I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 909


Jiang Chen sneered!

With his full professional proficiency, trifling Formation is nothing! ?

On this world, the Array Masters on the surface, even the Peak Master who specializes in Formation, are not as good as him in Formation!

Be aware that when Jiang Chen was the Divine King, he did not do anything “black heart”!

What kind of “borrowing” Formation book, or “forcibly” observing Formation, this kind of thing Jiang Chen is simply a habitual offender!

Now, these Formations of Lingxiao Pavilion are simply too simple for Jiang Chen!

“Go to the fifth door!” Black hair Elderly’s complexion is dark, with bright light glittering in her pupils, looking at Jiang Chen from time to time.

Jiang Chen’s heart is tight, and then bitterly laughed, secretly thought that something will happen today.

Fortunately, Heavenspan First Senior Brother is here, Jiang Chen is not afraid of anything.

I’m afraid that when the time comes, those Old Monsters will come. I don’t know if Heavenspan First Senior Brother can resist.

However, even if Heavenspan can’t handle it, it will still weigh nine days.

Jiang Chen doesn’t believe it, Jiu Tianzhong, this guy hasn’t left behind!

The emperor of the dignified Nine Heavens Dynasty, since he dared to come to worship the mountain, he was absolutely prepared!

At least, life-saving is okay!

Soon, everyone came to the fifth door.

As soon as they came here, everyone felt that the imposing manner here was a bit wrong, as if it was going to collapse this day!

Looking up, the sky above the fifth door is red, and there is a blood moon hanging over it!

There is a pool of blood on the ground. It seems that there have been some great battles here before, and some creatures died here!

“Big Killing Formation!”

“Although the old man does not understand Formation, he can also see that this fifth array…the main attack!”

“Blood moon appears, blood on the ground, this is…the blood path under the moon!”

Someone has revealed the origin of this Formation, and each expression is big Change, especially Jiu Tianzhong and black face, his complexion is even more ugly.

“Lingxiao Pavilion! You set up such Formation to kill us!?” Jiutian Zhong said straight, his eyes were so gloomy, it seemed to drip stagnant water!

The black face is also coldly snorted, and the silhouette fades in place, obviously ready to fight!

“Everyone, what you said makes no sense.” black hair Elderly said: “Whether it is Killing Formation or Defensive Array, it is considered Formation!”

“I Before waiting, I didn’t say whether to let them break the Defensive Array or Killing Formation, or other Formation.”


Hearing this, many people are also speechless.

Indeed, Killing Formation is also one of Formation, and they have no reason to refute it.

“This Formation…where did you get it?” Jiang Chen expressed a strange expression and asked: “I remember this Formation, it seems to be created by Divine King Tianchen.”

“In my Lingxiao Pavilion, what kind of Formation is there!?” black hair Elderly said contemptuously: “Tianchen Divine King is also a well-known figure among Divine Kings of the past. He is proficient in all professions, especially Formation, which is a superb !”

“Aiya…you don’t say this…” Jiang Chen’s old face blushed slightly. Is it really embarrassing to be praised so much?

Of course, the premise is that this black hair Elderly does not know the identity of Jiang Chen.

If you know that Jiang Chen is the reincarnation of Tianchen, your face will be green!

“This Formation…I remember it should be broken like this.” Jiang Chen lightly said, then a finger pointed, a cold glow accompanied by the formation mark, fell on the sky near the bloody moon. Where is the ruler!



In an instant, a roar sounded, and a bright sun suddenly appeared three feet near the blood moon!

The strong divine light and rays of light conceal the brilliance of the blood moon!

Immediately afterwards, Jiang Chen was a finger pointed again, and it landed on several pools of blood on the ground.

In a few breaths, I saw a ray of blood dissipated, and then the blood moon in the sky shattered, and the entire Formation turned into a sky-filled formation mark, dissipating with the wind!

“This…this is cracked!?”

“No way!? That is the array created by Divine King of Tianchen! It is said that few people in this world can crack it!”



At this moment, everyone exclaimed and looked at Jiang Chen in shock.

How they didn’t expect, a lower True God, between raising their hands, they broke the Tianchen Divine King array!

“You… as expected!”

Suddenly, black hair Elderly stared at Jiang Chen, with bright light glittering in his eyes, and his eyes were open and closed, and there seemed to be big runes floating up and down!

After a few breaths, he suddenly laughed and bowed his hand to Jiang Chen. Loudly said: “Should I call you Hanhan now? Or should I call you Divine King?”


“What do you say, this old-fashioned?”


For a time, everyone’s expression condensed, Staring at the black hair Elderly.

“Heh.” Jiang Chen chuckled lightly and said: “Use my array to test me. It seems that you have been aware of it from the moment I entered the Lingxiao Pavilion?”

“Sure enough.” black hair Elderly lightly said, “It’s really didn’t expect, it’s really you!”

“Yes, so what?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows Since the identity has been exposed, there is nothing to hide.

even more how, before coming here, Jiang Chen had a hunch that his identity was about to be revealed.

After all, not all creatures in this world are fools!


“Han Han is Tianchen!?”


At this moment, Jiang Chen can feel Then, under the exclamation of one after another, several killing intents fell on him!

Looking back, Jiang Chen smiled at the people and said: “Are the 36 main gods okay? I really want to see them.”

“Tianchen! Today is your time to die!”

“If you don’t know how to dormant, you have exposed your identity. Now in this world, no one can save you!”


In the field, many of them are the 36 Peak Master gods.

After they heard the news, they immediately sent the news back to their forces!

Presumably, it won’t be long before the main gods who besieged Jiang Chen will come!

“It seems that I don’t need to continue the worship today.” Jiang Chen lightly said, pointing to black hair Elderly, and said: “many thanks, Lingxiao Pavilion.”

” What do you mean?” black hair Elderly wondered.

“Since my ascension to Nine Heavens God World, I have always used a pseudonym, but I am a promise, and I am afraid that my identity will be exposed.”

“But now, I also want to understand. , What about exposed? I can resist when the sky falls!”

“I, I should do it myself!”

Speaking of which, Jiang Chen looked towards Heavenspan, Slightly apologetic, he said: “I’m sorry, First Senior Brother, I should tell you my identity earlier.”

“Do you think Sect Master doesn’t know your identity?” Heavenspan said angrily : “Sect Master’s eyes are sharp.”

“Uh…you all know?” Jiang Chen said in amazement.

“Currently, Sect Master and I know about it, but now…Luo Shu and the others should also know.” Heavenspan said, pointing to the sky above his head, and said: “And… they should be coming soon “

Speaking of which, Heavenspan looked towards Jiang Chen very seriously and asked: “Have you seen hundreds of flowers bloom?”

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