I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 890

Once upon a time, the dream of every cultivator was to become the Divine King.

How many people have gone through a thousand tribulations, how many times have stepped on the edge of life and death, just to achieve Divine King!

But now, the general environment is about to change, the prosperous age is coming, and Dharma End Era is about to end!

At that time, cultivation was no longer difficult, and even as long as the innate talent aptitude was enough, there was hope to become a Divine King.

Jiang Chen feels that this may be the difference of the times, the powerhouse created will also have great changes.

In the beginning, Jiang Chen experienced so many hardships that he stood out among countless cultivators and fought and moved forward. Only then did Jiang Chen ascend to the position of Divine King.

It won’t be long before all these rules will change!

“The Divine King won’t be bad for the streets.” The Empress explained: “The Divine King is a hurdle. Even in the heyday, there won’t be too many people who can be on the Divine King position.”

“But there is a certain kind of person who can definitely become a Divine King.” The Empress said.

“What kind of recognition!?” Jiang Chen asked hurriedly.

“Step into the cultivator of the title god, as long as you don’t die, you can definitely become the Divine King!” The empress explained: “The title god this realm, long ago, was a key to becoming the Divine King! “

“Only when you step into the title god can you enter the Divine King. It’s just that people in later generations will forget that’s all.” The Empress sighed.

The Empress has existed for a long time, she knows many things, and also knows the source of some special realm.

Just like this titled god, in her era, almost every cultivator would do his best to attack!

Only because, only if you step into the title god, you are qualified to be the Divine King!

In later generations, because of entering Dharma End Era, the realm of titled gods has become more and more difficult to enter. Even the Divine King can only be born in one era!

As time passed, not many people would care about the meaning of the title deity.

Just because, most people have given up being Divine King from the heart.

“Will the titled god be able to step into the Divine King?” Jiang Chen stared at him with shock.

Because his enemies are all other gods of Legendary Grade!

If it is really ushering in the prosperity, Jiang Chen will not face a group of Peak title gods, but a group of Divine Kings!

Jiang Chen is worried, if this is the case, then the road ahead will be even more difficult!

“So, there is not much time left for you.” The empress said solemnly: “Under the flourishing age, when a hundred flowers bloom, the road to the south wall will open!”

“when the time comes, there may be more enemies you have to face, even enemies from the Great Thousand Worlds outside the southern wall!” said the empress.

Speaking of this, the expression of the empress suddenly changed and she said: “I’m leaving!”

After all, the empress was too late to say goodbye, and the silhouette escaped directly into the void.

Jiang Chen is stunned, the empress can even crush the ancient Divine King, but now she walks in such a hurry.

Could it be that the enemy of the Empress is more powerful and terrifying than the ancient Divine King! ?

“We should also go.” Jiang Chen lightly said, came to the side of Jiu Tianxia who had passed out in a coma, picked her up, moved towards the distance and flew away.

And not long after a few people left here, two figures, one red and one black, appeared here.

The two are each holding a black and red sickle, and they exude a breath of reincarnation!

Especially their robes are engraved with ancient words-Samsara Palace!

This is a very mysterious force, according to legend, it has been in charge of Reincarnation Road since ancient times!

Their existence, as rumored, is dedicated to hunting reincarnation stowaways!

People like the Empress and Jiang Chen are actually reincarnation stowaways!

Now, these two creatures, black and red, appear here, most of them are here to hunt the empress!

“This small insect is too good to run.” said the creature in the red robe.

His voice is very stiff, even slurred, as if he hasn’t spoken for centuries.

“She can’t run away, Samsara is in charge of everything.” The black creature lightly said, and then the two disappeared in place.

One day later, within nine days.

Jiang Chen took Jiu Tianxia with the help of a Transmission Array in a city, and then entered the Jiu Tianzong.

As soon as they came back, Nine Thousand Years Old and Nine Tianzhong were shocked!

Especially when they found Dao Transformation Liquid in Nine Heavens Under Heaven, their faces became extremely ugly!

“The poisoner is dead, but there is a mysterious power behind him.” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “I was ambushed on the way back with her, and there was an ancient Divine King behind him. “

“Ancient Divine King?” Nine thousand-year-old frowned, touched the chin, as if thinking.

Jiu Tianzhong looked anxious, and constantly probed the situation of Jiutianxia, ​​and asked: “Is there any rescue?!”

“There is no poison in the world that cannot be solved.” Chitose said, a flash of cold glow suddenly flashed in his eyes, and said: “Could it be…they!?”

“Who!” There was also a flash of cold glow in Jiutianzhong’s eyes!

Looking at his expression, you don’t need to speak at nine thousand years, you already know it!

“A group of running dogs that’s all! A group of running dogs attached to the Samsara Palace!” Nine thousand years old coldly said: “Didn’t expect them to be born too! It seems this time is a premonition When the prosperous age is coming, I want to get a piece of the pie!”

“Send it to the Spirit Pond first, I will think of a way.” said Niu Chisui.

Hearing this nine days, immediately got up, hugged Jiu Tianxia and left in a hurry.

At this moment, nine thousand years old stared at Jiang Chen and asked: “Does Samsara Palace know?”

“Have heard it.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

“That’s all a group of dogs who think they have the lifeblood of the world.” The killing intent surged on the body of the nine thousand years old, saying: “At the beginning, the Nine Heavens Dynasty was sealed, and it was very similar to the Samsara Palace. Relationship!”

“Oh? What kind of existence is Samsara Palace?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s very special. The specific background is not clear. I only know that they can actually intervene in some reincarnation matters.” Nine thousand years old said: “Moreover, behind the Samsara Palace, there may be something more terrifying. The power is related to the Divine Emperor family!”

“The Divine Emperor family!?” Jiang Chen whispered.

The Divine Emperor clan, Jiang Chen has also heard a lot, and he also killed a descendant of the Divine Emperor clan at the Haotian Conference.

However, just how strong the Divine Emperor clan is, Jiang Chen has no idea!

However, since it can be called the Divine Emperor, I want to have a profound background.

“There are good and evil in the world, even gods.” Nine thousand-year-old sighed: “Among the Divine Emperor, there are good and bad, even…those rebellious people!”

“As far as I know, in the history of Nine Heavens God World, there are definitely no less than ten Divine Emperors, and there are at least five that are still alive!”

“These five People are forbidden by themselves, they will not be disturbed by outsiders, nor will they interfere with outside affairs.” Nine Chitose explained: “But… there are very few Divine Emperors who are not like this!”

“No less than ten It’s a forbidden area by itself!?” Jiang Chen lightly said, saying: “Then…now the forbidden area in Nine Heavens God World, in fact…is the dojo of the Divine Emperor!?”

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