I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 907

This person is stalwart, and purple-golden’s hair is covered with divine light, as if the sun and the moon are hanging on the hair!

In his eyes, the mist evaporates, like a chaos, hiding an unknown universe!

He has no expression, very calm and natural, but when looking towards Jiang Chen, his eyes are curious.

“Who are you?”

When everyone thought this was the powerhouse where Jiang Chen invited to worship the mountain, Jiang Chen asked abruptly, full of doubts.

At this moment, a group of people was messed up.

People call you Little Junior Brother, you don’t know who he is! ?

Get the class! ?

“Eh…” The man also froze for a while, and then said with a smile: “I forgot to introduce myself.”

After that, the man was not in front of everyone. He said, but secretly sound transmission, saying: “I am your First Senior Brother, titled Heavenspan.”

When these words came out, Jiang Chen was dumbfounded.

You know, this time Jiang Chen came to the Lingxiao Pavilion to worship the mountain, but he was well prepared!

He not only borrowed a black face to make every bet win, but also secretly informed Luo Shu and the others.

I thought that Luoshu and the others would come this time, or even Lao Chai would come in person.

But didn’t expect, Luo Shu Lao Chai didn’t come, but came a First Senior Brother who had never met before!

“Dragon-Tiger Snake Bear Ghost, Heavenspan Church’s five-generation dísciple, above this… there is also a First Senior Brother named after Heavenspan.” Jiang Chen remembered it and looked at him in a daze. At the man, sound transmission said: “First Senior Brother, didn’t you enter the Eastern Sea forbidden area? Are you back?”

“Thanks to the Master and Senior, otherwise I might not be able to get out. “Heavenspan said, with a worried expression on his face: “Master, he was injured, and now he is returning to Heavenspan Church to heal. I will take care of the matter today.”

Then the two secretly sound transmission ended. , Heavenspan turned around, looked towards the black hair Elderly of the third mouth, and asked: “They are all from the older generation, are you sure you want to be the third Guardian?”

“This is my Lingxiao Pavilion business What to do with you!?” black hair Elderly said solemnly, complexion is gloomy, sweaty palms!

Others may not be able to see Heavenspan’s cultivation base, but he can clearly understand it!

Because, both of them are half-step God King Level others!

It’s just that Heavenspan has a special breath that conceals his cultivation base and even gives people a feeling of illusory!

black hair Elderly knows very well that most of these people are about to blend into the avenue and will soon become the Divine King!

And he is still half a step away from Divine King!

“In that case…then I am also here to worship the mountain.” Heavenspan said: “I heard that a life and death contract is going to be signed, right? Bring it and I will sign it.”

As soon as it appeared, the people present were moved.

The highest cultivation base here is black hair Elderly. Others simply cannot see through Heavenspan’s cultivation base.

Even Jiang Chen was puzzled and could not see through, reminding: “First Senior Brother, this old fellow is a half-step Divine King.”

“Little Junior Brother, this World It’s like a muddy sea. The water is deep and muddy. It’s hard to see clearly.” Heavenspan said, “Perhaps it’s very rare for you to see a half-step Divine King. But for me, it’s like this. Kind of stuff, no less killing.”

“Uh…this…sixty-six-six?” Jiang Chen is messed up, is this his First Senior Brother? !

Too sturdy, right? ?

“No need, stop here.” Black hair Elderly has no idea, how dare to sign a life and death contract!

If he really signs the life and death contract, if he loses, if he dies, there will really be nothing!

The cultivation is not easy, and finally cultivated to the Divine King in a half-step. The prosperous age is coming soon, and he is still waiting to become the Divine King in the prosperous age!

So, this black hair Elderly does not want any accidents!

And, not only this black hair Elderly has this idea, but the half-step Divine King in this world is basically this idea.

All are waiting for the prosperity of the world to break the shackles and become the Divine King in one fell swoop!

“Since you don’t sign, let’s start.” Heavenspan lightly said, when the voice fell, I saw a real dragon phantom manifest behind him!


With a dragon roar, the illusory shadow rises into the sky, almost materialized!

At the same time, a terrifying coercion erupted, and the void all around was cracking, and even the big runes were manifested, flashing indefinitely, seeming to be shattered by the imposing manner of Heavenspan !

“The real powerhouse!”

“Horror! Better than the half-step Divine King of the Divine Emperor clan back then!”



Many people are shocked, and even more puzzled, where these senior brothers and senior sisters from Jiang Chen are in a mess!

Even Jiutianzhong was dumbfounded, he also didn’t expect that Jiang Chen’s back hand was actually a half-step Divine King with extremely sturdy battle strength!

Of course, Jiang Chen himself didn’t expect, this time it was the Head Disciple of Heavenspan Church!

“This…how to fight!”

At this moment, black hair Elderly’s complexion is extremely ugly. He stands in place, never moving!

Because of the imposing manner of Heavenspan, black hair Elderly knew that he was not an opponent of Heavenspan!

Fortunately, he didn’t sign the life and death contract, otherwise the fight would start, he don’t die also seriously injured!

However, now he is even more afraid to make a move.

How to fight this? Lost in imposing manner!

If there is a fight, isn’t it looking for abuse!

“Hey, can you still fight?” Heavenspan frowned, looking at the dumbfounded black hair Elderly, and said: “If you don’t fight, just get out of the way. My Little Junior Brother will continue to worship the mountain. “

“hehe…this Fellow Daoist was a joke before.” Black hair Elderly was witty, with a smile on his face, and said: “How can I be bullish the weak?”


“Actually, this third Guardian is not me. It was just a joke just now.”

Speaking, he beckoned to a teenager in the third, saying: “This third Guardian, it’s up to you.”

When this word came out, everyone was slandered.

What’s wrong? Acknowledged?

Even Heavenspan was speechless, but he ran all the way over, and never thought that the other party would admit it before he did it.

However, Heavenspan didn’t want to pursue it anymore. Since the other party had retreated, he wouldn’t act either.

“I’ve heard the name Hanhan. I heard that there is a turmoil in God World. Today I am very curious about the Hanhan Pavilion. I want to see Hanhan’s strength.” black hair Elderly has a very skinny face. Thick, he didn’t mention anything before, but instead shifted the topic to Jiang Chen.

“I heard that Han Han is called the only True God, the strongest True God, invincible under the gods.” black hair Elderly said: “The dísciple I picked now happens to be the upper Profound God , I don’t know if you dare to come out for a fight?”

“Old-faced, look at what you said, why don’t you dare?” Jiang Chen didn’t leave any face to the other party, and said to Old Feng shameless!

At the same time, Jiang Chen walked out, looked at the black hair Elderly with a faint smile, and jokingly said: “Have you asked your dísciple to agree? Does he want to fight me?”


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