I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 892

The nine worlds are alive and kicking, the cultivation base has also been restored, and the injury has been completely recovered. There seems to be nothing wrong.

However, Jiang Chen’s heart clicked, bright light glittering in his eyes, like two bright moons, staring at the nine worlds!

Just because he can feel that the nine worlds have changed!

If the former Nine Worlds were a very murderous Demoness, then she is now an innocent and innocent elf!

This contrast is too big!


At this moment, Nine Worlds jumped to Jiang Chen’s side, blinked with pure big eyes, and said: “I remember you, you are silly! “

“What? Remember me?” Jiang Chen frowned. It doesn’t feel right to hear these words!

“She…has amnesia.”

At this moment, Jiutianzhong walked in with a sad expression, and sighed: “Although the Dao Transformation liquid is removed, but… I hurt Divine Soul, and my soul is a little bit mutilated. I have incomplete memory. I only remember some things that are extremely important to him.”

Speaking of this, Jiutianzhong’s face turned weird, staring at Jiang Chen. “Do you know who she remembers now?”

“Me?” Jiang Chen asked tentatively: “How many of your relatives are there?”

“No …” Jiutian Zhong said with a bitter smile, covering his eyes, and said: “She only remembers you…”

“Uh…this…” Jiang Chen was messed up and looked at him. In the nine worlds like Fairy, his brows throbbed.

How much hatred Jiu Tianxia hated him before he lost his memory! ?

After the amnesia, I can’t remember even the closest person, only his “enemy”!

Jiutianzhong was also very depressed. He stared at Jiang Chen, whispered: “Is there really any unshakable enmity between you and her?”

“If Saying that there is grudge… Actually, it is not a grudge.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “But if you say there is no grudge… Actually it is a bit.”

“But…not so deep, right?” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

If you forget everything, remember him! ?

This…is it a bit troublesome?

“Nine thousand years old and the Imperial Father went out, they don’t know about this.” Jiutianzhong said solemnly: “This matter…you are responsible!”

“This … indeed.” Jiang Chen nodded.

If he hadn’t gone to Yin-Yang Two Qi Spring, how could he have gone to the Nine Worlds, and how could he be in the Dao Transformation liquid.

“How can I be responsible?” Jiang Chen said resolutely.

“Looking at her like this, I only remember you. Let her stay by your side. I’ll talk about it when the Imperial Father and Jiu Qiansui come back.” Jiutianzhong said, “Furthermore, you It is the Taifu hand-appointed by the Imperial Father and her Master. It should be her to stay by your side.”

“This…” Jiang Chen frowned, but after thinking about it, he agreed. .

If she had the character of Nine Worlds before she changed her job, Jiang Chen would really not care about her.

But now, Jiang Chen can accept it.

However, Jiang Chen felt a little uncomfortable in his heart. If it weren’t for him, Jiu Tianxia would not have become what it is now.

Thinking of this, Jiang Chen walked to the side of Jiu Tianxia, ​​touched her head, and asked with a smile: “Xia Xia, tell the Master what you want. If you are wronged in the future, Master will do it for you. Early.”

“Master?” Jiutianxia tilted his head, as if he only remembered Hanhan, and forgot that Jiang Chen was the Master appointed to her by Jiu Shen!

However, Jiu Tianxia quickly became happy, holding Jiang Chen’s arm, and said: “Okay, Xiaoxia has a Master!”

“Hey…” Jiutian sighed heavily, he still liked the former Jiutianxia.

But now in this situation, he can’t do anything about it. Perhaps after the cultivation base of Nine Worlds is higher, the broken soul can be made up.

“Have you found the forces behind Saito?” Jiang Chen asked: “This matter…even if you are willing to give up, I will not!”

“I found it “A killing intent suddenly appeared in the eyes of Jiutianzhong, coldly said: “A power under the poisonous Divine Emperor, named Lingxiao Pavilion.”

“Lingxiao Pavilion? This is a power under the poison Divine Emperor!? “Jiang Chen whispered.

Jiang Chen also knows something about the power of Lingxiao Pavilion.

This is an ancient force, established in the ancient times, and its most glorious time was at the end of the ancient times.

After that, because one of the Divine King blood energy of the Lingxiao Pavilion dried up, the Lingxiao Pavilion began to decline and finally faded out of the world’s sight.

However, even if Lingxiao Pavilion fades out of the world’s sight, its reputation is still there!

After all, in the last years of Taikoo, Lingxiao Pavilion unified the entire Nine Heavens God World!

What made Jiang Chen didn’t expect is that Lingxiao Pavilion is actually a force under the poisonous Divine Emperor!

Is it possible that, when the Lingxiao Pavilion unified Nine Heavens God World, it was precisely because of the poisonous Divine Emperor behind it?

“Don’t worry about poisoning the Divine Emperor, as far as I know, Lingxiao Pavilion should be born.” Jiutianzhong said solemnly: “This force is extremely powerful, the ancient Divine King you met before. It’s just one of them!”

“There should be a Divine King in the Lingxiao Pavilion!”

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s heart beat violently!

There are two Divine Kings in one faction! ?

This…the background is too deep, right? !

If this is the case, then how should this hatred be repaid! ?

With Jiang Chen’s current strength, he is not qualified to seek revenge from Lingxiao Pavilion!

And Jiu Shen and Jiu Qiansui also went out. I don’t know when they will come back. The strength of Jiu Tianzong is not Peak moment.

So…this hatred…is going to be put on hold?

“The Ancient God King before, I want to come back for the time being.” Jiu Tian Zhongruo looked at Jiang Chen deeply and said: “Since you can come back alive from the hands of the ancient Divine King , Presumably…”

“Yes, someone helps me.” Jiang Chen said straightly: “From that old Divine King, I should be injured.”

” , You don’t have to be afraid of Lingxiao Pavilion.” Jiutianzhong analyzed and said: “If you use the power of the Nine Heavens Dynasty now, you can fight the Lingxiao Pavilion.”

“But… the emperor has not returned.” Jiang Chen said.

“So…this matter has to wait.” Jiutianzhong was also helpless.

If you want to mobilize the Peak powerhouse in the Nine Heavens Dynasty, only the imperial edict of Jiu Shen can do it!

If not, he, the prince, can’t be mobilized!

“There is sulking in my heart!” Jiang Chen sighed. If this hatred is not reported, my heart is really uncomfortable!

“Why don’t you go to… worship the mountain?” Jiutian Zhong eyes flash with a cold light, glanced at Jiutianxia where his memory had been lost, and a hint of tenderness and pity flashed in his eyes.

However, worshipping the mountain is extraordinary and it is tantamount to provocation!

If you are not prepared enough, I am afraid there will be no return!

“To be honest, I can’t swallow this breath!” Jiutianzhong said solemnly.

“Then go to worship the mountain!” Jiang Chen stared at him, but still asked: “If the other party is bully the weak? Just the two of us over…can it?”

“Dare they!?” Jiu Tian Zhong glared: “Announced to go out, saying that my Nine Heaven Sect will go to the Lingxiao Pavilion to worship the mountain! When the time comes, in front of that many people, Lingxiao Pavilion can’t hold down this face to bully the weak! “

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