I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 901

Cultivation base is broken! ?

What is the method?

Everyone is very puzzled, but every bet must win but they know what Jiang Chen means.

next moment, I saw his arm slowly raised, the cold glow in his palm flickered, and the whole arm was like a long knife, moved towards one of them was cut down!

“You dare!” The man exclaimed, staring at the palm of his hand that must win every gambling, that is clearly to cut his cultivation base!

“What can’t you dare?” Every gambling must win lightly said, the palm of the falling hand did not stop at all, a cold glow cut into the body within the Kunlun Mountains Elder!



A stream of blood spurted out of his mouth, and wisps of divine light fragments diffused from within the body, Then it turned into a cloud of smoke and disappeared.

In an instant, everyone can feel that the Kunlun Mountains Elder, its cultivation base has fallen from the main god to the deity!

Moreover, some people with the cultivation base profound have their eyes bright and saw the Dao Foundation of Elder within the body cracked!

“Really cruel!” Someone was shocked. This cut was not only cut off the opponent’s cultivation base, but also the Dao Foundation was cut out!

This person, in this life, I am afraid it will be difficult to enter the Lord God Realm!

“Every gambling will win! You have to think clearly, if you act like this, you have torn my face with my Kunlun Mountains. This is necessary to fight!”

“You give I stop!”

The remaining two Elders looked pale, but their attitude was still very tough, and they were still threatening to win every bet.

“Even if the present age Sect Leader of Kunlun Mountains is here, I dare not threaten me.” Every bet must win, lightly said, and two cold glows were cut out in the palm of his hand.

Next moment, the remaining two Elder cultivation bases in the Kunlun Mountains were also cut down, and the Dao Foundation cracked!

“Han brother, is that okay?”

After finishing all these things, he put away Formation every time he gambled, and the little golden fan returned to his hands.

I saw him looking towards Jiang Chen with a big smile, as if asking Jiang Chen’s opinion.

“It’s almost there.” Jiang Chen nodded, but his heart hurts for a while!

He knows very well that in the betting this time, he can only get one level of profit!

Too hurt!

But, for the brother, what does trifling make money? !

“Are you okay?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen came to Jiang Liu and Ruo Xiao and healed them with his own divine force.

“Boss, it’s okay.” Jiang Liu’s honest and honest said with a smile: “My Saint Physique is getting stronger and stronger now. Without your help, I can quickly recover completely.”


“My Saint Physique is not weak.” If Xiao Xiao raised his eyebrows, he immediately spits out mouthful of blood, looked towards the emperor and Yan Lin Zhao not far away, and said contemptuously: “Two wastes!”

“Today’s matter! It’s not over!” Dongfang Wushuang also stood up, complexion is gloomy like water, and even in front of everyone, directly took out a Dharma Dao Decree!

The decree burned, turned into a ray of light and sank into the void!

Obviously, Dongfang Wushuang exploded in anger, this is moving rescue soldiers!

“It has nothing to do with me.” The emperor coldly said: “I and Yanlinzhao are not Great Saints, so I don’t have the right to order these Elders.”

“Indeed.” Yan Lin Zhao said solemnly: “I’ve waited and confessed, but you’d better pay attention to what you say! The word waste is not usable!”

“You are really useless. “Jiang Chen turned around, looked towards the emperor and Yanlin Zhao, then looked towards Chen Zhulu, said solemnly: “My brother said you are trash, you are trash!”

“Don’t believe me yet, wait for me Come back from the Lingxiao Pavilion to worship the mountain, I will pack you up one by one!” Jiang Chen said.

Although it is said that every bet must be won and the three Elders of Kunlun Mountains are abolished, Jiang Chen is still not angry!

“Han! Just rely on you!?” Yan Linzhao’s face was ugly, said solemnly: “Your brothers are indeed very strong, but as for you…lower True God?”

“What about the lower True God?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows, slowly stretched out a finger, pointed at Chen Zhulu, and said: “It’s him, I was able to suppress him by turning my hand back then!”

“Han! What are you talking nonsense!? Don’t make trouble!” Hearing this, he hurriedly stopped.

If Jiang Chen is allowed to continue, the tricks of the battle between him and Chen Zhulu will be shaken out!

“In short, if you are dissatisfied and think that it is not a waste, then wait for me to come back from the Lingxiao Pavilion, and I will be here to fight you!”

“when the time comes, I will let you know that my two brothers are right!”

After that, Jiang Chen got up, walked on, moved towards the town .

Jiang Liu and Ruoxiao followed. When passing by the emperor and the others, Ruoxiao directly raised a middle finger and said contemptuously: “Wait for my boss to take action. You are not only a waste, but also It will be a famous waste!”

“You!” The emperor was furious, but he worshipped Ruoxiao, and he had no confidence at this moment!

On the other side, Chen Zhulu thoughtfully, staring at the back of Jiang Chen’s departure, secretly thought. Was the battle between him and Jiang Chen really tricky?

“By the way…Kunlun Mountains did something out of line this time.”

After a few breaths, Chen Zhulu looked towards Tianzi and Yanlinzhao, and sighed: I can afford to lose.”

“When will I not be able to lose!? Those old bastard are going to shoot by themselves, and Yan Linzhao and I can stop them!?” The emperor said grimly, even more I feel a headache!

Three Kunlun Mountains Elders were cut off from the cultivation base, this is a big deal!

And he and Yan Linzhao are deeply to blame, for fear that it will affect their position in the Kunlun Mountains!

“Unlucky, not only defeated, but also provoke a commotion!” Yan Lin recruited coldly said: “That’s all, I can’t beat those two fools, and I can’t beat the fools!? when the time Come and take him out!”

“Perhaps…you should avoid fighting.” Chen Zhulu frowned, and said: “I always feel that silly is not simple, maybe the strength is not below you and me. “

“A lower True God, how powerful can it be?” Yan Lin asked contemptuously, waved his hand impatiently, and said: “It’s scattered, it’s a shame!”

Finally, the people outside the town dispersed and returned to their residences in the town.

“I went to do something, and something went wrong?!”

At this moment, in the Inn’s room, Lizong Elder’s face was flushed, obviously exploded!

When Jiang Liu fought with Yan Lin before, he happened to be absent. Otherwise, how could a few Elders in the Kunlun Mountains shoot Jiang Liu?

“Elder, it’s okay, I’m not okay now.” Jiang Liu said with a smile: “Thanks to the boss this time, I also have to thank the person who called every gamble must win.”

“This is naturally to be thanked.” Lizong Elder nodded, immediately stretched out his hand and waved his form, all around the room arranged Formation, isolated from the outside.

After that, he stared at Jiang Liu and said in a condensed voice: “Do you call that silly boss? Did you fly up from Atheus Continent?”

“Yes. “Jiang Liu nodded and said.

“Ascension from Atheus Continent…and call him the boss…then his identity…” Lizong Elder saw the bright light glittering in the eyes, and said: “As far as I know, in recent years, Are you all soaring up?”

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