I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 900

Jiu Tianzhong and Jiang Liu Ruoxiao do not have much friendship, but they are “same sect” with Jiang Chen.

Now, since Jiang Chen wants his help, Jiutianzhong will naturally not refuse.

However, the Kunlun Mountains are not good stubbles, they have a profound background, and there are many powerhouses under their sect, and there are many other gods at Peak Level.

Therefore, in the face of the nine-day threat, the Elders in the Kunlun Mountains didn’t take it seriously.

“Jiutianzhong, there is no place for you to speak!”

“A trifling Holy Son that’s all, is also qualified to be equal to me!?”


The attitudes of several Elders in Kunlun Mountains are very contemptuous, and one of them stepped on Ruo Xiao!

“You…very good!”

Suddenly, an extremely cold voice sounded.

Everyone looked back and saw Jiang Chen walking out of the crowd with a gloomy expression.

On his body, the killing intent is like a roaring wind, and the eyes open and close, there seems to be one after another sword glow rising and falling!

“Hanging!? Good boy, I’m still looking for you, but you have delivered it yourself!” Kunlun Mountains Elder coldly said: “Hand over the Haotian Stone, and return my Kunlun Mountains blessed land !”

“You guys, damn it.” Jiang Chen ignored it, his voice getting colder!

Like the cold wind of the twelfth lunar lunar month, passing through everyone’s hearts, even Divine Soul will tremble!

“What are you doing?” Jiutianzhong hurriedly grabbed Jiang Chen, lightly said: “You are not their opponent, leave this to me!”

“You are not shocked Stay with them.” Jiang Chen shook off his nine-day heavy hand and walked to the front of the Elders step by step.

After that, Jiang Chen suddenly raised his head and stared at the person who was up ahead, and said: “If you hurt them, I will break you by an inch! You abolish their cultivation base, and I will destroy your Divine Soul!”

“Boy! True God that’s all, dare to say such arrogant things!?”

“act recklessly!”

One of the Kunlun Mountains Elder is angry Drink it out, lift up a palm, and a mountain seems to emerge in the palm!

The palm prints fall, covering this sky, and there is one after another roar accompanied by the power of Grand Dao falling!

At this moment, Jiutian was shocked, and angrily rebuked: “He is from my Jiutian Sect!”

However, it is too late for Jiutian to say anything at this moment!

He is very strong, but how could he be the opponent of several Elders in Kunlun Mountains.

These people are all master gods!

“I only need a layer of profit!”

Jiang Chen stared, lightly said, everyone didn’t understand what he meant!

However, others do not understand, but one person knows very well!

When the voice fell, I saw a Big Fatty rushed out, raised his hand to the sky, and directly shattered the palm print of the Kunlun Mountains Elder!

After that, this fatty stroked the corners of his clothes, bowed his hand to the Kunlun Mountains Elder in front of him, smiled and said: “In the next thousand autumn gambling, every bet will lose.”

“Qianqiu Gambling House!?”

“Second Boss, every bet must be lost!?”


of the crowd In the middle, a burst of noise sounded, even more exclaimed.

Many people have heard of the name that every gambling must lose, but few have seen it.

Because Qianqiu’s gambling house does not make it to the table, so every gambling will lose and rarely show up, even if he shows up, he will not say his identity directly.

Now, everyone is surprised that the Second Boss of Qianqiu Gambling House will give hands every time he gambles. Is this to protect Jiang Chen! ?

“Qianqiu Gambling House? What does this matter to you!?” Kunlun Mountains Elder led by Kunlun Mountains Elder coldly said: “Qianqiu Gambling House has a bad reputation. You are afraid of being exposed to the public. Siege!?”

“Siege? Do they dare?” The smile on his face disappeared at every bet, and turned to a look of contempt, even with a trace of contempt, and said: “How many An old bastard, bullying a little child?”

“Although my Qianqiu gambling house is doing secretly and can’t get on the table, but what you are doing in Kunlun Mountains, is it on the table? “

“The small loses, the big shot? Kunlun Mountains are really good!”


Speaking of which, every bet must be lost. With a wave, a mini small golden fan appeared in his hand, quickly waved it, and said: “It’s really hot, the most annoying thing about a fatty like me is the hot weather.”

“This is… …Qianqiu Golden Fan!”

“You will not lose every time you gamble!”

“Qianqiu Gamble Big Boss, every time you gamble, you must win!”


At this moment, everyone was moved. They didn’t know that every bet would be won, but they knew this little golden fan!

This is the “card face” of Qianqiu Gambling House and the status symbol of Qianqiu Gambling House Big Boss!

“Boy, sorry, I and I must lose are twins, he has something to do temporarily.” Every gambling must win, Jiang Chen blinked his eyes and said: “Didn’t expect?”

“Uh…I didn’t find it.” Jiang Chen was stunned. After encountering every bet in this small town, he did not find it!

At this moment, many people took a few steps back, and even the expressions of several Elders from the Kunlun Mountains became tense!

Because everyone knows one thing, every gambling must be out of the gate, all alone, alone.

And every gambling must win, the pomp is so big, there are not a dozen gods around, there are three or five!

Moreover, they are all Peak Level and others!

“I have a destiny with this silly Little Brother.” Every gambling must win said with a smile: “Now this thing… is also something I must win every gambling.”

After that, he looked towards Jiang Chen again and asked: “How to solve it?”

“If I hurt my brother, I will break them by an inch!” Jiang Chen said coldly.

“An inch?” Every gambling must win, frowning, very embarrassed, said: “An inch…this…”

Suddenly, every gambling must win With a big wave of his hand, the small golden fan in his hand split and turned into golden stones!

A Formation took shape in an instant, like a cage, with golden chains bursting out, confining all the Elders in the Kunlun Mountains!

After that, every bet must be lost, he stretched out his hand and waved a ruler with divine force condense, and then walked in front of one of them.

Immediately afterwards, in front of everyone, he actually began to measure the scale with a ruler!

“I said…you don’t have to be so serious, right?” Jiang Chen is also messed up, let you break an inch, you really refuse to be more! ?

“Being a person and doing things, we must have a rule, no less, no more, just like the interests of my gambling house, so it is.” Every gambling must win said with a smile.

While talking, everyone discovered that every gambling would win this guy’s ruler, he was actually measuring one of Elder’s top of the head!

“Damn…what does this amount of top of the head do!? Top of the head breaks an inch, isn’t it just dead!” Someone cry out in surprise, is it possible that every bet will win Today is going to kill! ?

Could it be that Qianqiu Gambling House is really so emboldened, dare to put aside all considerations of face thoroughly with Kunlun Mountains! ?

“Han Han brother, where did you say you cut an inch?” asked every gambling that he would win.

“They wanted to abolish my brother’s cultivation base before, so…just cut off their cultivation base.” Jiang Chen lightly said, without mercy!

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