I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 889

This matter was caused by Jiang Chen, and Jiu Tianxia was only implicated in it and had nothing to do with her.

So, today, Jiang Chen died if he died, but he didn’t want to let Jiu Tianxia die.

Although this Little Lass is normally a Little Demoness, and it is extremely killing, but in the final analysis, this matter really has nothing to do with her.

However, at this moment, this voice sounded, and everyone was stunned.

Jiang Chen is also very surprised. At this time, who else can help him?

This Nine Heavens God World, there are many people who can help Jiang Chen, but there is no one who can help Jiang Chen in the impression of Jiang Chen!

“The blood energy has dried up to this level, and half of my foot has stepped into the coffin. Why do I still have a face to come out? I really think of myself as a Peak Divine King?”

At this moment, a Dao Void split open, and a woman wearing a purple gold robe manifested.

Not only is the divine light flickering on his body, there is also a divine ring behind him, like a sun rising and falling!

Under her feet, golden Lotus blossoms, and there is a Divine Spark above her head that appears like a bright moon!

The looks are peerless, and the figure is even more graceful, but between his eyebrows, there is a domineering spirit!

However, when this woman looked towards Jiang Chen, there was a hint of tenderness in her eyes, as well as some complex emotions.

When Jiang Chen saw this woman, he couldn’t help being stared wide-eyed, cry out in surprise: “The Empress!?”

“The Empress?” The woman lightly said, and then sighed. “It seems that you haven’t returned yet.”

After that, the empress no longer paid attention to Jiang Chen, looking towards Saito and Elderly with cold eyes, and said: “You…who wants to kill He?”

As soon as these words came out, Saito eyes flash with a cold light, as if he was backed by the Divine King, and said: “It’s me! How!?”

“Oh? You?” The female emperor raised her eyebrows and said contemptuously: “In this world, what kind of cat or dog can go down?”

“Young Master! This person It’s not easy to deal with!”

That Elderly expression is so ugly, others can’t see the strength of the Empress, and he can’t see it! ?

He knows very well that the woman in front of him has a cultivation base only a short distance from Divine King!

Even, she can be called Divine King now!

This Elderly wants to ask Saito, you are so blind, haven’t you seen the big Divine King Divine Spark behind the woman? ?

“All killed!” Saito coldly said.

However, after saying this, Saito found that Elderly beside him was not at all doing it.

Even, this Elderly also bowed his hand to the empress, saying: “Junior is ignorant, this Fellow Daoist is no wonder.”

“Oh? Can you kill someone if you don’t understand? “The female emperor raised her eyebrows, and said: “Do you know who is he going to kill?”

“Smelly woman! What do you do if I wait!? Get out of here! If you don’t connect with you All killed!” Saito shouted angrily.


As soon as these words came out, Elderly’s face turned pale, and even more held breath cold air!

He is really speechless, secretly thought Is Saito a brain-dead? ! My eyes are really blind! ?

Could it be that Divine King, who is there, can really act wilfully! ?

Child, he is still too young! The water in Nine Heavens God World is deep!

If not, that many Divine King who survived from ancient times, why not walk around in the world! ?

There must be a reason for this!

“Kill me?” The empress blinked her eyes, also surprised.

However, she didn’t care about it, she just glanced at Jiang Chen and said: “What do you say?”

“I don’t want to see them.” Jiang Chen said solemnly “Living in this world.”

“Then kill.” The empress was very determined. When the voice fell, she shot out with a palm, like a divine light falling, directly cutting Saito into a powder!

She has no extra words, she is very direct!

After seeing this, Elderly didn’t take any action. He just explained: “I am entrusted by others. This matter has too much to do with me not at all.

” He said that he didn’t want to see you living in this world. “The Empress said, the holy light on her body soared, and then she shot it out with a palm!

In the delicate palm, there seemed to be boundless avenues and universe!

Under a palm , Directly shocked the Elderly into the void rift!

next moment, the empress’ silhouette disappeared in place and escaped into the void!

After a few breaths, in the void! , There is an explosion of one after another!

“As expected of the Empress. “Jiang Chen lightly said.

He and the empress have never seen each other a few times, and they can’t even talk about friendship.

At least, Jiang Chen thinks so.


But every time the empress comes out, Jiang Chen will be amazed, because this woman is really too fierce!

“The empress…I heard that I didn’t escape into Eastern some time ago. Sea is forbidden… how come out? “Jiang Chen murmured.

“A decadent Divine King also dared to come out and steam in this era. “

The time it takes half an incense stick to burn, the empress came back, her expression was calm, and her breath was stable.

However, there was a ray of blood on her palm. !

“Are you injured? “Jiang Chen asked.

“Injured? “The empress was stunned for a moment, and asked angrily: “In your eyes, am I so weak?” “

Speaking, the empress shook her hand, shook the blood on her palm, and said contemptuously: “It was the old Divine King, who failed to kill him and let him run away.” “

“Hi…You really plan to kill him!” ? “Jiang Chen is frightened.

Although the Divine King is decayed, blood is exhausted, and is no longer in Peak state, it is also a Divine King anyway!

You can’t move. To kill Divine King, is it too sturdy!?

“How did you know that I was here? “Jiang Chen asked: “Also, I heard that you entered the Eastern Sea forbidden area not long ago?” “

“I knew it from the moment you entered Nine Heavens God World. “The female emperor said, and then a cold glow flashed in her eyes, and said: “As for entering the Eastern Sea forbidden area…that is all forced! “

“A bunch of chores! When this seat is restored to Peak, sooner or later their orthodoxy will be overturned! “

Speaking of this, the expression of the empress became serious again, staring at Jiang Chen, and said: “Grand Era is about to change!” “

“Changed? ! What a reform? “Jiang Chen asked, it’s rare to see such a serious expression of the empress, I think it is a major event!

“Dharma End Era is over, Nine Heavens God World will usher in a prosperous and glorious era. , A flourishing age! “The Empress said: “At that time, those Divine Kings who have been dormant for several eras will appear, and everyone has the hope of becoming a Divine King! “

“The limitations of Divine King will no longer exist, and even with the opening of Grand Era, in the heyday, there will be constant breakthroughs and surpass Divine King! “

“What! ? “Jiang Chen exclaimed, this is a major event!

You should know that only one person can be the Divine King in each era. This Order Rule has lasted for several eras!

Now, this Order Rule is about to be broken!?

Then when the time comes…As long as the innate talent aptitude is enough, everyone can hope to become the Divine King!?


“Divine King is going to rot? “Jiang Chen whispered.

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