I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 897

Qianqiu Gambling House and Jue Shadow Sect are both dark forces, and they are considered to be other existences at the Giant level in the dark world.

Both the two forces know each other a little bit, and some insiders have been inserted.

Therefore, for Qianqiu Gambling House’s gambling game at the Haotian Conference, Shadow Sect knows absolutely!

“Let me just say, at that time, when the profit was settled, why was there a lot less! It turned out that you must be the ghost of Shadow Sect secretly! It is all on Chen Zhulu!?” Every bet must lose one. Face resentful.

“What’s the matter? Are you still thinking that Jueying will suffer?” Lou Ying said angrily.

tone barely fell down, the Louying expression suddenly condensed, looking at the black figure beside Jiang Chen, said solemnly: “Why are you here!?”

“sect master Let me come.” The black shadow saluted Lou Ying, and said: “Let me help Hanhan to worship the Mountain Lingxiao Pavilion.”

“A good one will lose every gamble, and it’s even better than Shadow Sect. All Heaven-class killers can please!” Lou Ying said lightly.

In Shadow Sect, there is no shortage of killers!

And every killer has a rank ranking, the highest is Heaven-class!

The black shadow in front of me is the Heaven-class killer of Shadow Sect, known as the black face!

Lou Ying also knows about this black face. This person has already stepped into the title deity a few years ago, and the assassination method is extremely profound, which is well-known among the many Heaven-class killers. figure, ranked fifth!

This and the others, generally do not shoot, unless there is a major task!

“Is he strong?” Jiang Chen asked, not knowing the strength of the black face.

“How should I put it…” Lou Ying frowned, seemingly wondering how to explain.

After thinking for a while, Lou Ying said: “In simple terms, there are already thirteen main gods who have died in his hands, and two of them are Peak Master gods.”


“His…” Jiang Chen hearing this, held breath cold air!

This guy, killed two Peak Master gods! ?

So, this time to worship the mountain… Isn’t it right! ?

“How about? I’m reliable in doing things, right?” Every gambling must lose said with a smile: “Okay, then wait for you to enter the Lingxiao Pavilion, I will open a gambling game here!”

“The people who come here today are all Top Sect, rich and imposing, and they are expected to make a lot of money!” Every bet will be filled with eyesight, as if they have seen a lot of money into their pockets.

“Old rules, I can’t be given less.” Jiang Chen said.

“Don’t worry!” Every gambling will lose said with a smile.

The Jiutianzhong on the side has not spoken. As the prince of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, he does not want to join forces with these dark forces.

However, in order to build up his prestige, this time he had to bear it.

“Why? Look down on us?” Lou Ying saw Jiutianzhong’s thoughts and joked: “Sometimes, you on the surface forces have to cooperate with us!”

“Cut.” Jiutian curled his lips, not wanting to argue.

After that, Jiang Chen and the others entered an Inn, waiting for Lingxiao Pavilion to meet them.

As for every gambling, you must lose, but you are busy starting a gambling round, and I have no time to chat with Jiang Chen and the others.

And Louying didn’t know where it went, it always appeared and disappeared unpredictably.

“It seems that the Lingxiao Pavilion is about to be born, this time Nine Heavens God World is lively!”

“The Lingxiao Pavilion is born, some forces can be uncomfortable.”


In the Inn, many people are discussing Lingxiao Pavilion.

Especially when they heard that the Lingxiao Pavilion was about to be born, more people thought of the Peak forces of Nine Heavens God World today.

Such as the Bright Clan, Martial God lineage, Kunlun Mountains, Aolai Tianmen, etc.

These forces are extremely powerful, but it seems that there is no Divine King in these forces.

The strongest seems to be the half-step Divine King.

Then, if the Lingxiao Pavilion with the Divine King was born, wouldn’t these original Peak forces be expelled from the “Altar”?

And these sect forces have always been aloof and remote, how can they acknowledge allegiance under the Lingxiao Pavilion?

Think about it, when the time comes, there are bound to be several battles!

Some sects will even be destroyed!

“The most urgent estimate is the peak gods.” Someone jokingly said: “If they didn’t enter the Divinity King Realm before Lingxiao Pavilion was born, then…the Nine Heavens God World from now on, there will be no They are talking about it!”

“The veteran Peak gods, such as the main god of light, Martial God, and main god of darkness, have no time to intervene in world affairs. They are all in retreat and attack the Divine King. “

“Hey, I am really looking forward to it, a big storm! The forces of Nine Heavens God World are going to be shuffled.”


Hearing these words, Jiang Chen’s heart was tense.

He knows very well that the flourishing age of Nine Heavens God World is about to begin, and before that, those ancient sect forces will also be born.

When the time comes, Divine King can see that Peak Master is not the strongest battle strength anymore!

And he is only in the lower position of True God now. Although the battle strength is extremely sturdy, compared with those Peak powerhouses, it is still inferior to the large section!

“Time is running out.” Jiang Chen secretly sighed.

A flourishing age is not only an opportunity for him, but also a trial and disaster!

If all his enemies become Divine Kings, then when the time comes Jiang Chen will not face the Peak Master God, but a group of Divine Kings!

“We must hurry up to cultivate! Finish Spirit Physique as soon as possible and improve realm!” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

“Did you see that the people at the table over there belonged to the lineage, the main god of light, come here today, mostly to inquire about the reality of Lingxiao Pavilion.” Someone pointed to a table at the corner of Inn. Said: “It is estimated that the main god of Guangming is also anxious now.”

“It is more than the main god of Guangming. Those people over there are from the Kunlun Mountains. The purpose of coming here is probably the same, to inquire about the Lingxiao Pavilion.”


Inn is not big, it is full of people, and there are people from the Peak forces of Nine Heavens God World on the surface.

Even Jiang Chen saw Chen Zhulu.

Since this guy won without a fight, he has become the Holy Son of the Proud to Heaven. The momentum is strong, and he will vaguely suppress the previous Holy Son!

Nowadays, Chen Zhulu is very famous, and some people call it proud to be the next sect master of Tianmen, and he is most likely to be him!

“Brother Zhulu, what a coincidence.”

Jiang Chen greeted Chen Zhulu, raised his glass in the air, and said, “Come on, toast you.”

Chen Zhulu has a weird expression, not at all ignore Jiang Chen.

In his heart, he and Jiang Chen do not have much friendship, even a bit of grudges!

“Hey! My boss toasts you, are you unresponsive!?”

Suddenly, a voice filled with domineering intentions sounded.

After that, Ruo Xiao stood up from another table.

Along with him, there is another person who actually owns the same Saint Physique Dongfang Wushuang as Ruoxiao!

“When have these two people been together?” Jiang Chen was stunned. Is this the out of blows friendship grows?

At this moment, I saw Ruo Xiao’s angry face, walked to Chen Zhulu’s side, suddenly slapped the table with his palm, and said: “Do you think that my boss lost to you, you can not give me Boss has a face!?”

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