I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 893

Top Sect, especially those forces that have had glorious moments, they care more about face.

Jiutian thinks very clearly, he and Jiang Chen go to the Lingxiao Pavilion to worship the mountain, it must be bode ill rather than well.

However, if it were to announce the world and let everyone know about it, what tricks would Lingxiao Pavilion dare to play?

Jiang Chen is most worried about Lingxiao Pavilion “bully the weak”, relying on the powerhouse within the force to suppress them.

However, after proclaiming the world, Lingxiao Pavilion must have no face to do such things.

Furthermore, Jiu Tian Zhong is the prince of the Jiu Tian Dynasty and the Holy Son of the Jiu Tian Sect on the surface.

Under this dual status, Lingxiao Pavilion did not dare to treat Jiu Tianzhong.

As for Jiang Chen, he is now the Tai Fu of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, with a noble status, on the same level as the nine thousand years old.

In this capacity, Lingxiao Pavilion did not dare to do anything unusual to him.

And this time I went to the Lingxiao Pavilion, revenge It’s definitely impossible, but at least it can give Lingxiao Pavilion a little “color”.

Otherwise, Jiang Chen and Jiutian Zhongzhong are in a panic!

“If there is an accident, there is no need to worry about it. It is not he who has the Divine King!” Jiutianju said solemnly: “On the Divine King, my Jiutian Dynasty is no less than them!”


oh?” Jiang Chen was stunned and curiously asked: “How many Divine Kings are there in the Nine Heavens Dynasty?”

“There is only one…” Jiutian Zhonglao blushed, looking a little embarrassed , Said: “A few more are sleeping, keeping their blood energy inexhaustible.”

“How many more?” Jiang Chen asked.

“cough cough…should… there are three or five, right?” Jiu Tianzhong is not sure.

After all, when the Nine Heavens Dynasty was defeated and the collective was sealed, he and Jiutianxia were sent out and sealed.

At that time, they were still young and ignorant, and they were not very clear about the details of the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

But Jiu Tian Zhong is sure that there is definitely more than one Divine King in the Jiu Tian Dynasty!

After hearing these words, Jiang Chen immediately felt confident!

The prosperity of Nine Heavens God World has not really arrived yet, Divine King is the strongest battle strength!

Of course, except for extremely individual existences like Jiu Shen.

“Master, I want to go too.” Jiu Tianxia pulled Jiang Chen’s sleeves, blinked with pure big eyes, and said: “Master, I want to go…”

“Bring her?” Jiang Chen looked towards Jiutianzhong.

“Take it, after all, this time I was venting her breath.” Jiutianzhong said: “After three days, we will set off!”

After all, Jiutian is gone, ready Draft the decree and declare the world!

At this moment, Jiu Tian pulled Jiang Chen’s arm, blinked his eyes, and asked full of smiles: “Master, what are we going to do now?”

“Of course it is Cultivation.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, looking towards Jiu Tianxia, ​​a hint of guilt flashed deep in his eyes.

If it weren’t for him, Nine Worlds would not be like this.

“Do you remember what cultivation technique you cultivated before?” Jiang Chen asked.

Hearing this, shook the head, with a confused expression on his face, said: “I don’t remember anymore.”

“Uh… I will take a look first.” Jiang Chen Frowning, secretly thought Jiutianxia’s amnesia this time is very serious, even the cultivation technique printed in the soul has been forgotten.

After that, Jiang Chen separated out a Strands of Divine Sense and entered the depth of one’s soul.

After a few breaths, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, because he saw a piece of pure white in the soul of Nine Heavens!

There is no mark of any cultivation technique, not even the mark of magical skills and Taoism!

Obviously, the nine worlds have amnesia, thoroughly forgotten the previous things, and even directly erased from the soul!

“My god! How much did you resent me at the beginning!? The cultivation technique, the cultivation technique, and the Taoist technique are all forgotten, but you still remember me…” Jiang Chen has a guilty conscience, before secretly thought Did not do anything to Jiu Tianxia.

Is this Little Lass really that hateful?

“en? This is…your Dao Soul?”

After exploring again, Jiang Chen expression condensed and saw that among the souls of Nine Heavens, there was a The bloody long knife is ups and downs!

However, on top of the long knife, there is a layer of dust-like thing, and there are also a chain of avenues, which seals the long knife!

“This is not a man-made seal! But…hasn’t awakened yet!?” Jiang Chen was startled.

The long knife is the Dao Soul of the Nine Worlds, and the “dust” on Dao Soul is the dust!

Dust covers Dao Soul, which is a manifestation of Dao Soul not yet awakened.

“Don’t… even Jiu Shen doesn’t know that she owns Dao Soul?” Jiang Chen muttered.

If Jiu Shen knows, with his means, he will surely help Jiu Tianxia unlock the dust and release Dao Soul.

“This murderous aura!? What Dao Soul is this!?”

Jiang Chen’s divine sense penetrates into the souls of the Nine Heavens. When touching the Dao Soul, Jiang Chen The divine sense was almost cut off!

Because, within this bloody long knife, there seems to be an endless murderous aura, which seems to kill all the creatures in the world!

Looking at the blood-red blade and the Hundred Ghost Totem engraved on the hilt of that person’s height, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of three words-greedy ghost!

But Jiang Chen is not sure, just because it is rumored that this Dao Soul has been completely sealed and will not appear on any creatures again!

At the beginning, in an ancient era, there was a life spirit possessing the greedy ghost Dao Soul, causing endless killing!

There are even rumors that the sky of that era was dyed blood!

This greedy ghost murderous aura is too heavy. It kills for a living. It is the most terrifying in the world and one of the most difficult to control Dao Soul. It is as famous as Tianxue’s Asura Road soul!

It is precisely because the murderous aura of the greedy ghost is too heavy, which caused boundless killing, so Sage completely sealed this Dao Soul in the avenue of nothingness to prevent it from being born again!

“Didn’t expect…really a greedy ghost!”

After one hour, Jiang Chen finally confirmed that Dao Soul of the Nine Worlds is the legendary Greedy!

This knife is greedy, but what is greedy is not finances, but the lives of the world!

And the dust on Dao Soul is mostly the seal left by Sage.

Perhaps because the age is too long and the seal is loose, this caused Dao Soul to free itself from the avenue, and finally became the Dao Soul of the Nine Worlds.

However, there is a trace of this seal, so Dao Soul of Jiu Tian Xia has not awakened for a long time, and Jiu Shen did not find it.

“No wonder you were so murderous before, so that’s how it is.” Jiang Chen was relieved.

Jiang Chen was very puzzled before. At the age of Nine Worlds, it is normal to be savage, but there is no such a serious killing.

Now everything can be explained clearly!

The murderousness of the Nine Worlds comes from her Dao Soul-a greedy ghost!

“Master, what are you staring at the knife in my soul for?”

At this moment, Jiu Tianxia suddenly spoke, very curiously asked.

Without waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Jiu Tianxia said with a smile: “Master, do you like this knife? I will give it to you.”

“This knife is your Dao Soul, you can’t take it out, and you can’t give it to me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, but his face changed at the next moment!

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