I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 911

The Nine Heavens Dynasty, what a powerful force, dominated the Nine Heavens God World for tens of thousands of years!

In that era, as soon as the nine-day battle flag came out, no one in the world could not acknowledge allegiance!

However, as the years have changed, a generation of Peak dynasty has finally fallen, replaced by another power, and even sealed.

However, everyone didn’t expect that the Nine Heavens Dynasty, which I thought had completely disappeared, still exists, and chose to be born at this time!

A decree proclaims the world, the return of the Nine Heavens!

This is not only to inform the world’s creatures, but also to declare war!

“The Nine Heavens Dynasty was born. Is this going to unify the Nine Heavens God World again?!”

“Whether the dynasty…is the foundation still there? If not, it will be difficult. Unify Nine Heavens God World in this era.”


Everyone was shocked, but many people were not optimistic about the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

After all, after so long, how much heritage is left in the Nine Heavens Dynasty? How many powerhouses are there in the dynasty today?

Furthermore, now the prosperous age is coming, and the great hidden powers are born one after another, such as this Lingxiao Pavilion, it is already born!

Many people are thinking that the current Nine Heavens Dynasty may not even be as good as Lingxiao Pavilion!

“If it were placed at the beginning, when the decree of the Nine Heavens Dynasty came out, the world would have to acknowledge allegiance.” Black hair Elderly contemptuously said: “But now, I am afraid it will not work!”

After all, I saw him rising in the sky, standing in the air, loudly said: “Today, I also announced the Lingxiao Pavilion-born!”

Although everyone knows that the Lingxiao Pavilion was born, they should listen to it. At this point, my heart still couldn’t help but throb.

Another Peak force is born!

“Hey, in the final analysis today, coming to worship the mountain is a trivial matter.” Someone joked, “If the two Peak forces had not announced the birth, the biggest thing today is the exposure of Tianchen’s identity!”

“It’s just a pity. Compared with the birth of these two Peak forces, what does a trifling Tianchen count?”

“even more how, for him today, his cultivation base is too It’s low.”

Someone ridiculed, and even pointed to Jiang Chen, stating that his Old Ancestor was already on the way!

In this regard, Jiang Chen is very calm.

There is no wave in his eyes, and his expression is normal, standing there like a vigorous old tree.

“Tianchen, if you are willing to join my Lingxiao Pavilion, the worship of the mountain can be revealed, and my Lingxiao Pavilion has the ability to protect you!” black hair Elderly sounded transmission secretly, with fiery eyes, and said: “Nine Heavens Dynasty Can’t shelter you!”

“You think too much.” Jiang Chen responded calmly.



At this moment, there was an explosion in the void, a crack appeared, and then I saw a person covered in darkness. The man walked out of the void!

Beside him, all the light has been swallowed, and it is like a black hole!

Under his feet, the avenue was trembling, and behind him, there was a black beam of light shaking, one after another ripples spreading, impacting the void all around!

“The Lord of Darkness!”

“My Old Ancestor is here! Tianchen will die today! Forever!”


Lineage, the Lord of Darkness, someone is here, very happy.

However, after the Lord of Darkness came here, he did not at all directly, but stood in the air without saying a word.

His eyes are hollow, seeming to be absent, as if thinking about something.


After a dozen breaths, a faint sigh came from a distance, and then darkness fell, covering the light of this a side world !

There is even a cold breath permeating, as if all around has turned into an eternal and dark cage!

“Dark Lord God!”

“Darkness and Darkness, twin brother!”

Everyone exclaimed, this But the Peak Master God from the same power!

Black Temple!

these two people, just one person can contend with the main god of light, Martial God and other Peak main gods!

The most important thing is that these two people are biological brothers. They are in the same department. Now they have joined hands. It shows that they attach great importance to Jiang Chen!

However, what is surprising is that after these two people came here, they just stood side by side, not at all.

It seems that they are afraid of something.

Or, in their eyes, Jiang Chen is like a trivial ant, and it is not worth their shot.

“At the beginning, you bowed your head and called you a courtier, so you had to call you Divine King. Now, are you afraid that the word Divine King is unworthy? Jiang Chen!”

An extremely arrogant, even provocative voice sounded from another void.

After that, half of the originally dark sky was shrouded in light!

A man covered in holy light, with his hands Tearing the Void, fell here!

“The Lord of Light!”

“Isn’t he in retreat? How come out?”


Many people Doubt, many people know that there must be many main gods who came to kill Jiang Chen today, but the bright main god It shouldn’t be coming.

Because he is in retreat, attacking the position of Divine King!

Among the 36 Peak Master gods at the beginning, there were only the Bright Lord God and Martial God, and they are most likely to become the Divine King in the shortest time!

But what makes people didn’t expect is that for Jiang Chen, the Guangming Lord God is out!

At this moment, the Lord Guangming came here, but he didn’t do anything.

He was shrouded in holy light, and his previous arrogance disappeared, just like an outsider, standing quietly in the air.

“A group of courtiers that’s all.” Jiang Chen lightly said, looking up towards the Three Peaks Peak Master God, and said: “What? Since it’s here to kill me today, why not shoot?”

“I just want to wait and see, there were a few fish that escaped the net in your Divine Sect at the beginning!” Guangming Lord God coldly said.

At the beginning, Jiang Chen, as the Divine King, naturally established his own sect, Tianchen Divine Sect.

His several disciplines, as well as Shen Nianzhe, Luna and the others, are all Tianchen Divine Sect.

It’s just that, after Jiang Chen’s fall, Tianchen Divine Sect was destroyed. Several of Jiang Chen’s disciplines were basically dead. A few of them disappeared. Now, life and death are unknown.

However, the main god of Guangming and the others know how brilliant Divine Sect was at the beginning, and there is definitely a fish that escaped the net!

Today, since Jiang Chen’s identity has been exposed, those a fish that escaped the net will definitely come to protect Jiang Chen!

What they have to do today is not only kill Jiang Chen, but also kill a fish that escaped the net of Divine Sect of Tianchen.

In this way, trouble will completely vanish!

“Jiang Chen, only one of your dísciples was still alive.” The Dark Lord said, his voice became cold, and the dark Domain around him continued to spread!

“Some of them escaped, but…it’s a pity that they all died in my hands.” The voice of the Dark Lord God was very cold and full of killing intent.

Jiang Chen hearing this, his heart throbbed, and the sadness in his eyes did not hide the slightest.

“Should only my eldest apprentice is still alive, right?” Jiang Chen sighed.

However, his eldest apprentice is still missing now!

“Today, it is really lively, the former Peak forces are born, then…how can we be missing?”



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