I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 914

The so-called foundation is the strongest battle strength in the world!

The reason why Lingxiao Pavilion chose to be born at this time is not only because the prosperity is coming, but also because they have this background!

One pavilion and two gods, once born, how many forces in this world dare to compete with them?

Who would have thought that Lingxiao Pavilion had lost a Divine King just after it was born!

At this moment, Lingxiao Pavilion is completely angry!

Under the angry roar, deep in the Lingxiao Pavilion, a stalwart man walked out.

His head is full of purple hair, and even his eyes and pupils are purple!

Step by step, purple flowers bloom under your feet, like purple golden flowers!

The big runes surround him, and when each step falls, when the soles of the feet are in contact with the earth, there will be sounds like Sanskrit singing!

This is a Peak Divine King!

“Kneel down.”

This man lightly said, the imposing manner on his body broke out, swept away like a tide!

One wave after another, impacting all around, the void inch by inch broke apart, the black void storm, entrained by the thunderbolt, flooded the square!

Even Lao Chai and Lingfeng Lord God, who were fighting fiercely in the void, were forced to stop their hands, and each stepped aside!



Under a muffled sound, everyone saw the flames’ main god complexion pale, with cold sweat on his head, and with a thump, he was actually forcibly suppressed and knelt down. Up in the air!

Obviously, this purple haired man is targeting the flame god!

However, with only 3 breaths time, more and more people can’t bear the pressure, and kneel down one after another!

“Come here.” Song Tingtao lightly said, with a big wave of his hand, Jiang Chen was restrained by his side.

Immediately, an imposing manner comparable to Divine King erupted from Song Tingtao and turned into a shining barrier of brilliance, covering the Heavenspan Church entire group.

At the same time, the Lord God of Light, Darkness, Darkness, Flame, and Lingfeng also joined forces and stood together to fight against the pressure of this purple haired man!


This purple haired man is lightly snorted, and his voice is like nine days of thunder, exploding in everyone’s ears!



In an instant, many people were vomiting blood and bleeding from the seven orifices, and a few of them even their souls were suppressed!

“This…is the power of the Peak Divine King!?” With the help of the main god of light and the others, the main god of flames can be regarded as slowing down.

Several Peak Master gods stand together, each expression is pale, and cold sweat drips from the forehead.

They all didn’t expect. In the Lingxiao Pavilion that has been hidden for several times, there is actually a Peak Divine King with strong blood energy!

“In the beginning, I waited for the power of 36 people to slaughter Tianchen. Now…how many people do I wait? How can I compete with this guy!?” Said solemnly, the dark lord god, had a retreat meaning.

“They will all come!” Lingfeng Lord God said: “In this world, after all, 36 of us have the final say!”

“Yes! Three thousand years ago, finally killed One day, Nine Heavens is in my hands. Three thousand years later, even if the prosperous age comes, even if the Peak power is born, I will not hand over the power of this world!” Nodded and said the Lord of Light.


However, after the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, except for a few of them, not at all peak Masters come!

And the purple haired man seems to be playing with them, the pressure has not been high or low, and it has not killed the entire group of the main god of light.

In the distance, Martial God saw all this in his eyes, with a hint of joking in the corner of his mouth, lightly said: “After all, it is to change the dynasty.”

After that, Martial God Leave directly.

At this moment, the most relaxing thing in the audience is the nine days of weight.

No one sheltered him, but he stood there alone, with the ups and downs on top of his head, blocking the purple man’s coercion.

However, Jiutianzhong’s face is ugly!

He was very angry, looked towards Jiang Chen, and said angrily: “I don’t know how to pull me over!?”

“This…you have to ask my Sect Master. “Jiang Chen helplessly, said: “You have seen it too, I am now powerless to defend himself, and I rely on Sect Master and his Senior to support me.”

“Boy, you still need me to wait for shelter. “Song Tingtao looked at Jiutianzhong jokingly, and said: “The one beside you is very strong.”

“The one beside you?”

” Where is anyone?”

Everyone was puzzled. There was no one beside Jiutianzhong, and he had already retreated with the black face!

“Heavenspan Church Sect Lord, good eyesight.”

Suddenly, one after another ripples spread around Jiutianzhong, and then rune manifested, an alluring woman with red lips and white teeth Appeared beside Jiutianzhong.

A pale pink dress, slightly curly hair, exquisite facial features, just like craftsmanship!

Especially her waist, you can hold it with a full grip!

“West Heavenly Monster God.”

At this moment, the purple haired man expression condensed, and the imposing manner that it radiated was also put away.

I saw his face full of jealousy, staring at the alluring woman next to Jiutianzhong, and said: “didn’t expect you to be alive.”

“You are purple clothed Hou I’m still there, so how am I willing to leave this World?” West Heavenly Monster God licked his coquettish red lips, as if teasing Purple clothed Hou, and said: “Do you want to know how the elder sister came over these years? Find a place where there is no one, I’ll talk to you?”

When these words came out, the body of Purple clothed Hou obviously shook, especially in his pupils, a trace of fear flashed. meaning!

And, with a trace of disgust!

“Since you have appeared, then…Xitian Monster Race has also been born, right?” purple clothed Hou coldly said: “They all chose to be born in this era?”

“You Lingxiao Pavilion Isn’t it also born?” West Heavenly Monster God joked, and then shook the head, saying: “My West Heavenly Monster Race will not be born for the time being, and now I shoot, but it’s for my Little Nephew that’s all.”

“Little Nephew?”



A group of people are so confused, even Jiutianzhong himself is a little messy.

When is the Nine Heavens Dynasty related to Xitian Monster Race?

And he doesn’t even know when this West Heavenly Monster God came to him!

Only the purple clothed Hou knew something about the Xitian Monster Race, his expression was a little calmer, and said: “It seems that the rumors are true. The Xitian Monster Race and the Jiutian Dynasty had a marriage at the beginning.”

“Oh, yes.” West Heavenly Monster God smiled charmingly, and said: “Today…what shall I wait for? Is it possible that to renew the old?”

“My house Little Nephew came to Lingxiao Pavilion today, but Liwei is here.”

Hearing this, Purple clothed Hou’s face turned black!

Li Wei! ?

You have gone through nine doors in a row, don’t you have your power yet? !

Isn’t it a power when the decree shines on the Lingxiao Pavilion? !

“How about killing these people first? Trifling a few main gods, and dare to impudent here.” purple clothed Hou lightly said, looked towards the entire group of the bright main god.

Especially when looking towards the Lord of Flames, the killing intent in his eyes is undisguised!

“no no no, I think…you should take care of yourself first.” West Heavenly Monster God lightly said: “He…coming.”

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