that the proximity of Tianya is too esoteric and has something to do with time and Space Law. Now he has only achieved a little success and has not yet mastered the true Profound Truth of Tianya’s proximity. Therefore, it will have some influence when it is displayed!

“Don’t worry, take your time, time and Space Law… How can it be so easy to comprehend thoroughly.” Jiang Chen lightly said.


Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s Cave Mansion door was kicked open, and a young little girl walked in with a depressed look.

Jiang Chen blinked his eyes, surprised, subconsciously asked: “Why are you here?”

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