I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 919

Who is the Western Monster God? That is the Old Ancestor of Western Monster Race, which is the powerhouse of the same era as Jiu Shen!

Although there is some difference in the cultivation base between the two, they are almost the same.

Under normal circumstances, Jiu Shen would not rant about Western Monster God like this.

But this time has made an exception!

Even the Western Monster God froze for a while, and didn’t react for a while.

In her memory, this seems to be the first time Jiu Shen scolded her!

“Is it necessary?”

After a few breaths, Western Monster God reacted with a cold face, said solemnly: “Just because of that legend, you actually scolded me!? “

“That’s not a legend!” Jiu Shen said solemnly: “I’ve seen it all! I can believe that Jiuyuan also saw it!”

“What about seeing it? This is not the other!” Western Monster God said: “Maybe it’s just similar flowers, but not the same!”

“Enough!” Jiu Shen glared at West Heavenly Monster God, coldly said: “This is One kind of belief, one kind of belief!”

“Fuck your belief!” The Western Monster God was also angry. After dropping this sentence, it just disappeared!

He was speechless for a while, but he dared not speak.

After all, this is a matter between “adults”.

“When the time comes, everything in the Nine Heavens Dynasty is presided over by Tiancang.” Jiu Shen said, handing a token representing the identity of the emperor to Jiu Tianzhong, and said: “Hand over this Give it to him until I wait for it back.”

“Yes.” Jiutianzhong said lightly, without any comments.

Although he is the prince of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, he is eager to control the Nine Heavens Dynasty and hold great power.

But he also knows that with his strength, he does not have that qualification yet.

Also, since ancient times, Jiutianzhong has always believed in one thing, and everything his father did is right!

If not, there would be no Nine Heavens Dynasty!

If there were no Jiu Shen, the Nine Heavens Dynasty would have been completely destroyed in that calamity and would no longer exist!

“There is also an Old Ancestor in the bronze gate. When the time comes, you should discuss with Tiancang and see if he can release him.” Jiu Shen said: “During my absence Here, you need a strong background.”

“I know.” Jiu Tianzhong nodded.

However, both he and Jiu Shen knew in their hearts that the Old Ancestor behind the bronze door might be difficult to release.

Because, when the powerhouse of the Nine Heavens Dynasty was sealed, that person had the heaviest seal, with a total of 3,600 seals!

This is the strength of Seal using a number of reincarnations!

Even if the years change and time passes, it is difficult to erase the strength of Seal on that person.

“If Tiancang can’t release him, then… take him to Hutou Mountain.” Jiu Shen lightly said, looking up towards Northwest, and said: “Maybe… we should also let him out. Now.”

In the end, Jiu Shen disappeared. Together with Nine Thousand Years Old, they paid a great price and opened the channel to Atheus Continent!

When the two of them go, they don’t know when they will be back.

And during this period, the leader of the Nine Heavens Dynasty was Tiancang, that is, Jiang Chen!

“Everything is changing.” Jiutian sighed heavily: “This time, I hope Father’s choice is still right.”

Time is slowly passing by, since the crutch on the end of the world, Elderly After the birth, the peak forces of Nine Heavens God World were not peaceful.

Many high-level forces are walking in secret to inquire about news on the horizon.

Someone is watching quietly, wanting to see what the end of the world wants to do this time!

So, until 3 months later!

In these three months, Nine Heavens God World was surprisingly calm, without a trace of war!

Even the sect forces that are life-and-death rivals have never made a single shot in these three months!

Everyone is watching, wanting to know what is going on on the horizon this time.

In these three months, I went to Heavenspan Church several times in Nine Days, and wanted to invite Jiang Chen back.

But every time I go, Jiang Chen is in retreat!

This makes Jiu Tianzhong quite speechless, please come to be the leader of the Jiu Tian Dynasty, it is so hard! ?

“How much Spirit Physique has been lost by Little Junior Brother?”

On the mountainside of Heavenspan Church, Luo Shu was lying lazily on the withered grass, with a straw in his mouth , Seems listless, basking in the sun.

Beside him, the red-clothed was also carefree sitting there, carrying a pot of spirits in his hand, his cheeks slightly red, and shaking his head: “I don’t know, Little Junior Brother has been in seclusion for three months. No one has been in.”

“Senior brother and senior sister, why don’t you ask me?” Big Xiong said weakly from the side: “I’m no worse than Little Junior Brother.”

“Well, you’re not bad.” Luo Shu squinted at the big bear, and said angrily: “The cultivation Heavenspan scripture has not faded for so many years, and even the two thousand Spirit Physiques have not faded, and there is still a face to say .”

“Yes.” red-clothed curled his lips: “Big bear, it’s not Senior Sister who said you, your cultivation speed is really too slow.”

Big bear hearing this, With tears streaming down my face, I felt very wronged!

Yes, he is cultivated for a long time in the Heavenspan scripture, but you must know how he came over these years! ?

Most of the time, he was not in cultivation, but was waiting for the two “good and lazy” elders, Song Tingtao and Lao Chai!

Cleaning, cleaning the toilet, and even going out to ask for food, he is doing all these things!

“Here, this is for you.”

At this moment, Heavenspan came and delivered a medicine pill to Daxiong, said with a smile: “Know you The hardship of the new year, this is what Sect Master asked me to find.”

“What is this?” Daxiong asked.

“Yunyang Yangzhu.” Heavenspan said: “With this Yunyang Yangzhu, you can make up for the time wasted over the years. Your cultivation base will not improve in a short time. Less.”

“This…is expensive!?” Daxiong was excited: “I know, Sect Master is still very good to me!”

“This… indeed Quite precious.” Tong Heavenly God looked weird and said: “Yunyang Yangzhu is the product of Supreme-Yang Essence Fire Hua dripping in the cold place of the underworld. It is hard to find one for tens of thousands of years!”

“These things are truly integrated with Power of Yin-Yang, the meaning of the Great Dao!”

“Heavenspan First Senior Brother…… How can I thank you?” Big Bear is excited , I am even more ashamed. I shouldn’t have resented Sect Master and senior brother and senior sister before.

However, when Daxiong wanted to apologize seriously and repent, he saw Heavenspan handing over something similar to Yunyang Yangzhu to Luoshu.

“This is the real Yunyang Yangzhu, you send it to Little Junior Brother.” Heavenspan said, and then disappeared.

Luo Shu was stunned for a moment, looked at the bead in his hand that looked like a small sun, and then gave a strange expression to the big bear.

After a few breaths, Luo Shu got up, walked to Da Xiong, patted his shoulder, secretly thought: “Don’t care about the name, this bead just has a’true’ prefix, it’s like you It’s the same as a Yunyang Yangzhu.”

“I…you…bully!” Big Xiong burst into tears, and he could even hear his own heartbreak!

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