I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 918

Few people know what happened.

Even Song Tingtao and the others know very little.

But the only certainty is that in a certain era, a group of people left here and entered another mysterious world.

Perhaps they went to fight, or something went wrong with them, and they had to go away.

But the group of people is hard to die, the sky is falling, and they will never die!

Their life essence will last, and their life will not be exhausted unless they are killed by someone!

Just like that, there have been rumors in the world that the original group of people will return!

This coffin in Heavenspan Church is the Supreme Treasure worshipped by Heavenspan Church throughout the ages. It can also be said to be a “coordinate”.

Those who have ever gone, want to return, want to cross the endless time and history, they have to cross the endless chaotic ocean, and even some unknown areas.

Everything is isolated there, there is no direction at all, even the world is reversed, everything is imaginary!

If you want to return, you must have coordinates!

Therefore, those people who left at the beginning have left their coordinates!

There are many Top Sects in the world, and there are things like bronze coffins in the ancient forces of inheritance.

They are all coordinates, waiting for and attracting someone to return!

“That person…maybe he really can’t come back.” Song Tingtao sighed: “From the ancestors away, now, everyone has news, only that… No news at all!”

“Perhaps…he just encountered a little difficulty and trouble.” Lao Chai speculated: “Where they go, I will wait for unimaginable. There is one year, maybe we are here. It’s tens of thousands of years, and even several eras.”

“Even so, we should send back some news.” Song Tingtao sighed.

After that, Song Tingtao waved his hand and motioned to stop mentioning the matter.

He asked Lao Chai to guard this place. This is the final foundation and heritage of Heavenspan Church!

At the same time, in the Chudi Zong…

Before red-clothed came to the altar again, the broken skull at that moment shone with shining light, like a star Sandy.

There are strands of Life Aura circulating, and there is a breath of hard to describe.

In the broken skull, inside the originally empty eye sockets, there were wisps of starlight, accompanied by chaos and some unknown matter.

Look carefully, it is like a channel, connecting somewhere far away!

“The road to return is open!” red-clothed was frightened, looking at the broken skull, and said: “Senior, are they coming back?”

“I The one from the Tetsudi Zong has found his way back, and is now on the road!” A voice from the skull was also full of excitement.

red-clothed hearing this is also an expression, and my heart is burning!

That person, but the founder of Tohti Sect, is also one of the most powerful people between this Heaven and Earth!

It’s just that, at a certain period of time, this one of the Chedi Sect also left, gone away, as if to follow the footsteps of the ancestors and embark on that unknown journey.

Nowadays, after a few eras, this great character is coming back after all!

“I can feel that near this passage, several passages have also been opened!” Skull said solemnly: “Perhaps, more than one or two returned this time, but a large group!”

“Even the ancient ancestors will return!”

As soon as these words came out, the red-clothed hands clenched tightly and the expression was extremely excited.

She, as the Sect Master of the Tetsudi Sect, has a great opportunity, so she knows some ancient Xinmi!

If those ancestors can return, then these six realms will be saved!

“Who… can you sense it?” red-clothed asked.

“There is no news, no breath, as if disappeared.” Skull sighed: “Perhaps, he really disappeared.”

“But…he is still there. Ah.” red-clothed said puzzledly.

The skull knew who the “he” red-clothed was talking about was, but he told red-clothed that this “he” was not the other “he”!

Perhaps, there is some connection between the two, but they are definitely not the same person!

“You should also prepare, and there should be an end between Heavenspan Church and Chedi Sect.” Skull said: “In addition, the people on the end of the world have come forward. From now on, this world will be a storm. Swelling, even bloody sky!”

“I know.” red-clothed nodded, after a while in front of the altar, he left.

On the other side, in the Nine Heavens Sect.

I should say that now it should be called the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

In the deepest part of the dynasty, on the cliff, behind the bronze gate…

At this moment, Jiutianzhong and Western Monster God are both standing here.

In front of them, Jiu Shen alone stands quietly.

Bright radiance flashes in his eyes, as if this big day is going to shine on All Heavens Myriad Realms!

“I’m coming back!”

After ten breaths, Jiu Shen suddenly spoke, and immediately laughed wildly: “hahaha…no one can stop my Nine Heavens Dynasty!”

“Imperial Father……The Great Ancestor is coming back?” Jiutianzhong asked hurriedly.

“I can feel it! Behind the bronze door, there is his breath!” Jiu Shen was excited, waved his hand, pointed at Heaven and Earth, and said: “The great ancestor returns, this world will be completely acknowledged Allegiance is under my Nine Heavens Dynasty!”

“At that time, the so-called Cangzhou, the so-called Tianya, will have an acknowledge allegiance!”


If this is heard by others, you will definitely be shocked.

Cangzhou, on the end of the world, what a supreme existence is that has never been seen since ancient times, and has never been lost!

According to the ranking of the limericks, the end of the world is number one!

And the Nine Heavens Dynasty, the real ranking is still behind the Lingxiao Pavilion!

But now, Jiu Shen can actually say such a thing!

So… there is only one possibility!

The man who is returning from the Nine Heavens Dynasty is extremely tough!

Even…invincible! ?

“During this time, everything will be taken care of by Tiancang. Nine thousand years old and I are going to the lower realm!” Jiu Shen suddenly said, “You Imperial Uncle has been in the lower realm for a long time. I took him back.”

“Jiuyuan Imperial Uncle!? He…will he come back?” Jiutian asked again.

“If he is willing to return, why not give him the position of emperor!? He is a family!” Jiu Shen said resolutely: “You know, as long as the Nine Heavens Dynasty is immortal, no matter who it is Being this emperor is the same!”

“You understand.” Jiutianzhong nodded and said.

However, he was very puzzled. During the absence of Jiu Shen and Jiu Qiansui, why should he hand over the power of the Jiu Tian Dynasty to Heaven?

You know, the heaven in Jiu Shen’s mouth is Jiang Chen!

“The lord, you seem to value heaven.” Western Monster God asked: “I think he is only a lower True God now. Is it necessary to value him so much?”

“even more how, that one may not be able to return yet.”

As soon as these words came out, Jiu Shen’s face suddenly became gloomy, staring at the Western Monster God, coldly said: “Shut up ! That one will definitely come back!”

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