I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 916

purple clothed Hou, Peak Divine King, is almost synonymous with invincibility in this era!

Just like when he appeared on the field, he defeated all the heroes with one person!

Its imposing manner is so strong that even Song Tingtao and Western Monster God can only defend and dare not attack!

But when facing the Elderly from the End of the World, he didn’t even have the courage to make a move, so he fled into the void and ran away!

He doesn’t even care about his own Lingxiao Pavilion!

It can be seen from this that he told that Elderly, quasi-go, how jealous and fearful he is about Tianya!

“Below the heaven, above the horizon, connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, connecting to heaven penetrating the earth, light on the top of the head, foot on the darkness, born in the sky and fallen into the darkness, from the abyss to the nine days, Oriental Purple Qi Myriad Tribulations Inextinguishable “Jiang Chen lightly said, there seems to be some kind of secret in this limerick.

But he couldn’t figure it out for a while, only knowing that the prosperous world is coming, this World is about to change!

“The End of the World is the balance Guardian of this World.” Western Monster God said: “Perhaps, the people on the End of the World have come forward at this time, just wanting to give future generations a chance that’s all.”

“Give future generations a chance?” Jiang Chen wondered.

“If you think about it, all the major Peak forces are born, and it is those Peak powerhouses that are competing for the front. How can the future generations fight against these people?”

“The End of the World A certain balance has been maintained on the above, not for individual people, but for the life of the entire Nine Heavens God World.”


Jiang Chen hearing this, suddenly felt a little bit small in his heart excitement.

If Tianya really has such an idea, he will have more opportunities in this life!

Including Jiang Liu, Ruo Xiao, Xiao Qingyi and the others, all can shine in the heyday!

But, does Tianya really have this strength! ?

Be aware that this World is too complicated, like a pool of muddy water, not only deep, but also muddy, you can’t see the details!

The end of the world is immortal, but is it really invincible?

On the end of the world, it can really shock everyone! ?

“Where is the Divine Emperor? Will they also be afraid of going to the horizon?” Jiutian asked.

“Perhaps not so jealous, but at any rate I have to give a face to the end of the world.” Song Tingtao said: “At the beginning, Heavenspan Church suffered a catastrophe, but it was not destroyed. It is not only my Heavenspan Church who is powerful. , Part of the reason is also related to Tianya.”

“Sect Master, do you mean that Tianya secretly took action and sheltered Heavenspan Church?” Luo Shu asked.

The catastrophe that Heavenspan Church encountered has always been a mystery!

Some only know that the great disaster of Heavenspan Church was related to the Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall.

But even Song Tingtao doesn’t know exactly what happened.

Because time is too long!

But one thing is certain, when Heavenspan Church was at its worst, Tianya did take a shot!

“Go back.” Western Monster God lightly said: “Since Tianya has taken this shot, there will definitely be follow-ups. After a while, you will know.”

“Indeed, the entire Nine Heavens God World now depends on what the meaning of Tianya means.” Song Tingtao sighed, with a bitter meaning in his words.

In that limerick, Heavenspan Church is the second only to existence on the horizon!

But now, the end of the world is still Peak, but Heavenspan Church is lonely.

What a gap this is!

As the Sect Master of Heavenspan Church, Song Tingtao naturally has unspeakable bitterness, helplessness, and unwillingness in his heart!

“Are you going to follow us back, or to the Nine Heavens Dynasty?” Song Tingtao asked.

Jiang Chen hearing this, frowns thought for a while and said: “Go home.”

Jiang Chen thought clearly, no matter who he was in the previous life, but this life , He is the dísciple of Heavenspan Church!

Heavenspan Church, even if the world is enemies, he is also a member of Heavenspan Church, and he will not back down!

Moreover, Heavenspan Church, for Jiang Chen, is his this life’s home!

“Take the little girl.” Jiutianzhong lightly said: “She only remembers you now.”

“Are you not worried about her safety?” Jiang Chen asked.

You must know that although the people of Heavenspan Church have great battle strength, their true foundation is probably not as good as the Nine Heavens Dynasty.

Let Jiu Tianxia follow Jiang Chen back to Heavenspan Church. If the enemies of Heavenspan Church come to the door, the situation will be dangerous!

“You are the master of my Jiutian Dynasty.” Jiutianzhong said only one sentence, and then directed at West Heavenly Monster God cupped the hands and said: “This…cough cough…how Name? Can you send me back to Jiu Tianzong?”

“Just call me aunt, and I and your Imperial Father are still good friends.” Western Monster God said with a smile.

“How about the old friend?”

“This…there is such a romantic history in Jiu Shen?”

A group of people were stunned, even Jiutianzhong was dumbfounded.

What’s the situation?

What are you doing? !

The Western Monster God also froze for a while, and then said with a bitter smile: “Sorry, I haven’t communicated with people for a long time, and the wording is a bit inaccurate. I and your Imperial Father are old acquaintances…”

“Woo…” Nine days sighed in relief. If Western Monster God really has a good relationship with Jiu Shen, wouldn’t the Jiu Tian Dynasty need one more queen? !

Finally, everyone retreated, and Lingxiao Pavilion became quiet.

And not long after everyone retreated, the purple clothed Hou walked out of the void.

Its complexion is gloomy, looking towards the direction of Cangzhou, a hint of viciousness flashed in his eyes!

Beside him, the black hair Elderly lowered his head, not knowing what he was thinking.

“You go to the Poison Temple and tell the Poison Divine Emperor that you have taken a shot on the horizon.”

After ten breaths, Purple clothed Hou spoke and said to the black hair Elderly.

“Pavilion Lord…is this really going to alarm the Divine Emperor?” black hair Elderly frowns saying: “The Divine Emperor clan has never been against the end of the world.”

“This time is different from the past.” Purple clothed Hou said solemnly: “The lay people in the world all think that this is just a simple flourishing age. As everyone knows, this is a great contemporary!”

“What Nine Heavens God World, The original Six Realms, and even that foreign land, in this era, either exist or die!”

“Everything must be assimilated! All worlds will return to Daqian!”


Black hair Elderly seems to know some Xin Mi. After hearing this, her body couldn’t help but tremble, and tentatively asked: “Pavilion Lord… Do you mean… …”

“Yes, the south wall will be broken!” purple clothed Hou said solemnly: “when the time comes, the real Grand Era will come!”

“I am Peak Divine King, but it’s still far from Divine Emperor! Even more how, even the God Imperial Capital can hardly gain a foothold in the Great Thousand Worlds, even more how I wait for mortals!”

If this is the case People will be horrified when they hear it!

A Peak Divine King who claims to be a mortal! ?

“Pavilion Lord, my subordinates really don’t know, is the Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall really that strong?” black hair Elderly asked.

“There is the real world.” Purple clothed Hou said, with a hint of awe and yearning in his eyes: “Our place, in the final analysis, is just a cage, a tomb, and a burial site. that’s all .”

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