I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 899

Jiang Chen didn’t go to watch the game because he believed Ruo Xiao and Jiang Liu.

These two people, after coming to Nine Heavens God World, the opportunity is out of the ordinary.

Jiang Liu joined Lizong, Ruoxiao and Dongfang Wushuang are also regarded as out of blows friendship grows, and now they are backed by the Dongfang Family clan.

In addition to these two people innate talent aptitude, they are almost enchanting, and they have Saint Physique, so their strength is sturdy!

There is another point that Jiang Chen has to admit. Jiang Liu and Ruo Xiao’s cultivation speed is very fast. When we meet today, the cultivation base of these two people has stepped into the gods.

This made Jiang Chen a hit!

He cultivated to now, although the battle strength is extremely strong, the cultivation base is still in the lower True God.

“Oh…when will the breakthrough be possible.” Jiang Chen sighed, his face full of bitterness.

“Yes, what’s the situation with your realm? Why do you always stay in the lower True God?” Jiutianzhong curiously asked.

“Don’t mention it, the problem of the cultivation technique.” Jiang Chen sighed, not knowing whether the cultivated Heavenspan scripture is good or bad.

Fortunately, a lot of Spirit Physique has faded now, and I won’t be hungry often, otherwise Jiang Chen would starve to death!

“The problem with the cultivation technique? Always staying in the lower position True God?” Nine days frowned, and then the eyes flashed light, secretly sound transmission, and said: “Heavenspan scripture!?”

“How do you know!?” Jiang Chen was shocked, staring at Jiutianzhong with a look of surprise.

“This kind of thing can be guessed!” Jiutianzhong explained: “The realm has always stayed in the lower True God, but the battle strength is stronger than the ordinary gods, except for the original Heavenspan Church. There is no other way besides the Heavenspan Scripture!”

Jiang Chen hearing this, could not help being silent, and for a moment did not know how to defend.

Because the people of Heavenspan Church understand one thing, once they reveal their identity, they are enemies of the world!

“The identity of the Divine King of Tianchen has been exposed. My enemy may only be the 36 Peak Lord Gods.” Jiang Chen thought to himself: “If it is revealed that I am the dísciple of Heavenspan Church…then my enemy… …Is the entire world!?”

Jiang Chen didn’t know what to say when he thought of this.

But he also understands that Jiutianzhong has guessed it, and he is sure!

“You don’t need to explain, and I don’t care what your identity is.” Jiutianzhong continued to sound transmission. Although the two are at the same table, these words cannot be said on the surface.

“Heavenspan Church’s catastrophe, I have never experienced it, but I have heard of it.” Jiutian sighed: “Heavenspan Church, a true hero!”

“That ……What do you mean?” Jiang Chen asked, still using sound transmission.

“It’s not interesting.” Jiutianzhong sound transmission said: “Anyway, I won’t reveal your identity. You only need to understand one thing. In fact, there are many tops in Nine Heavens God World. Sect, and even the ancient forces, are all standing on the side of Heavenspan Church!”

After that, Jiu Tian waved his hand again, stopped sound transmission, changed the subject, and said: “It’s been so long, your two Are you sure you guys are all right?”

“Nothing will happen.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

This battle is not a Life and Death Battle. Even if it is defeated, it has no effect.

even more how, Jiang Chen has confidence in Ruo Xiao and Jiang Liu!

However, before Jiang Chen said this for 2.5 minutes of time, someone entered the Inn and said a message.

“Dongfang Wushuang had his right arm cut off! If the tyrant was almost cut off the top of the head, almost Divine Soul was destroyed!”

“And that Han Son, now lying on the ground, life and death are unknown!”


Jiang Chen heard it clearly, and stood up immediately, not only with doubts, but also with killing intent!

He didn’t understand, how could he be defeated with the strength of Jiang Liu and Ruoxiao!

He didn’t even understand, even if he was defeated, why the opponent would kill him! ?

“Your two little brothers… don’t seem very good.” Jiutianzhong has no friendship with Ruoxiao and the others. At this moment, they are talking coldly, more like teasing Jiang Chen.

“The two of them…Even if they are defeated, they will not be so miserable!” Jiang Chen said solemnly: “even more how, they will not lose!”

“But You heard it too. It is indeed defeated.” Jiutian jokingly said: “Why? Do you want to give them a head start? Do you need my help?”

“My brother’s business, I Come by yourself.” Deep in Jiang Chen’s pupils, the sun and the moon were shining, more like a blaze burning!

He doesn’t believe it!

“The Kunlun Mountains are also insidious. They couldn’t beat the opponent, so a few Elders were dispatched.” The person who came to the news shook his head and said: “Kunlun Mountains are also Top Sect anyway, and they lose. Sorry, tsk tsk tsk……”

“Oh? You mean, Hanzi and Ruoxiao won the emperor and Yanlin’s move?!” someone asked.

“Not really.” The person who spread the news said: “If Xiao Xiao is too sturdy, he will directly suppress the emperor in a few rounds!”

“As for that simple Son, it’s even more amazing! I told you that after the war, that idiot was useless at all of his magical skills, and relying on his fleshy body, he recruited Yanlin to hovered between life and death!”

“The two of them were a mess!”

“Later, Kunlun Mountains Elder shot, Dongfang Wushuang couldn’t bear it, so he shot to stop it. Who knew Kunlun Mountains would not give Dongfang Family face, and even Dongfang Wushuang was beaten! And…it’s miserable!”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but smile at Jiutian when he heard this. , Said: “Have you heard, my two brothers are very strong!”

“And then?” Jiutian Zhong asked with a faint smile.

“Then? Of course it’s revenge!” Jiang Chen said grimly, grabbing the sleeves of Jiu Tianzhong, and said: “I am now the Tai Fu of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, and my status is higher than you! “

“Come on, just tell me if you want me to help.” Jiutian jokingly said: “Go!”

After that, the two got up and brought Jiu Tianxia moved. towards Go outside the town.

After ten breaths, when the two came outside the town, the place was already full of people!

Some people are ridiculing Ruoxiao and the others unable to withstand a single blow, others are laughing at Jiang Liu’s ignorance, and some are marveling at the strength of the Kunlun Mountains. Even the Dongfang Family clan doesn’t see it. !

Looking at a clearing outside the town again, Jiang Liu fell into a pool of blood, his breath depressed, life and death unknown.

Ruoxiao is also lying on her back, covered in blood, her eyes full of anger!

On the other side, Dongfang Wushuang was still standing, swearing at the Elders in the Kunlun Mountains!

Obviously, Dongfang Wushuang was blown up too!

“This World is like this, there is no fair competition!” An Elder from Kunlun Mountains looked at Jiang Liu and Ruoxiao with contempt, jokingly: “any cat or dog also wants to challenge The majesty of my Kunlun Mountains!? Are you worthy!?”

“The weak are prey to strong, you don’t understand, you don’t accompany you either.” Another Kunlun Mountains Elder lightly said: “Today, for the time being If you abolish you, it’s a lesson!”

“Crap! You can do it! But after you abolish them, I can guarantee that the Kunlun Mountains will no longer exist!”

At this moment, Jiutianzhong walked out of the crowd with cold glow in his eyes, and an angry look said: “If you don’t believe it, try it! But the consequences, I’m afraid you can’t afford it!”

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