I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 894

The nine worlds nowadays are very simple, and the soul is like a scroll that has never been dyed with ink, blank.

She felt Jiang Chen watching her Dao Soul. When the voice fell, she saw her hand flashed with red light, the greedy ghost manifested!

“Let me take a rub!?” Jiang Chen is messed up, and his body is constantly regressing.

Because the murderous aura exuded by the greedy ghost is too terrifying!

Like a bloody wind, covering the nine worlds, even the air all around is filled with a bloody smell!

However, what is surprising is that Jiu Tianxia is still so ethereal and innocent, even if it is enveloped by blood and killing intent, she is as pure as ever.

Jiang Chen stared wide-eyed, this dusty greedy ghost was released! ?

Awake! ?

“Can’t you?” Jiang Chen was puzzled.

Be aware that there is still dust on the greedy ghost, that is the seal blessed by the ancient Sage!

Even if there is only one strand of the seal left, it is impossible to be solved so easily!

“Master, I will send you to you.” I didn’t even know that this was her Dao Soul in Nine Heavens. He took a step forward and sent the greedy ghost to Jiang Chen.

In an instant, Jiang Chen’s hair is upside down, and the whole person is about to explode!

This murderous aura is comparable to a thunderbolt, just like the heavenly punishment, too terrifying!

Even if Jiang Chen’s fleshy body is extremely strong, I can feel irritation on the skin at this moment.

Even the soul and Divine Soul have been affected!

“Xia Xia, this is your Dao Soul.” Jiang Chen said resolutely: “It can’t be given away.”

“Oh…” Jiu Tianxia pouted his mouth, watching It seems a little unhappy: “But I want to give it to Master.”

“This…can’t give it away.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile.

Dao Soul, this thing, how can I give it away!

However, Jiang Chen at this moment is more curious about how Jiu Tianxia unlocked the dust seal! ?

“How did you… bring out the greedy ghost summon?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Huh?” Jiutianxia was confused, scratched his head, and said: “Just thinking about letting it out, it will come out.”

Speaking, Jiutianxia face There was a hint of disgust on it, and said: “So ugly a saber, why is it in my soul.”

“Uh…I want it to come out?” Jiang Chen stunned Up.

The seal of ancient Sage is so weak! ?


Jiang Chen stared at the greedy ghost, and found that a ray of blood-colored brilliance on the knife was fused with the nine heavens.

At the same time, among the souls of the Nine Worlds, wisps of pure white air emerged, blending with the killing intent of the greedy ghost!

“Yes! The most violent killing intent, and the purest soul in the Nine Worlds…” Jiang Chen was relieved.

This equivalent to is One Yin One Yang, if the two are compatible, the seal will naturally be lifted!

This…maybe it is a coincidence, or maybe it is destined!

If there is no memory loss this time in the Nine Worlds, this greedy ghost may never be born!

“The kind and pure soul, with the killing intent violent greedy ghost, sin and kindness, light and dark…all the factors fuse together…” Jiang Chen lightly said, but a trace of worry flashed in his eyes Meaning.

Because the murderous aura is too heavy, Jiang Chen is worried that the nine worlds cannot control the greedy aura, and will be swallowed by the killing intent and become a killing machine!

However, after more than ten breaths, Jiang Chen was shocked to find that the Nine Worlds had not changed, and his soul was still pure and white, without a trace of stain.

And this greedy ghost is also very quiet in the hands of Nine Heavens. Although the killing intent is endless, like a wind sweeping, it is firmly controlled by Nine Heavens.

“It’s really eye-opening.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and said to Jiu Tianxia: “Xia Xia, in the future, Dao Soul should not come out easily, understand?”

” en. “Jiutianxia cleverly clicked nodded, pouting his mouth, and said: “It’s so ugly, I don’t want it.”

“But…can’t throw it away.” Jiutianxia whispered.



As soon as these words came out, there was a sudden fluctuation in the greedy ghost, and even a drop of blood dripped from the greedy ghost Fall down.

“Damn…do you understand this? I was so wronged to tears?” Jiang Chen looked dazed.

He could feel that the greedy ghost seemed to have his own consciousness, and the killing intent exuding at this moment contained a trace of grievance!

“It’s so ugly, let’s put it back.” Jiu Tianxia reached out and turned it over and directly sent the greedy ghost back into his soul.

“You have to think of a way.” Jiang Chen frowned.

Although the nine worlds can control greedy ghosts, some accidents will inevitably occur.

In case the Nine Worlds are backlashed by a greedy ghost, this matter can be a big deal.

“That’s right!”

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Jiang Chen finally thought of a way!

He has seen many cultivation techniques in front of him, including many Peak cultivation techniques!

Jiang Chen thought about it for a long time and thought of the cultivation technique that can suppress the murderous aura of greedy ghosts!

“Xia Xia, you have forgotten even the cultivation technique now. Why don’t you teach you a cultivation technique for your teacher?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Okay, okay.” Jiutianxia’s face blushed, seemingly excited.

“This is the grand ceremony of Buddhism, the Bodhi Sage Ming Jue.” Jiang Chen a finger pointed and passed the cultivation method of the cultivation technique to Jiu Tianxia.

This cultivation technique is exactly the cultivation technique of Xuanji Ancient Buddha!

The ancient Buddha of Xuanji was originally the Dao Protector of Jiang Chen.

Now there are rumors that the ancient Buddha Xuanji has passed away and is in the ancient temple of God World.

Jiang Chen has always wanted to find out, but there is no time.

And this Bodhi Sage Ming Jue is from the hands of the ancient Buddha Xuanji.

This cultivation technique is known as the holy scripture of the Buddhism family, but it was not inherited in Buddhism, but was acquired by Jiang Chen.

At the beginning, when the ancient Buddha Xuanji gave this bodhi sacred art to Jiang Chen, it was for Jiang Chen to keep his heart and avoid being eroded by some benefits and darkness.

“Xia Xia, take a good cultivation technique, it is very useful.” Jiang Chen said: “It can keep you in your heart and calm your mind.”

“Okay, thank you Master.” Jiu Tianxia is very happy, like a little child, with a strong curiosity about the Bodhi Sage Art.

She quickly sat down, comprehend cultivation technique.

In just a dozen breaths of time, the Buddha’s radiance burst out suddenly in the Nine Worlds, and a Buddha ring appeared in the back of his head!

Jiang Chen is dumbfounded. Just after cultivation, he has a Small Accomplishment! ?

“Pure people with pure heart and soul, the cultivation speed of this Bodhi Sage Ming Jue is extremely fast?” Jiang Chen muttered, not knowing whether Jiu Tian Xia can cultivate this cultivation technique to the extreme.

If the cultivation is to the extreme, there will be a second Xuanji ancient Buddha in this world!

“Master, look behind me, there is a halo… so beautiful!” Jiutianxia suddenly woke up, pointed at the back of his head, but couldn’t touch the ring of Buddha.

“Xia Xia is very difficult to deal with, please come on.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, but he was very shocked in his heart.

Because he also cultivated this cultivation technique at the beginning, and it turned out to be cultivated for more than a hundred years, and he just didn’t even show up with Buddha’s radiance…

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