I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 903

If you dare to do something when you encounter anyone, this is true.

But, what if you meet the Peak Master God? Even with his current cultivation base, it is difficult to fight against ordinary main gods.

“If you want to keep him, you can only become stronger!” Dongfang Wushuang said solemnly: “Moreover, someone has to support you!”

“If not, those 36 As soon as Peak Master makes a move, just a few people can simply not stop them!”

Ruo Xiao also knows this truth well, but he is used to it by himself, at most, he is with Jiang Chen. together.

Now, let him find a “backer”, send someone under the fence, and listen to other people’s arrangements. If he is young, of course he will not, and he will not feel comfortable!

However, he also thought about it, sometimes for the sake of something, for the sake of a person, he should also abandon something.

“Come to my Dongfang Family.” Dongfang Wushuang said: “I regard you as a brother. From now on I will be the patriarch of the Dongfang Family, and you will be the highest worship!”

“That’s not to listen to you.” Ruo Xiao raised her eyebrows and said: “You are defeated!”

“…” Dongfang Wushuang was speechless for a while, but he didn’t know how to refute it.

After all, even though Dongfang Wushuang only lost a little bit in the original battle between the two, they still lost.

This, Dongfang Wushuang admits!

“My Dongfang Family has a profound background. You can use the power of Dongfang Family in the future.” Dongfang Wushuang said, “Of course, I also have selfishness!”

“One clan and two tyrants, my Dongfang Family clan can also be brilliant!”

“If you dare to swindle me, I will kill you!” If you are very straightforward, this can be considered agreed Come down.

After that, Dongfang Wushuang got up and said: “Let’s go, this Lingxiao Pavilion is not necessary. Since Nine Heavens dare to come again, it must be sure.”

“Then let’s go. Where?” Ruo Xiao asked.

“Hui nationality, experience.” Dongfang Wushuang said: “The world is spreading, and the flourishing age is about to begin. When the time comes Divine King is no longer Peak battle strength. I will protect myself in the flourishing age. , You need strength!”

“Strength…” Ruo Xiao said lightly, with ups and downs in his eyes, and said: “With strength, you can help the boss!”

” I…I miss the blood of fighting with the boss when I was in Atheus Continent!”

Finally, Ruo Xiao left and followed Dongfang Wushuang to the Dongfang Family clan.

At this moment, in Jiang Chen’s room.

“My identity is about to be revealed.” Jiang Chen sighed, looked towards Jiu Tianzhong, and asked: “Can the Jiu Tian Dynasty keep me?”

“As long as Imperial When Father returns, I can keep you.” Jiutianzhong said.

However, even he doesn’t know where Jiu Shen and Jiu Qiansui have gone, let alone when they will come back.

Therefore, it is difficult to say to keep Jiang Chen!

However, Jiutianzhong told Jiang Chen with certainty that as long as he does not leave Jiutianzong, few people in this world can hurt him!

“I have a hunch, this time I will go to the Lingxiao Pavilion to worship the mountain…There will be some trouble.” Jiang Chen said solemnly, his heart has been throbbing recently, foreseeing that a major event will happen.

However, Jiang Chen has no idea what will happen.

In short, this thing will be big!

“May I ask the nine-day sect Holy Son Jiutianzhong, and is it silly?”

At this moment, a group of people came from the Inn.

These people do not have a high cultivation base, and some of them are not even gods.

They stood in front of the Inn and shouted.

“The people from the Lingxiao Pavilion are here.” Jiang Chen looked through the window and saw the group of people dressed. They were from the Lingxiao Pavilion.

Jiu Tianzhong also took a look, and his face suddenly became ugly.

“This is waiting for me with contempt!” Jiutianzhong coldly said: “Sent a group of miscellaneous hairs to attract us!”

“After all, we are going to worship the mountains, so people can Give you a good face? Can you be entertained?” Jiang Chen said grimly: “Let’s go.”

After that, Jiang Chen, Jiu Tianzhong, Jiu Tianxia, ​​and Hei Mian walked out of the Inn. .

The people who led them just glanced at Jiang Chen and the others, then turned and left.

“It’s okay.” Jiutianzhong’s face became more and more ugly, and said: “Don’t say a word of courtesy!?”

“Leave him alone.” Jiang Chen lightly said with a smile: “When the time comes, I can’t beat them!”

Speaking of which, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but look towards Black Face, and asked: “If you meet the Lord God, it should be okay?”

“Below Peak Master, there is basically no problem.” Heimian said.

“Master…Is Lingxiao Pavilion fun?” Jiu Tianxia blinked bright and intelligent big eyes, curiously asked.

“It’s fun.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, touched the head of Jiutianxia, ​​and said: “When the time comes, we will play as you want.”

“Little sister, this time I will seek justice for you!” Jiutianzhong said resolutely.

Next, everyone followed the group of people, walked out of the town, and entered the Ten Thousand Insect Valley.

Behind him, I followed a large group of people. These all are Top Sect people are planning to go to the Lingxiao Pavilion to explore the reality.

After all, the Lingxiao Pavilion hasn’t been born for a long time, and they all want to know how strong the Lingxiao Pavilion is today.

Go all the way from Ten Thousand Insect Valley, follow a special road, avoiding the poison insect group, until an hour later, everyone came to the gate of Lingxiao Pavilion.

Looking at it, the gate of the Lingxiao Pavilion is located in front of a cliff. The palace is magnificent and there are many rare treasures planted all around.

Of course, this is not the key, after all, every sect is basically the same.

But what is shocking is that on the two sides outside the gate, the cultivation base of the two gatekeepers actually reached the gods!

“Look at the door with a god!?”

“The foundation of Lingxiao Pavilion, so deep!?”


Everyone held breath cold air.

You must know that respecting the gods is already very strong, and then you will either step into the title gods or directly become the main gods!

Under normal circumstances, the god is in each Great Sect, if you can’t be an Elder, it is a great character anyway.

“Everyone, here we are.”

At this moment, the person who led the lead turned around, looked towards Jiang Chen entire group, and said: “Let’s just say it, since you I’m here to worship the mountain, so… let’s start from here.”

“One door, two people, a total of nine doors, if you can pass through the nine doors and walk to the great hall of the high hall, then I will go to the high hall It’s considered convinced!” Another teenager said, his cultivation base has not yet become a god, but his tone is not small.

Especially in his eyes, when looking towards Jiang Chen and the others, with contempt!

“Meaning, from here, we are going all the way to fight?” Jiutian raised his eyebrows again: “Well! Worshiping the mountain is here to hit the place, there’s nothing much to say!”

“When you should be arrogant, you should be arrogant!” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

“Speaking ahead, if you bully the weak first and suppress it with realm, then… don’t blame me Lingxiao Pavilion also acts like this!” said the leader.

As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen and Jiutianzhong glanced at each other and almost didn’t laugh!

bully the weak? Suppress with realm! ?

Heh… as long as you don’t do this in Lingxiao Pavilion!

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