I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 912

A frivolous and unruly voice seemed to be uploaded from Nine Heavens, then the situation changed suddenly, and the entire group fell from the clouds.

The headed person is a middle-aged man, wearing an old daoist robe, a white jade hair crown, white temples, divine poise and sagelike features.

Behind him, there are five people behind, each imposing manner is extremely powerful.

Especially Number One Person who is following him, like a scholar, holding a folding fan, he is handsome, but it gives people a sharp feeling.

“Meet Sect Master.” Heavenspan reacted immediately and saluted the middle-aged man.

As for Jiang Chen, he is confused.

He stared at the entire group blankly, especially when he saw Song Tingtao, he couldn’t help but muttered: “Why do you dress so formal today?”

” Which force do you belong to?” The black hair Elderly of the Lingxiao Pavilion asked, feeling a powerful force from Song Tingtao’s body!

This strength is comparable to Divine King, and even black hair Elderly has a feeling that the strength of this man is not weaker than Divine King!

“Heavenspan Church.” Song Tingtao lightly said, standing in the air, pointing to Jiang Chen and Heavenspan, and saying: “these two people are also my dísciple of Heavenspan Church.”

As soon as these words came out, all around exclaim suddenly sounded.

Many people have heard of Heavenspan Church, and they know how powerful and terrifying Heavenspan Church was at the beginning!

During the heyday of Heavenspan Church, it was a real shock!

Even in that era, there were other Divine Kings, and even other existences beyond God King Level, but in front of Heavenspan Church, they dare not impudent!

In the history of Nine Heavens God World, if several forces were truly invincible for a while, there must be Heavenspan Church among them!

Even, someone once listed a ranking. From ancient times to the present, Heavenspan Church is enough to rank in the top three!

You know, this is the historical ranking of the entire Nine Heavens God World!

“didn’t expect Heavenspan Church is not dead yet.” A cold glow flashed in black hair Elderly’s eyes, and then coldly snorted contemptuously said: “Unfortunately, Heavenspan Church is no longer before!”

“Sect Master what is this? Heavenspan Church has been hiding from the world, avoiding enemies, why is it suddenly born now? Is it for me?” Jiang Chen secretly thought.

At this moment, before Song Tingtao could speak, Luo Shu took a step forward and looked towards that black hair Elderly, with cold glow flashing in his eyes, and the Jiangshan folding fan in his hand opened slowly.

After that, an illusory shadow of the mountains and mountains manifested around him, and the imposing manner rose into the sky like a Changhong!

It is like a scholar, but at the moment like a War God!

He pointed at the black hair Elderly, and lightly shouted, “What are you!?”

Everyone was moved, even Heavenspan was a little surprised.

You must know that this black hair Elderly is a half-step Divine King, and Luoshu’s battle strength is strong, but in his impression, he can only contend with the Lord God.

Even, if you encounter the Peak Master God, Luo Shu must be invincible.

But now…Where is Luoshu’s confidence?

Furthermore, Heavenspan Church has a lot of background, but Heavenspan knows it very well.

Now, in the entire Heavenspan Church, the strongest is Song Tingtao, but also not Divine King.

But there is one thing that Heavenspan still knows, that is when Heavenspan Church suffered a catastrophe, Heavenspan Church also took action!

Moreover, it’s still a black hand, extremely sinister!

“Heavenspan Church’s original Paragons were all killed in battle. Now that Heavenspan Church only has this background and strength, then…the day of birth is the time when you wait for destruction!” The main god of light coldly said.

Everyone heard this, and they knew it instantly. It seems that the Guangming clan and Heavenspan Church also have enemies!

“It seems that there are many grievances today, and they will all end.” said the Dark Lord God.

“Yes, Tianchen reincarnation and Tianchen Divine Sect, as well as the original Heavenspan Church, are all resolved today.” The Dark Lord lightly said.

Apparently, the Black Temple and Heavenspan Church also have grudges!

“It seems that there are really many enemies of Heavenspan Church, Lingxiao Pavilion, Bright Clan, Black Temple… I am afraid there are many more!” Jiang Chen was shocked.

In the beginning, what disaster did Heavenspan Church experience? ?


“He is here too!”


Suddenly, everyone saw the distance In the sky, a silhouette suddenly appeared.

He did not approach here, but he gave people a Supreme coercion!

Look carefully, this person is burly, strong features, shirtless, like a rough man.

But no one dares to think so!

Because this person is Martial God!

Only one powerhouse is not the title of the main god, but its strength is enough to compete with any title of the main god!

There are even rumors that the strength of Nine Heavens within the realm and Martial God can only be countered by the trifling divine ability!

“This guy didn’t retreat?”

“Hey, he never stepped into the realm of titled gods, and now he hasn’t stepped into the realm of titled main gods. Naturally, he has no hope of becoming a Divine King. The Divine Lord said with contempt: “This kind of person is now strong, but when the flourishing age arrives, we will all fly into the Divine King, and he… is destined to be a little Lord God forever!”

“Darkness, you can come and try it.” Martial God didn’t come close here, as if he was afraid of something.

However, facing the dark god, Martial God is extremely domineering!

In front of so many people, after Martial God said this, he added: “If you think you are not against me, your brothers can come together!”

As soon as these words came out, the whole audience was upset!

An ordinary main god, dare to provoke two title main gods! ?

Is this arrogance? Still confident! ?

“This guy…as always.” Jiang Chen lightly said, knowing the character of Martial God.

At the same time, Jiang Chen knows one more thing, Martial God is not as simple as it seems!

Everyone thinks that Martial God is not the title of the main god, in fact… he may be more terrifying than the title of the main god!

“The wind is rising…”

At this moment, here one after another squally wind rolled up, and even the clouds were rolled, like waves.

An azure robed man came with the wind, his eyes Ling Ran, when he saw Jiang Chen, he hit out with a palm!

“Lingfeng Lord God!” Jiang Chen stared, facing the hand of Lingfeng Lord God, he did not resist or avoid.

Only because, at the moment when the Lord Lingfeng hit this palm, an old fogey suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Chen, with a punch!

The vastness of the fists, like a sea wave, submerged Heaven and Earth, and even the palm prints of the Lord Lingfeng were submerged!

This person is Lao Chai!

“No matter who he was, he is now the dísciple of my Heavenspan Church!” Lao Chai is no longer as rude as before. At this moment, his expression is serious, and his imposing manner is climbing!

He stared at the main god of Lingfeng, coldly said: “If you want to kill him, fight me first!”

“No nonsense! Fight!” The main god of Lingfeng is different from other titles. Tore the void directly!

Immediately afterwards, Lao Chai rushed out and fought a fierce battle with the Lord Lingfeng in the void!

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