I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 906

The Lingxiao Pavilion died of two god cultivators. This is acceptable to the Lingxiao Pavilion, after all, it has a profound background.

However, Qilin, who may turn into a real Divine Beast at both ends, was slaughtered. How could Lingxiao Pavilion sit still!

No, even Divine King was alarmed for half a step!

“The killing intent is quite heavy.” Jiang Chen expression calmly, looked up towards the black hair Elderly, and said: “Senior, what do you mean by killing intent?”

“Several juniors! Don’t be too impudent!” Black hair Elderly shouted angrily, and his heart was bleeding!

That is the Qilin who has been raised by Lingxiao Pavilion for several times. He can turn into a real Divine Beast, and he never wanted to be killed by a single blow!

“What are you doing!?”

Suddenly, this black hair Elderly’s complexion collapsed because he saw Jiang Chen walking beside the two Qilin corpses.

After that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and actually loaded the body into his space ring!

“Isn’t the life and death contract clearly written? Everything on the deceased’s side will belong to the winner.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “When I signed it, I saw it clearly.”

“There is still this kind of thing!?” Jiutian said condensedly, he did not look carefully.

And now I want to come, Lingxiao Pavilion is doing things too hard!

They not only want to kill Jiang Chen and the others, but also want to take everything from them!

inheritance, cultivation technique, magical technique, Taoist technique!

“Very good! Nine Heaven Sect is very good!” black hair Elderly’s face was as dark as his hair.

I saw him glaring at Jiang Chen, coldly said: “Go to the third!”

“Look at it, this is everyone’s demeanor! Divine Beast was killed and the body was taken, You see how generous they are.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.


When black hair Elderly heard this, his chest was up and down, and a mouthful of old blood almost didn’t come out!

What is generosity! ?

If not for so many people here, the old man would have killed you!

“This third opponent…what kind of cultivation base will it be?”

On the way, Jiutianzhong has been thinking about this issue.

The two ends of the second door Qilin, the cultivation base has reached the upper god.

Then the third opponent is at least the main Divine Grade, right? !

In the face of the Lord God, only the black face can deal with it!

Furthermore, this time Lingxiao Pavilion is prepared. If the Lord God is really sent out to fight, then it must not be weak!

Even, it is very likely to be an upper god, or even another god at Peak Level!

“No need to worry.” Jiang Chen seemed very relaxed, and asked: “Have we ever said that only three of us are here to worship?”

“This ……I don’t seem to have said it.” Jiutianzhong lightly said.

“That’s all right.” Jiang Chen looked jokingly, and said: “If they dare to send the Peak Master god, then…the loss of the High Sky Pavilion will be great!”

“Are you…prepared?” Jiutian asked again.

“You’ll know later.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

After more than ten breaths, everyone passed through the arch, along a straight avenue, and came to a square gate.

Just above the gate, the words “Lingxiao Pavilion” are also written.

However, the word “Inner Sect” is written on the suffix.

Obviously, behind the square gate, there is the Inner Sect of Lingxiao Pavilion!

Looking at it, there are a lot of dísciples of the Lingxiao Pavilion behind the square gate, and the lowest cultivation base is the upper Profound God!

Moreover, the imposing manners of those dísciples are extremely strong, and there are imposing manners emitted by several upper profound gods, which are not weaker than the gods!

“Is this the Inner Disciple of Lingxiao Pavilion? Each one is very strong!”

“Just take out one, you can be regarded as a goddess in the outside world!”



Everyone was moved. The Lingxiao Pavilion has been hidden for several times, but the background is still there!

These Inner Disciples, if they all grow up, they will definitely be a great help for Lingxiao Pavilion in the future!

“Senior, the third has arrived, where is your gatekeeper?”

At this moment, Jiu Tian looked towards the black hair Elderly.

“Isn’t I here!”

Black hair Elderly fell from the sky, and under the shock of everyone, slowly walked to the door of the third!

At this moment, many people scolded, Lingxiao Pavilion is really shameless!

The first two doors are gods, that’s fine.

But it’s better now. As soon as the first two gates were lost, the third directly sent a half-step Divine King!

“Is it bully the weak!?” Jiutianzhong said solemnly, clenched his fists, his face was a bit hideous!

I thought, even if Lingxiao Pavilion was too much, at most, it would send a Peak Master god.

But everyone didn’t expect, this third gatekeeper is actually a half-step Divine King!

“Do you…do you want to point your face?” Heimian was also blown up.

If it is the upper master god, Heimen can fight against one, even if it is facing the Peak Master God, as long as Heimen’s assassination method is high enough, he may have a chance of winning.

But, facing a half-step Divine King, how can this fight! ?

“Lingxiao Pavilion was once the overlord of Nine Heavens God World somehow, but now his style of behavior…Why is it a bit low?”

“That’s right, is this too nonsense?”


Some people can’t stand it anymore, they said softly.

“This era is an era that speaks by strength! I have the strength in the Lingxiao Pavilion, you are not satisfied!?” This black hair Elderly looked arrogant, with a high chin, and said: “Today, it is they Praying to the mountains is also when I was born in the Lingxiao Pavilion!”

“Oh, so that’s how it is, the Lingxiao Pavilion also made good calculations and worshipped the mountains through the Han Han and the others, thus in front of many Top Sect is born!”

“This is to shock the world! To shock those Top Sects! This is Liwei!”


At this moment, nine days Zhong’s expression is hard to see the extreme, standing still, neither is entering nor retreating.

Black Face is even more direct, shook his head and said: “Go back, half a step Divine King, I can’t beat it.”

The Jiu Tianxia on the side blinked his big eyes and said timidly “Master, that great grandfather looks terrifying.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, indifferently smiled, stepped forward, bowed his hand to this black hair Elderly, and said: “I’m sorry.”


When these words came out, everyone was stunned, and it was quite messy!

Jiutianzhong is even stared wide-eyed, and scolds: “What’s your situation!? Even if you can’t beat it, you don’t have to apologize!? What about your backbone!?”

” no no no, I apologize in advance.” Jiang Chen turned his head and said with a smile: “I’m afraid that when the time comes will destroy him, so… I’m sorry in advance.”

“After all, I am also very reasonable.”

“Boy! You are courting death is not a success!? Trifling True God, what do you want!?” Black hair Elderly exploded.

His cultivation for thousands of years has never seen such an insanely subordinate True God!

“I don’t know if he is courting death, but I’m sure you are courting death.”

At this moment, a silhouette was torn from the void. Open it, long purple-golden hair is dancing in the wind, in an imposing manner!

I saw him slowly falling, standing in front of Jiang Chen, patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder, and said: “Little Junior Brother, Senior Brother is here to support you.”

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