I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 917

The cage? Burial place?

This is referring to Nine Heavens God World, or the entire Six Realms! ?

black hair Elderly dare not ask any more, this matter involves a higher level of Xin Mi, and even taboo!

He left in a hurry, went to the Temple of Poison, and reported the matter on the horizon.

Purple clothed Hou stood at the entrance of the main hall. After a long time, he sighed heavily and said lightly, “The corpse farm… Are you doing this right or wrong?”

Meanwhile, in Heavenspan Church……

Jiang Chen entire group sits next to Eldest Prince, Song Tingtao sits directly above.

He looked at Jiang Chen with a smile, and asked: “Tianchen Divine King, do you want this man to sit down for you?”

Jiang Chen hearing this, his face turned dark and unhappy He said: “Sect Master, are you teasing me?”

“This didn’t expect, Little Junior Brother is actually the Divine King of Tianchen three thousand years ago!” Daxiong has been amazed since he came back.

His gaze has been on Jiang Chen, as if there are many doubts.

“senior brother and senior sister, that was my previous life.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “this life, my name is Jiang Chen, it is the dísciple of Heavenspan Church.”

” Little Junior Brother, it’s enough for you to have this heart.” Luo Shu said: “It’s just…something, you have to face it after all, don’t you?”

As soon as this was said, Jiang Chen His expression condenses slightly, knowing what Luoshu means.

For those 36 Peak Master gods, Jiang Chen will confront them head-on sooner or later.

And the lives of those who followed him back then, Jiang Chen will have to collect them one by one!

In Atheus Continent, Jiang Chen rebuilds Peerless Sect!

In Nine Heavens God World, Jiang Chen wants to rebuild Tianchen Divine Sect!

“Sect Master, now the prosperous age is coming, and the great hidden powers are about to be born, what did the 36 peak Peak Masters have fortune?” Daxiong doubted: “Just now, why not just killed They?”

“Do you think that the 36 Peak Master gods are all vegetarian?” Song Tingtao curled his lips and said: “As far as I know, the lineage, the main god of light, originated from the Radiant Palace Hall. “

“That is a prehistoric giant, because of some reasons temporarily unable to be born, but it should not be underestimated!”

“And Ling Feng, the two great peaks of the Flame Peak Master God, Their relationship with Divine Emperor lineage……hehe……”


Speaking of this, Song Tingtao waved his hand and said: “Don’t think about it anyway, anyway Since Tianya has intervened in this matter, for the time being, the balance of this World still exists and has not been destroyed.”

“Is Tianya really that powerful?” Heavenspan asked, “This The power…has never fallen?”

“It has never fallen, has been brilliant, but never shot that’s all.” Song Tingtao was puzzled, and was full of curiosity about the end of the world.

What kind of existence is that?

At the beginning, foreign land attacked the Six Realms, and only one God World remained.

At that time, I didn’t see Tianya shot.

Now, is it just because of a prosperous age, will the end of the world be shot?

“Sect Master, when I was practicing outside, I heard a rumor.” Hong Lingsha said: “It is said that…not only God World, but even the entire six realms, are burial sites and corpses. It seems to be pregnant with the corpse of a great character…”

“I’ll mention it again!” Song Tingtao’s face suddenly became gloomy, and he shouted angrily!

This scene made everyone confused.

You must know that Song Tingtao has always been very kind and kind to his dísciples and never gets angry.

Even Heavenspan, the first to get started, has never seen Song Tingtao scold anyone!

But today, Hong Lingsha was angered by Song Tingtao just because of such a sentence!

This…why! ?

“There are some things that have not been confirmed, so don’t talk nonsense!” Song Tingtao said solemnly: “Otherwise it will cause a catastrophe!”

“A taboo has been touched?” Jiang Chen asked.

“It’s more than a taboo!” Song Tingtao’s expression was very serious and said: “This World, the water is really deep! Above this, there is Heaven beyond the Heaven!”

Speaking, Song Tingtao pointed to the top of his head.

“Are you talking about the Great Thousand Worlds outside the South Wall?” Luo Shu asked.

“Great Thousand Worlds, we are just a parallel world that’s all, but our world is sheltered by the southern wall.” Song Tingtao explained: “And above Great Thousand Worlds…”

“A higher plane!?” Jiang Chen was startled.

After Jiang Chen was reborn, he also learned some Xin Mi.

The so-called Heaven Beyond the Heaven, God, does not seem to refer to the Great Thousand Worlds outside the South Wall!

So, Heaven Beyond the Heaven, where is it? !

“Go to cultivation. It will not take long before the world will be declared on the horizon.” Song Tingtao was reluctant to say more about this matter. After waving his hand, he disappeared here. .

Jiang Chen and the others look at each other in blank dismay, bitterly laughed one by one, and then dispersed.

At the same time, in the mountainside of Heavenspan Church, a Small World shrouded in prohibition and formation.

Song Tingtao and Lao Chai are standing here together. In front of them, there is an old bronze coffin.

The surface of the bronze coffin is covered with big runes, but it is also full of rust!

It is hard to imagine how long it will take for this kind of bronze coffin to be runes before it can be dissatisfied with the rust!

It stands to reason that these bronze coffins are immortal, and even a wisp of dust will not appear!

“Isn’t there any movement?” Song Tingtao asked.

“There have been some fluctuations some time ago, but recently, there has been no movement.” Lao Chai said solemnly: “Could it be that…the road to return was broken!?”

“Broken? Impossible!” Song Tingtao definitely vetoed it, saying: “If that road is broken, then no one can come back!”

Song Tingtao said this. Pointing to his feet, he said: “The one from the immortal city is back, indicating that the road is not broken!”

“Evil Venerable?” Lao Chai lightly said, very surprised, and said: “He …Returning is so fast!”

If Jiang Chen were here, he would be shocked.

How did Song Tingtao and Lao Chai know about Xie Zun! ?

That monk, like a Buddha but not a Buddha, like a devil and not a devil, is now the strongest person in the city of Immortality, also known as the evil deity!

Jiang Chen still remembers clearly that the old monk used to say “return” and “return”.

Now, thinking about it carefully, maybe the people like Xie Zun and Song Tingtao are the same people!

“About the sky…do you need to tell him?” Old Chai asked suddenly.

“Now that he hasn’t even completed the transformation of Spirit Physique, what’s the use of telling him?” Song Tingtao said grimly: “Many Samsara Artists, he is the only one who has no news, maybe it’s lost. It’s hard to return.”

“How powerful is that person. He cut off the darkness, submerged the light, and sheltered the entire six realms alone.” Lao Chai said with a startled heart, “Such a person, How could he sink!?”

“It is because he is too strong, so on his way back, he will inevitably be blocked or even killed.” Song Tingtao sighed: “I really hope he can come back. “

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