I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 913

Jiang Chen didn’t know how strong Lao Chai was.

He only knew that when he left Heavenspan Church, Lao Chai was in retreat.

As for the current strength of Lao Chai, Jiang Chen is really not clear, but I think it should be weaker than Song Tingtao?

And Song Tingtao’s strength, Jiang Chen is still at a loss.

He even didn’t understand what Song Tingtao was doing here today?

Does he have the capital, can he challenge the Peak Master?

Or, can you compete with other powerhouses at God King Level?

If not, what is Song Tingtao doing here today?

Now, what Jiang Chen is most worried about is not himself, but Lao Chai.

“Great Elder will be fine, right?” Jiang Chen asked Heavenspan beside him.

Heavenspan hearing this, the expression is extremely strange.

After he was silent for a while, whispered: “Who knows, the strength of a group of Heavenspan Church is very vague…”

“Eh…” Jiang Chen was stunned. Then he asked: “What about the strength of Sect Master?”

“This…I don’t know much.” Heavenspan said with a bitter smile: “In short, Sect Master is very strong!”

Hearing this, Jiang Chen felt more relieved.

At the same time, a blaze appeared in the distance, and half of the sky was burned into fiery-red!

When everyone saw this, they knew that this was the Lord of Flames!

In the entire Nine Heavens God World, he is the only one who can burn the heavens into red!

“Tianchen! I haven’t seen it for a long time!”

Before the person arrived, an extremely arrogant voice had arrived.

After a few breaths, only a man covered in flames appeared here.

He came to the side of the Lord Guangming, and the two stood shoulder to shoulder.

At the same time, his gaze is fixed on Jiang Chen.

When seeing Jiang Chen’s True God’s cultivation base, everyone could clearly see that the flame master sighed in relief!

Obviously, he was very jealous before coming here, and was deeply afraid that Jiang Chen’s strength would return to Peak!

“Yes, I haven’t seen it for a long time.” Jiang Chen lightly said, expression calmly looked towards the Lord of Flames, and said: “Do you miss me?”

, The corners of the Lord’s lips twitched.

Miss you! ?

What are you kidding?

I never want to see you in this life!

At the beginning, when Jiang Chen had not fallen, normally, if there was nothing to do, he asked the Lord of Flames to “talk and exchange”.

In those days, for the Lord of Flames, it was extremely dark!

“Everyone, this is Lingxiao Pavilion.” Black hair Elderly’s face is also very ugly.

It’s just that after these few Peak Master gods came here, they didn’t have a sense of awe in the Lingxiao Pavilion!

Even, they are still flying in the sky of the Lingxiao Pavilion. This is a naked contempt for the Lingxiao Pavilion!

“old fogey, what are you? Here are you talking about?” Guangming Lord God is very strong, his eyes are ups and downs, and said: “Could you think you are a half-step Divine King, I will be afraid later You?”

“That’s right, even the real Divine King was killed by me! What’s more, you!?” The Flame Lord looked contemptuous.

The Dark Lord hearing this on the side also joked and said: “We were not afraid of the Divine King three thousand years ago. Three years ago, we were afraid of your half-step Divine King?”


black hair Elderly hearing this, his face grew gloomy.

I saw him silent for a while, and then suddenly said with a smile: “In that case…then…show your card.”


tone barely fell down, a trembling sound rang!

Immediately, a God King Level and other imposing manner erupted from the High Heaven Pavilion, and an Elderly arrived in an instant, and came to the main hall of the High Heaven Pavilion!

“It’s him!” Jiang Chen stared at him. The Divine King Saito called at the time was exactly this person!

However, the female emperor said that this ancient Divine King was injured by her, and now the injury should not have been completely recovered.

Then, a Divine King who is injured, has insufficient blood energy, and is not in Peak strength, can it stun the entire group of the Lord of Light?

The answer is obvious-no!

At the beginning, Jiang Chen was in the Peak moment, and it was difficult to shock the entire group of the main god of light!

“An old bastard, the blood energy is dry, and the body is still wounded, dare you to come out?” The flame master raised his eyebrows and said: “Although it is the Divine King, but…you are nothing. “

“That’s it? Is it the background of the Lingxiao Pavilion? Compared with the original Tianchen, it is far behind.” The dark Lord God contemptuously said: “If the Lingxiao Pavilion only has this background, then… let’s continue to hide. .”

In the face of everyone’s ridicule and contempt, black hair Elderly was silent, because now the Divine King of the High Court appeared, he didn’t need to speak anymore.

“Everyone, can I understand that you are provoking me Lingxiao Pavilion?” The old Divine King expression is very indifferent, said with a smile: “My little one.”

” Yan Mo? Never heard of it.”

“It is estimated that a long time ago, he was also an unknown young god king, right?”


However, This ancient Divine King tone barely fell down, and the face of the Lord Flame Lord suddenly changed.

He stared at the ancient Divine King, the expression grave, and asked: “You…really are Yanmo!?”

“What do you think?” Yanmo picks Eyebrow, staring at the flame master god, said: “I left the inheritance in the flame cloud mountain, should you get it?”

“I…” the flame master god opened his mouth, and then came to the end of the flame In front of him, bowed his head in salute and respectfully said: “Meet Old Ancestor.”

At this moment, everyone was shocked!

The dignified flame master god is actually the dísciple of Yan Mo! ?

Now, the Lord of Flames is in front of everyone, actually “recognize ancestors and return to the fold”!



However, at this moment, a muffled noise came!

I saw the main god of flames face covered in blood, and the corners of his mouth turned up slightly, with a trace of evil charm and coldness!

One of his fingers penetrated the center of Yanmo’s eyebrows!

The blood on his face is exactly from Yan Mo!

“At the end of the flames, the Divine King of the flames of Ancient Times.” The main god of flames lightly said, coldly said: “It’s just a pity that the title of flames of this life can only be mine.”

Having said that, the Lord of Flames shot out with a single palm, directly destroying the Divine Soul at the end of Yan!

“What Old Ancestor, I am not close to you, but cultivated your inheritance that’s all. Now, your inheritance is almost as good as my cultivation, and you… should go. “The flame master lightly said, wiped the blood from his face, his face was cold and merciless.

This scene shocked everyone, everyone didn’t expect that the Lord God of Flames would actually do this!

recognize ancestors and return to the fold, in fact, it is hidden murder!

He, in front of everyone, succeeded in sneak attack and killed Yanmo!

“It seems that Lingxiao Pavilion hasn’t been born for a long time. I don’t know how cruel the 36 main gods of Peak are in the Nine Heavens God World today.” Jiang Chen’s heart was secretly sighed.

If it were not for these 36 main gods, he would not have fallen.

And these 36 people are all fierce persons, none of them are good characters!

At this moment, the black hair Elderly is dumbfounded, froze in the same place, and did not react for a long time!

A Divine King, just like that! ?

“Flame! You are courting death!”

After more than ten breaths, the black hair Elderly came back to his senses, and immediately roared, and at the same time, there was a clouding The imposing manner erupts from the depths of the great hall of the Lingxiao Pavilion!

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