I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 887

The visitor is not someone else, it is the Nine Worlds!

Jiang Chen was very surprised, the Princess of the dignified Nine Heavens Dynasty, what did she do next to the Academy?

Also, come as you come, and kick my Cave Mansion door to a few meanings! ?

“Do you think I want to come? The Imperial Father has an order, let me follow your cultivation.” Nine Worlds said in an angry tone: “I really don’t know what my Imperial Father thinks, I actually let you be mine Master!”

“Oh, I don’t know what your Imperial Father thinks, you actually let you be my discipline.” Jiang Chen curled his lips, and didn’t want to accept this discipline in his heart!

Nine Worlds are inherently stubborn, extremely murderous, and also arrogant, with an Eldest Miss temper!

Jiang Chen is really unwilling to have more contact with Jiu Tianxia, ​​it feels troublesome!

No matter what, his father is Jiu Shen, the emperor of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

What else can Jiang Chen say? She didn’t dare to resist, so she could only accept it silently.

“To be honest, I have nothing to teach you.” Jiang Chen said: “The Nine Heavens Dynasty has no shortage of cultivation techniques, no magic skills or even Taoism.”

” You really have nothing to teach me.” Jiutianxia frowned, and she was puzzled just like that.

Even if she can’t cultivation Nine Heavens Profound Art, there are so many Peak cultivation techniques in the Nine Heavens Dynasty. There are also many divine and Taoist skills. Simply don’t worry about cultivation!

So, Jiu Shen asked her to be Jiang Chen’s discipline. What does this mean?

“Forget it, it may be that the Imperial Father is on a whim. I am staying here for a few days now, and I will go back when the Imperial Father has figured it out.” Nine Worlds whispered.

After that, I saw Nine Worlds Carefree walked into Cave Mansion, and sat on the only slum inside Cave Mansion.

“Take care of your own cultivation, this Princess is tired and want to rest.” Jiutianxia said, squinting, and she really fell asleep!

Jiang Chen was quite speechless when he saw this.

The innate talent aptitude of Nine Worlds is extremely high, and it is not too much to be called an evildoer.

But, she really doesn’t care about cultivation!

If not, with her innate talent aptitude, now it is time to enter the realm of the gods!

“At first glance, you are used to it!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

Next, Jiang Chen continued his cultivation and didn’t bother to take care of the nine worlds.

So, until three days later.

On this day, Saito is here again!

This time, Saito did not bring anything, but told Jiang Chen that the Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring adjacent to the Academy was opened.

Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring, is a sacred spring adjacent to the Academy, which contains the Power of Yin-Yang, which can adjust the power of the cultivator within the body to achieve a certain balance.

It can also promote a person’s cultivation base and even improve physique.

And this Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring, only people of Holy Son level can enter.

However, Jiang Chen has no interest in Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring, just complied casually.

Saito didn’t say much, turned around and left.

“If you don’t want to go to Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring, let me go.” Jiutianxia jumped up from the soft couch, moved his hands and feet, and said: “Stay here all day, Cave Mansion It’s so boring inside!”

“Okay, you can go for me.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

For Jiang Chen, his foundation is very solid, and his power within the body is also very pure. Simply do not need Yin-Yang Two Qi to reconcile.

Nine Heavens, this Little Lass has a very angry temper. It is also good to go to Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring to reconcile.

Half a day later, adjacent to the depths of Academy mountainside, on a low mountain.

There is nothing surprising about the low mountain, but at the top of the low mountain, there is a spring spouting spring water with black and white colors.

Spring water flows down from the low mountain and gathers at a distance of 100 meters from the low mountain.

And that Converging Ground is the so-called Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring!

This short mountain is the spring of Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring!

At this moment, Saito is lurking on the low mountain, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth, and there is a wisp of black mist in his hands!

He has been waiting for this day for a long time!

“Paragon Dao fruit? Holy Son? Oh, after today, you are nothing!” Saito coldly said, the black mist in his hand turned into drops of black liquid, which fell on the spring.

The black liquid is like a poisonous snake, flowing along the spring water, and finally enters the Yin-Yang Two Qi spring.

Saito is very excited, but his expression is very hideous!

These black liquids, but the Dao Transformation liquid he obtained at a high price!

One drop can completely dissipate a creature’s cultivation base and become a waste!

And those few drops of Dao Transformation liquid just now are enough to turn a Divine Grade or other powerhouse into nothingness!

However, he did not know that it is not Jiang Chen who is in Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring, but Nine Worlds!

After more than ten breaths, the face of Jiutianxia who was soaking in the hot spring suddenly turned pale, and his own cultivation base was quickly dissipating!

Even her fleshy body and soul are decayed!

At this moment, Jiu Tianxia panicked, got up hurriedly, put on his clothes, and staggered out of Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring.


Saito stared wide-eyed, he saw Nine Worlds, very surprised!

In his plan, Jiang Chen should have rushed out of the Yin-Yang Two Qi spring at this moment, not a woman!

And as far as he knows, among the Holy Son adjacent to the great realm of the Academy, there are no women!

“Who is she?” Saito frowned, cold glow flashing in his eyes.

He knows that since he missed this time, there will not be a second time, Jiang Chen will definitely notice it!

At this time, I can’t hide it!

So, in that case, I can only fight!

“You forced me! I just want to take back everything that belongs to me!” Saito coldly said, and then disappeared in place.

At the same time, Jiang Chen, who was cultivating, suddenly opened his eyes.

Just because he felt it, there was a horrible smell of decay moving towards him quickly approaching!

“Save me!”

After a few breaths, when the flesh and blood burst into the Cave Mansion and the soul was darkened, Jiang Chen’s whole body was blown up!

“What’s going on!?” Jiang Chen was shocked. This is the nine worlds of the Nine Heavens. How many people in this world dare to attack her! ?

Don’t die! ?

“The hot springs are poisonous!” Jiutianxia is very weak, with blood and tears flowing in his eyes.

Her fleshy body is collapsing and decayed, and her cultivation base has dropped a lot!

His soul and Divine Soul are even more surrounded by a decadent force, about to annihilate!

“Dao Transformation fluid!?” Jiang Chen explored the situation in the nine worlds, his expression changed drastically, and said: “Don’t talk about it!”

Immediately, Jiang Chen both hands Forming seals, stabilized the fleshy body of the Nine Worlds with an inextinguishable fire, and then the Myriad Transformations Celestial Lamp appeared, the lights burned, and the faint rays of light enveloped the Divine Soul and the soul of the Nine Worlds.

In this way, it can be regarded as stabilizing the injury of the nine worlds!

However, this is only temporary!

Dao Transformation liquid is the most vicious and incurable poison. Anyone who is contaminated by the slightest can’t escape the result of Dao Transformation!

It’s just that Jiang Chen didn’t expect this Dao Transformation fluid to appear on Jiutianxia!

“It’s him!”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen woke up, and a person’s name-Saito flashed in his mind!

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