I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 915

He came?

Who is it?

Everyone was puzzled, but they saw that purple clothed Hou’s face turned pale, and the jealousy deep in his eyes turned into fear!



next moment, without waiting for everyone’s reaction, I saw the purple clothed Hou actually broke into the void and fled straight away!

“What’s the situation?”

“This…a Peak Divine King, ran away?”

A group of people Completely dumbfounded, and even messy.

At the same time, they are also guessing, who is the “him” in West Heavenly Monster God’s mouth?

What kind of person is it that can scare a Peak Divine King away!

“Purple clothed, what are you running?”

After a few breaths, a voice full of drama and abuse sounded here.

Everyone looked back and saw that at the gate of the Lingxiao Pavilion, an Elderly with a cane, dressed in tatters, slowly moved towards the main hall of the Lingxiao Pavilion.

“Is it him?”

“This old fogey…looks nothing special.”


Even Jiang Chen is puzzled. There is no divine force in Elderly’s body, and even the divine light has not been manifested.

Even when he walked, he was limping!

The cultivator can recast the fleshy body. If the Elderly is really a cultivator, this lame disease can be recovered completely by recasting the fleshy body at will!

However, since this person can come here and can scare off purple clothed Hou, it means that this person is not simple!

“Let’s all go, no war before the heyday.”

After more than ten breaths, this Elderly came to the main hall of the Lingxiao Pavilion, looked all around and said:” If you don’t listen, when the time comes dead or destroyed, don’t blame me.”

“Your Excellency?” The Lord Guangming frowned. He has never heard of Nine Heavens God World and this Number one!

“Cangzhou, on the horizon.” Elderly lightly said.

After all, this Elderly laughed, and then the silhouette disappeared in place.

At this moment, everyone present, even Jiang Chen’s expression, was moved by it!

Nine Heavens God World that many Great Prefecture, but Cangzhou is not one of them!

Just because Cangzhou is very special, it is the center of Nine Heavens God World, and it is also known as the holy land of Nine Heavens God World!

From ancient times to the present, the world’s creatures cannot enter Cangzhou without the consent of the Lord of Cangzhou.

Intruder, kill without mercy!

But it is strange to say that since ancient times, Cangzhou is very mysterious, and it feels very strong, but Cangzhou has never participated in the dominance of Nine Heavens God World!

Even, during several major turmoil, no one from Cangzhou has ever come out.

But now, someone in Cangzhou has actually come out, and these Elderly’s words are threatening them! ?

“Cangzhou Holy Land, the End of the World!” Song Tingtao said solemnly.

“Sect Master, Tianya… does it really exist?” Jiang Chen asked. He also heard a little about this Tianya.

However, it is difficult to say whether Tianya really exists.

Some people say that it is a magical world that surpasses Nine Heavens God World, and inhabits the strongest group of people in Nine Heavens God World!

There are also rumors that it is a place of sacrifice, containing great secrets!

Some people even speculate that there is no such place as Tianya at all, and the reason why Cangzhou is beyond the Great Prefectures of Nine Heavens God World is only because there is a super Divine Emperor in Cangzhou!

But, all this is speculation!

“Below the heaven, above the horizon, connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, light on the top of the head, foot on the darkness, born in the sky and fallen into the darkness, from the abyss to the nine days, Oriental Purple Qi Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable “Song Tingtao said.

This is like a limerick, Jiang Chen has also heard it, but never cared about it.

However, when this limerick comes out of Song Tingtao’s mouth, it seems a bit unusual!

“Every sentence of this limerick reflects a Peak force.” Song Tingtao explained: “On the end of the world, Heavenspan Church, Radiant Palace Hall, Lingxiao Pavilion, Nine Heavens Dynasty, Oriental Imperial Clan.”


“This is the most powerful Six Great Influences ever recorded in history.”

“Apart from Tianya, you should have heard of several other forces, right? You have even seen it. “

Jiang Chen hearing this, not nodded.

He is now a member of Heavenspan Church, how could he have never seen him!

And Lingxiao Pavilion, Nine Heavens Dynasty, Jiang Chen have also seen it!

As for Radiant Palace Hall, Oriental Imperial Clan, Jiang Chen has heard of it, but he has never seen it.

But if you think about it carefully, since these forces can be compiled into a limerick, it has been passed down to this day, and it is extremely strong, even Peak!

“The foundation of the lineage of the main god of light is the Radiant Palace Hall. However, there was an accident in the Radiant Palace Hall, and now I don’t know where it is.”

“As for the Eastern Imperial Clan…that It should be the ancestor of the Dongfang Family, maybe it was born a long time ago, but it’s just not walking around in the world.”

Song Tingtao said, and then looked towards Jiu Tian Zhong, saying: “As for the Jiu Tian Dynasty, Isn’t this kid in front of me.”

“Then…Sect Master, is this limerick divided by strength?” Jiang Chen asked.

“A long time ago, it was true.” Song Tingtao nodded and said.

In those ancient years, Heavenspan Church is known as the second Great Influence of Nine Heavens God World since ancient times!

And the strongest power is on the horizon!

“Fart! The most glorious moment of my Nine Heavens Dynasty is not weaker than the Lingxiao Pavilion!” Jiutian is very angry, why rely on a limerick to rank! ?

In this regard, Song Tingtao just laughed and said: “In this case, during the peak period of the Nine Heavens, why not dare to go to Cangzhou?”

“I mean My Nine Heavens Dynasty is stronger than Lingxiao Pavilion!” Jiutianzhong said solemnly: “You Heavenspan Church is so capable, why didn’t you go to Cangzhou to find out!?”

“What did you say?” Song listen Tao said angrily.

The world does not know the Tianya in Cangzhou, but which of these forces in the limericks does not know the Tianya?

That is a real force, immortal forever, but always indisputable!

The end of the world is like a balance, weighing Nine Heavens God World, restraining Great Influence, and even Peak powerhouse!

Their existence is like a rule, an order, which has never been broken since ancient times!

“This inheritance is immortal, the invincible force of the ancients, why did you want to take action this time?” Jiutian Zhong asked in doubt, looked towards the West Heavenly Monster God beside him, and asked: “purple clothed Hou Yi Seeing that Elderly on the End of the World ran away, is it possible that Lingxiao Pavilion and the End of the World have any grudges?”

As soon as these words came out, West Heavenly Monster God expression grave stood up and said: “purple Clothed Hou is the only one who came out of Cangzhou alive!”

“What!? Purple clothed Hou has been to Cangzhou!?”

“No wonder…”



Everyone exclaimed, this is a big secret!

as everyone knows, without the consent of the master of Cangzhou, if you trespass in Cangzhou, you will definitely die!

purple clothed Hou must have not obtained the consent of the master of Cangzhou at the beginning, but he can still come out alive. There must be something hidden in this…!

“But… there is another legend.” West Heavenly Monster God said: “Purple clothed Hou Ben is the creature of Cangzhou, originally the dísciple on the end of the world!”

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