I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 910

Jiang Chen does not understand what Heavenspan means.

A hundred flowers bloom?

“Notify Old Ancestor that Tianchen’s reincarnation has been found!”

“Quick! Report it!”


With this At the same time, many people have already begun to act, using secret techniques, or directly took out the decree, to pass the matter back to the forces.

At this moment, black hair Elderly smiled, looking towards Jiutianzhong and Jiang Chen, jokingly: “This worship, do you want to continue?”

“Why not continue? Jiang Chen said: “It’s all here, the nine gates of the Lingxiao Pavilion, should you finish it?”

“Heh, you are powerless to defend himself, and you still want to worship the mountain?” black hair Elderly Contemptuously said: “I’m afraid it won’t be long before anyone who comes to kill you will be able to line up from the gate of my Lingxiao Pavilion to the nine gates.”

“Perhaps… few people will come.” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows , Said: “Sometimes, things are not as simple as you think.”

After that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and said: “Lead the way, go to Six Sect.”

“Heh.” Black hair Elderly chuckled lightly.

To be honest, Lingxiao Pavilion didn’t care at all about Jiang Chen and the others coming to worship the mountain.

Because the Lingxiao Pavilion is extremely powerful and has a profound background, they are sure that Jiang Chen and the others will not be able to reach the ninth gate.

However, what happened next made black hair Elderly’s face very ugly.

After Jiang Chen came to the Six Sect, he raised his hand a piece of formation mark and spilled it, like a sharp blade, and cracked the Six Sect array directly!

After that, Jiang Chen did not wait for black hair Elderly to speak, and moved towards Seven Sects!

“The last three, Naiyue!” black hair Elderly jokingly said: “The so-called Yue is to let you leapfrog one another.”

“Can you leapfrog one another? Yes. “Jiang Chen jokingly said: “My lower True God, if it goes beyond Level 1, it would be…the lower Heavenly God?”

Speaking of this, Jiang Chen smiled on his face and said:” It’s better to call out all the lower Heavenly Gods in your High Peak Pavilion, and I cleaned them up.”

“Seven Sects, Level 1, Eight Sects, Level 2, Ninth Gate, Go to Level 3.” black hair Elderly lightly said, the meaning of crafty flashed in his eyes.

After all, Lingxiao Pavilion didn’t care about the first few doors.

Their last resort is the last three!

The more you fight at Level 3, how many people in this world can do it! ?

However, for Jiang Chen, it is only Level 3, what does it matter?

“The higher the Level 1, the lower Heavenly God. The higher the Level 2, the lower Profound God, the higher the Level 3…the lower God?” Jiang Chen frowned.

Jiang Chen knows his battle strength and is almost invincible under the gods.

But, now, Jiang Chen really hasn’t beaten the gods much.

However, it now seems that these last three can only be shot by him.

After all, if Jiutian were to re-shoot, with his realm level 3 higher, wouldn’t he have to fight Divine King?

Can that win?

“Okay, old fogey, you are also a bit too close in your heart. You don’t need to fight the Eighth Sects in the seventh and go directly to the ninth gate. I will go over Level 3 and beat you to the position of Lord Ling Xiao. God!” Jiang Chen said straightly.

black hair Elderly hearing this, no opinion.

He also knows that Jiang Chen’s strength is very strong, the more two simply do not matter.

But, the higher the level 3, the black hair Elderly is still very confident, Jiang Chen is absolutely impossible to be the opponent of the lower god!

Soon, everyone moved forward and came to the ninth gate.

Looking at it, after the ninth gate, there is a small palace, standing above the clouds, the whole body is shrouded in divine light.

Several huge ancient characters, as if portrayed by big runes, float in the air.

There is the main hall of the Lingxiao Pavilion, the Rising Firmament Palace!

“Hurry up, time is too late.” Jiang Chen said solemnly.

Jiang Chen knows that once his identity is revealed, those who want to kill him will inevitably come!

And the 36 main gods, it is estimated that most of them will come!

Now, what Jiang Chen wants to do is not to worry about those who come to kill, but to fix the worship of the mountain first.

After all, things must be instantaneous, and orderliness is king.

“these all are the lower gods, you can pick one.” black hair Elderly jokingly said, pointing to the dozen dísciples in front of the ninth gate.

These dísciples are carefully selected by him, and the battle strength of each is very strong.

Jiang Chen hearing this, he was too lazy to think about it, just pointed to one, and said: “It’s you.”

“Please enlighten me.” This young man took a step forward, and his etiquette was quite good Decent.

However, just after these words were said, everyone saw a blue light above Jiang Chen’s head, the light was faint, and then a terrifying sword energy cut through the void!


A sword glow, like a cold light for nine days, wherever you go, everything like a will be chopped up!



Under a muffled noise, everyone had no time to react, and they saw that the dísciple of the Lingxiao Pavilion was cut off by Jiang Chen!

“Now, are you done?” Jiang Chen asked.

Anyway, the identity is exposed, so Dao Soul doesn’t need to be hidden.

One move Myriad Transformations Heavenly Slash, quickly and neatly, save trouble!

At this moment, black hair Elderly’s face is extremely ugly, gloomy as stagnant!

He didn’t expect, Jiang Chen actually has this hand!

At the same time, people all around express grave, and their eyes are full of horror!

“I remember the Dao Soul before Tianchen…It was Myriad Transformations Celestial Light, but… never lighted the wick!”

“His wick…lighted up!? “

This place is boiling, almost everyone knows that Jiang Chen’s Dao Soul was “abolished”!

Just because, if you want to light up the Myriad Transformations, you need another powerhouse of Divine Grade, and willingly use all of your own as a guide, in order to light up the Myriad Transformations!

At that time, Jiang Chen was able to become the Divine King without Dao Soul lit up. His strength was the strongest!

So now, with the light of Myriad Transformations, if Jiang Chen becomes the Divine King, who else can compete with the Divine King in this world! ?

At that time, even if the 36 Peak Masters took the initiative and killed Jiang Chen again, history would not repeat itself!

“Okay.” Jiutianzhong said, walked to Jiang Chen’s side, patted his shoulder, and said: “Leave the rest to me.”

“Okay. “Jiang Chen nodded, looking at Jiutianzhong’s calm expression, Jiang Chen knew that today he shouldn’t be an accident.

“There is an ancient Divine King in the Lingxiao Pavilion. There should be a dísciple under his name, Saito, right?” Jiutian asked.

“It’s true.” black hair Elderly nodded and said.

“Then you know, that Saito poisoned my little girl?” Jiutianzhong asked again.

“I don’t know.” Black hair Elderly shook his head, then relieved, and said: “The Nine Heavens Sect came to worship the mountain for this?”

Nine Heavens Hearing this, clicked nodded , And then shook the head again, saying: “Worship the mountain, just to give my little sister a breath. As for the real purpose, I just come to tell you…”

Speaking of this, there was a heavy pause for nine days. After a moment, with a big hand, a decree soared from his hand, like a picture of a country, unfolding in the air!

One after another divine light spreads out from the divine decree, and the four large and bright characters are engraved on the divine decree, and there is a terrifying pressure permeating it!

Under the coercion, the void of the decree all around collapsed, and even the big runes were annihilated!

Even the order and chains of the avenues are constantly falling apart!

“What is this!?”

“Nine Heavens Dynasty!?”


At this moment, everyone was shocked, Looking at the words on the decree, everyone understands what it means!

“The rumors are true!? Behind the Nine Heavens Sect, there is the Nine Heavens Dynasty!” Someone cry out in surprise!

At this moment, Jiu Tian Zhong stood proudly in front of the ninth gate, and when the corner of his eyes looked towards the black hair Elderly, a hint of contempt flashed in his eyes.

“I came here today to tell you that I was born in the Nine Heavens Dynasty!”

As he said, an emperor’s breath suddenly burst out of Jiu Tian Zhong, one after Another Sovereign Dao is overwhelmed with majesty!

“I am the prince of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!”

At this moment, all around fell silent.

No one thought that such a major event would happen today!

One is Jiang Chen and the others Baishan Lingxiao Pavilion, and the second is Jiang Chen’s identity exposure!

And this last thing is something that can shake Nine Heavens God World. It is the Overlord level force that once dominated the Nine Heavens God World. The Nine Heavens Dynasty is born!

“It’s going to change!”

“Is it really going to be born!? It feels…this era is not only brilliant, but also full of war!”


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