I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 891

There are many forbidden places in the world, and ordinary people simply cannot enter!

If you rush into the forbidden area, there is basically only one end-death!

However, almost no one knows how the forbidden area was formed.

Some people say that the forbidden land is some peculiar place where Power of Heaven and Earth converge. It contains a special domain. When creatures enter it, they will be killed by the Power of Heaven and Earth in the domain and become gray!

It is also said that the Forbidden Land was once a piece of Ancient Battlefield, with heroic spirits in it, and the power fluctuations left over from the original battle, which will last forever!

Some people even speculate that the forbidden area is actually the entrance to another world!

At the beginning, Jiang Chen also guessed how the forbidden land was formed.

But he never thought that the so-called forbidden area was actually the dojo of the Divine Emperor!

They survived endless years, because of Dharma End Era and some special reasons, they chose to hibernate.

They established a dojo, isolated from the world, and let no one be disturbed!

This is the reason for the forbidden land!

However, according to the next words of the nine thousand-year-old, Jiang Chen can be considered to understand that some forbidden lands are indeed established by the Divine Emperor, but some forbidden lands have existed since ancient times!

For example, Nine Heavens God World’s most famous three Great Forbidden Land, Kaitian ancient mine, Wanying maze, and downfall.

These three Great Forbidden Lands are said to have existed since Heaven and Earth first opened!

Some other forbidden places, if you are lucky after the forbidden places, you may be able to come back alive.

In these three Great Forbidden Lands, since ancient times, none of the creatures that have entered can survive!

It can be said that those three places can no longer be described as forbidden land. Danger Land should be used!

“The three forbidden areas will not be mentioned for the time being, let’s talk about the five forbidden areas first.” Nine thousand years old said: “Today, the most famous is the Eastern Sea Forbidden Area.”

“That place…I have heard of it.” Jiang Chen said: “It doesn’t seem to be dangerous?”

“It’s really not dangerous to a special person, and it can even be used as a protective umbrella.” Nine Chitose said: “Anyone who enters the forbidden area of ​​Eastern Sea, in all likelihood, is a person who stole a ferry.”

“And the owner of the forbidden area of ​​Eastern Sea is rumored to be a giant of Samsara Palace. , And then betrayed Samsara Palace and established the Eastern Sea forbidden area.” said Nine Chitose.

According to the nine-thousand-year-old guess, the Eastern Sea forbidden area is not accessible to ordinary people, but this forbidden area is considered the safest among other forbidden areas.

Moreover, Nine Thousand Years Old also told Jiang Chen that the owner of the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land seemed to have something to do with Jiu Shen. If there is any accident in the future, he can go to the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land under the name of Jiu Tian Dynasty. Seek asylum.

In this regard, Jiang Chen hehe smiled, what else could happen to the Nine Heavens Dynasty so powerful?

“In general, the owner of the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land is not bad.” The nine thousand-year-old concluded, “There are records in many ancient books that the owner of the Eastern Sea Forbidden Land is never born. , There is no descendant, and it has never been a curse for Nine Heavens.”

“Listen to you…the other forbidden land masters, did he cause trouble for Nine Heavens?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“No forbidden area is clean!”

Speaking of this, the nine thousand-year-old is a little excited.

He told Jiang Chen that even the Eastern Sea forbidden area is not clean, but the owner of the Eastern Sea forbidden area hides it well that’s all.

As for the other forbidden areas, huh… Nine Thousand Years old looked contemptuous and said: “This Nine Heavens God World has turmoil and darkness that have occurred from ancient times to the present, and which ones have nothing to do with those forbidden areas!? “

“In the final analysis, the source of chaos and darkness comes from those forbidden places!” said nine thousand years old said solemnly.

“What!? Impossible, right?!” Jiang Chen was shocked and even more unbelievable.

You should know that those who can be called Divine Emperor are all creatures who have made great contributions to the world’s creatures!

How can these people do harm to Nine Heavens God World! ?

“Once, maybe they were the Divine Emperor respected by all souls, sheltering the world’s creatures. But now…he…they are all unclean creatures!”

“The means are dirty Dirty, bloody, tyrannical, even ruthless!”

“The most famous among them is the poisonous Divine Emperor! This guy, after becoming a Divine Emperor, he didn’t do anything good. All living beings try his poison, and the method is extremely cruel!”

“If someone hadn’t shot it and wounded it, do you think that the poison Divine Emperor would willingly lie in the forbidden ground?”

Speaking of this, nine thousand years old wiped his forehead, as if he was a little tired. After a few breaths, he said: “As for the other Divine Emperors, they are not good. Something.”

“Have you heard of the most famous Emperor Hao Heavenly God? He was admired by the world, but now? Heaven knows what he is doing! Anyway, not good!”

“There are two others. Among them, the female emperor is a good thing? Among the many cracks on the south wall, there is her contribution!” Nine thousand years old coldly said: “In an attempt to open the south wall, and Great Thousand Worlds blend, this is to destroy Nine Heavens God World!”

“Uh…this…” Jiang Chen expression is weird. He doesn’t know the female emperor that nine thousand-year-old said, and the female emperor he knew. Is it the same person?

But want to come, shouldn’t it?

“Nine thousand years old, you have told me so much, what do you want to say?” Jiang Chen asked.

From the wounds of the Nine Worlds, to the Samsara Palace, to the Forbidden Land, Nine Thousand Years Old has said a lot.

But, in the end, Jiang Chen still didn’t understand.

“The prosperous age is coming, every Great Forbidden Land will take action.” The nine thousand-year-old said solemnly: “If one day, I wait to pass away, then the nine dynasties will be handed over to you. “

“What do you mean? You are leaving!?” Jiang Chen stared.

“Perhaps, waiting for the emperor’s decision.” said nine thousand years old, patted Jiang Chen on the shoulder, said: “The Nine Heavens Dynasty has its own mission. Now that the emperor is born, he must To complete this mission.”

“You know, every creature has its own mission and responsibility on its shoulders from the moment of birth.” Nine thousand years old sighed: “No choice. “

“Are you going to leave?” Jiang Chen asked: “What’s the mission and responsibility?”

“You don’t care about these things.” Nine thousand years old said : “The prince and Princess will stay, and the old Divine King on the mountainside will stay.”

“As for the others, they will leave.”

After all, nine A cold glow flashed in Chitose’s eyes, said solemnly: “Princess’s injury has a lot to do with you, right?”

“This… does have a lot to do with me.” Jiang Chen sighed and apologized.

“It’s okay, trifling Dao Transformation that’s all.” Nine thousand years old said, but the worries in his eyes are still hard to hide.

Then the nine thousand years old left, I don’t know what to do.

Jiang Chen didn’t leave. He stayed in Jiu Tianzong, waiting for the injury of Jiu Tianxia to recover completely.

Time, slowly passing…

Until a month later, the Dao Transformation solution of Nine Worlds was removed, the injury was recovered completely, and Jiang Chen appeared alive and well. .

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