I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 904

The reason why Jiutianzhong declares the world is because it is worried about Lingxiao Pavilion bully the weak.

Now that’s fine, Lingxiao Pavilion spoke first, which is exactly what Jiang Chen and the others meant.

“Nine gates, how do you worship?” Jiang Chen asked.

“They are all sensible people. The so-called worship of the mountain is to hit the place.” The headed boy eyes flash with a cold light and said: “Since it is here to hit the place, it is natural to rely on strength. .”

“The first three doors, fight.”

“The middle three doors, battle.”

“The second three doors, more.”

“Zhanhe formation is understandable. What do you mean by the last three?” Jiutian asked.

“If you go to the last three doors, you will naturally understand.” The teenager ruined jokingly, but there was a trace of killing intent in his eyes.

After saying this, he waved his hand and took out a silk book, which was actually a life and death contract!

“As a cultivator, sometimes it is inevitable to know the severity of the shot. If a few people accidentally die here, then no wonder I am Lingxiao Pavilion.” The boy said, “It is better to sign this before then. How about the life and death contract?”

“When the time comes, no matter which side someone died in battle, don’t make trouble for the other party.”

As soon as the words came out, Jiang Chen laughed , Seemingly indifferent, said to Jiutian Zhong: “It seems to be a deadly battle.”

“Want to kill me here?” Jiu Tian Zhong complexion is gloomy, this is a blatant thought. To kill them!

All around, those who came to watch the game were also shocked. The practice of Lingxiao Pavilion was a loss in general!

From ancient times to the present, anyone who worships the mountain will let him go back alive no matter what.

This is a kind of etiquette.

However, Lingxiao Pavilion was a bit too much this time. It was determined that Jiang Chen and the others would have no return!

“It’s not killing.” The young man jokingly said: “I just want to tell you, if you don’t have the strength, you should go back, lest you lose your life here.”

” Really?” Jiang Chen lightly said, taking a step forward, fingers like a pen, divine force entered the ink, and wrote his name on the life and death contract, and asked: “Then if we accidentally killed the Lingxiao Pavilion, Lingxiao Pavilion I won’t be held accountable?”

“Of course.” The young man nodded and said: “The names of the people who came to block you to worship the mountain this time are on the life and death contract.”

“It’s so good.” Jiang Chen lightly said, looked towards Jiutianzhong, jokingly: “Will you not dare?”

“Joke!” Jiutian raised his brows, Said: “What can’t you dare!?”

When the voice fell, he took a step forward and wrote his name on the life and death contract.

After that, the black face didn’t say much, and wrote the name of the flameboyant on the life and death contract.

“This time…Jiutianzong and Lingxiao Pavilion are about to forge Liangzi!”

“Hanhan and Jiutianzhong, no matter which one dies, this matter will cause trouble. Great!”


Many people are moved, after all, they all know Jiang Chen and Jiutianzhong’s background!

One has Luoshu and the others, and even red-clothed backing.

The other one is Holy Son!

Whoever has an accident with these two people, the forces behind them will never give up!

Although it was a life and death contract, it was just a piece of paper after all.

When it is really intolerable, what does this life and death contract count? Just tear it off!

“First sect, naturally this is the gate of the mountain, please do it yourself.” The boy jokingly said, pointing to the two gods guarding the gate, and said: “Your opponents are the two of them. “

“Life and death are impermanent, please.”

At this moment, Jiu Tianzhong took a step directly, and there seemed to be layers of clouds rolling and transpiring on his body!

He, this is planning to fight two gods alone!

“One person, one?” The black face said: “Since these two people can be arranged here, I want to come to the battle strength not to be weak.”

“No problem, this is the first battle. It’s time to stand up.” Jiutianzhong said solemnly.

At this moment, everyone is backing away, leaving a very wide space.

Immediately afterwards, I saw the two gods take a step forward, without saying a word, they moved towards Nine Heavens and went back!

The long spear in one person’s hand trembles, the gun flower blooms, and one after another Law Fragment is like a blade fragment, splashing out of the gun flower!

The other person’s both hands forming seals, chains of divine force that appear out of thin air, appear out of thin air, just like keel bones, and are instantly wrapped around the body of Nine Heavens!

“One attack, one control, it seems that Lingxiao Pavilion is fully prepared this time!”

“Nine Heavens…it’s difficult.”


However, just when everyone thought that the Nine Heavens Reunion would be defeated, the clouds and mist on him suddenly exploded!

After that, he swept out with his big hands, like a moon blade!

The moon blade is divided into two, and then the two is divided into four, moved towards the four directions, cut out, cut the chain!

Immediately, the nine-day heavy silhouette rushed out, like a white cloud, in a flash rushed to the person of the seal!

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” This person smiled jokingly, and a Formation around him manifested, and the power of imprisonment exploded, like an endless cage, imprisoning the nine days. !

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s expression changed drastically, staring at the imprisoned Jiutianzhong, secretly thought bad!

“Where are you looking!?”

But, suddenly, above the head of the god holding a long spear, a shouted voice came!

Immediately afterwards, I saw the “Nine Heavens Weight” in the Formation exploded and turned into a cloud, which turned out to be a phantom!

As for himself, he squeezed the fist marks with both hands and fell from the sky, suddenly covering the top of the head of the god holding the long spear!



With a few explosions, the body of that god shook, and the Qiqiao shot out blood!

The top of the head was shattered, and even Divine Soul was severely damaged. At the same time, its soul was like a candle in the wind, which would be extinguished at any time!

“I admit…” This person was terrified. He was badly injured by Nine-days. He just wanted to admit defeat, but didn’t expect two beams of cold glow to burst out from the nine-day-weight pupils. Shattered his Divine Soul and soul!

One person-death!

“Sorry, the shot is a bit heavy.” Jiutian Zhong looked towards the group of people in the Lingxiao Pavilion, jokingly: “Is it okay to write in the life and death contract?”



Tone barely fell down, I saw the talking “Nine Heavens” suddenly exploded and turned into a cloud!

Immediately afterwards, everyone saw a lightning flash by, a palm covered with layers of white mist passing through the back of the god of Jieyin!

A heart was stabbed out, and then the person’s head fell to pieces and was chopped by a cold glow, body dies and Dao disappears!

“What’s the matter with the people in the High Heaven Pavilion, I said? When fighting, are you not attentive at all?”

At this moment, Jiu Tian Zhong manifested behind Jiang Chen , Even Jiang Chen was shocked!

“This body is… weird!” Jiang Chen was shocked, he simply didn’t notice when Jiu Tianzhong came behind him!

Besides, Jiang Chen couldn’t tell when he was fighting before, which one is the real body of Jiutianzhong!

“The Phantom Destroyed!” Someone exclaimed in the crowd. This was the Peak Dao skill of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

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