I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 920

Heavenspan Church, in the bright blessed land moved by Jiang Chen…

Luo Shu came here and placed the true Yunyang Yangzhu in the blessed land At the door, lightly said: “This is what First Senior Brother asked me to transfer to you.”

“many thanks.” Jiang Chen’s voice came from the blessed land, and after a few breaths, he appeared in Luo In front of the book.

When Luo Shu saw Jiang Chen, his pupils condensed slightly, and he was even more startled.

He felt Jiang Chen’s within the body, as if it contained an extremely terrifying power, like the wind and rain thunderbolt, exuding an aura of destruction!

However, looking closely at Jiang Chen’s appearance, it appears plain and unremarkable, and even a ray of divine light has never appeared on his body!

“Return to the Natural State?” Luo Shu was surprised and asked: “How many Spirit Physiques have you lost?”

“One Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth.” Jiang Chen said truthfully.

“What!?” Luo Shu exclaimed, his eyes widened!

In three months, Jiang Chen has faded to a thousand Nine Hundred Ninety Ninth with Spirit Physique! ?

If this is merged, the strength is not weaker than the upper gods, right? !

No, maybe with Jiang Chen’s battle strength, he can fight the titled god!

“Is it soon?” Jiang Chen joked.

In fact, Jiang Chen also knows that his cultivation speed is fast, but he still wants to see Luo Shu’s surprised expression.

However, Jiang Chen was disappointed.

Luoshu curl one’s lip, he said grimly: “You have the Horned Dragon Dragon Vein, and it is normal for the cultivation speed to be faster.”

“Horned Dragon Dragon Vein?” Jiang Chen eyebrows raised, mysterious said: “That was before, guess what Dragon Vein I am now?”



Before Luo Shu could speak, a roar suddenly came from above his head!

Looking up, I saw a cloud of catastrophe appearing somewhere above Heavenspan Church!

Look carefully, Jieyun is divided into several layers, multi-colored, very gorgeous.

But when Jiang Chen saw the robbery cloud, his face collapsed!

“Heavenly Tribulation, heavenly punishment, Heavenly Retribution, Heavenly Wrath… Four in one!?” Jiang Chen cried out strangely, shaking his whole body!

Luo Shu was also dumbfounded. He glanced at the colorful robbery cloud in the sky, then looked towards Jiang Chen and asked: “What did you do?”

“I ……I have advanced the Dragon Vein a little bit……” Jiang Chen said weakly.

Be aware that Jiang Chen has collected a lot of Dragon Fruit and bloodline fruits in the previous period.

In these three months, Jiang Chen has refined all these things. Not only did three rose flowers bloom on the tiger bone again, but he also advanced to the Rain Dragon Dragon Vein with the Dragon Vein. !

This time he left customs, he wanted to tell everyone the good news and share it together.

But didn’t expect, before we could share, we ushered in the “four in one”!

“You…hurry up.” Luo Shu grabbed Jiang Chen’s shoulder, moved towards Heavenspan Church and threw it away, humming: “Don’t let this four-in-one robbery cloud ruin Heavenspan Church !”

“Senior Brother! You have to help me!” Jiang Chen, like a cannonball, drew an elegant arc in the air, and then landed heavily in the distance of Heavenspan Church ten thousand li Outside place.

“Little Junior Brother is out of customs?”

“It’s more than customs clearance…this time don’t die also seriously injured.”

On the mountainside, red-clothed and the others watched Jieyun who was moving towards Jiang Chen, and they all squeezed a cold sweat for him.

The integration of the four “Heavenly Tribulation” is not something ordinary people can resist!

Moreover, it is not something ordinary people can attract!

They are very puzzled, what on earth did Jiang Chen do, which caused such disasters!

“His Dragon Vein is advanced.” Luo Shu walked slowly, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, and said: “Fortunately, I found out in time. If this tribulation thunder falls, I’m Heavenspan Church. Don’t be bombed!”

“Then…Little Junior Brother…nothing will happen, right?” Daxiong worriedly said.

“This time Jieyun is very scary, four in one, he is afraid…” Luo Shu said solemnly.

However, before I finished speaking, I saw the four-color thunderbolt crashing down in the distance!

One after another The thunderous sound is all over the place, Jiang Chen’s place has turned into a bright thunder sea!

The horrible and violent power is wanton, flooding every place, even the void is broken!

However, the expression of Luoshu and the others at this moment is very strange.

Their eyes were bright, and they saw Jiang Chen inside through the tribulation thunder.

I saw the three strands of Primal Chaos Qi on the top of Jiang Chen’s head rise and fall, like three flowers gathered on top, absorbing most of the tribulation thunder.

Beside him, the five rose flowers are turning round and round, like stars, blooming with glow.

Behind him, a True Dragon was roaring, and a pair of wings flapped against the void behind him, curling up the real waves!

True Dragon looks up to the sky, vomiting clouds and mist in his mouth, actually absorbing this Strength of Thunder Tribulation!



Suddenly, on Jiang Chen’s chest, a tiger roar shook, and then a tiger appeared, all over his body Full of gorgeous roses!

The tiger roars into the sky, and it is actually fighting with the Rain Dragon to rob Thunder Force!

Jiang Chen, as the party involved in this catastrophe, looks bewildered at the moment.

He didn’t do anything, just standing here, and as a result, the four-in-one tribulation thunder never fell on him!

“Uh…it doesn’t seem to be necessary for me to do anything.” Jiang Chen whispered, indeed he didn’t expect this time’s catastrophe so “easy” to get through.

In the distance, Luo Shu and the others are dumbfounded. I have seen all kinds of Transcending Tribulation methods, but I have never seen them as outrageous as Jiang Chen!

Rain Dragon, Canghu, Primal Chaos Qi are three things in one place, and the four-in-one tribulation thunder is inaccessible even to Jiang Chen’s fleshy body!

The most terrifying thing is that Rain Dragon and Canghu are actually absorbing Thunder Force!

This is what to do! ?

Could it be that you want to use Thunder Force to transform and advance again! ?



Suddenly, a tremor rang from Jiang Chen’s soul.

Immediately, the sky full of thunderbolt disappeared, and even the robbery cloud was gone!

Qingming was restored to everything, but Jiang Chen stood there with a dazed face.

As for Rain Dragon and Canghu, they even roared a few times, like…very wronged!

“This… is all absorbed by it!?”

At this moment, Jiang Chen was shocked, looking inside his soul, and found that the power of the cloud and the tribulation thunder was unexpectedly absorbed by Myriad Transformations Tianzhan absorbed a clean!


To be precise, it was absorbed by the lantern bearer of Myriad Transformations!

Look carefully, the lantern-bearer at this moment is no longer an illusory shadow, but between the real and the virtual!

“This lantern-bearer…when the time comes, won’t it turn into a real creature?” Jiang Chen suddenly had a strange thought in his mind.

If this is the case, then what is this creature?

Is he created it?

Or to say…

“The soul is back…”

Just when Jiang Chen thought his thoughts were ridiculous and naive, the lantern-bearer suddenly Moved!

I saw him gently swaying the Myriad Transformations Celestial Light in his hand, brightly lit, and a ray of fire across Jiang Chen’s Soul World, sinking into the void!

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