I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 922

Nine Heavens God World This time is very peaceful, but in fact, there is a storm in the dark!

Under the undercurrent, everyone wants to protect themselves!

Because, up to now, no one can guess what the end of the world means!

However, many people are speculating that the end of the world may be born this time!

Perhaps, the End of the World will be born in this flourishing world, a truly unified Nine Heavens God World!

When the time comes, it is the prosperous one who prospers, and the one who opposes death, there will be another change, all of which are unknown.

Therefore, now all Great Influences are walking in secret and are basically forming alliances!

At the same time, in those Peak forces, some sleeping Old Ancestors have also awakened during this time. This is to use the last hole cards to keep their respective forces!

For Jiu Tian Dynasty, at this critical moment, Jiu Shen has gone, and now the strongest in the dynasty is just an ancient Divine King.

Only an ancient Divine King is simply not enough to protect yourself!

Although the Western Monster Race is on the side of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, if its own strength is insufficient and the foundation is not deep enough, it will be difficult to gain a foothold in this muddy water after all.

“The Jiutian Dynasty needs a Paragon to protect the dynasty’s inheritance.” Jiutianzhong said solemnly: “You should also be able to see the current situation clearly. It is very unfavorable for my Jiutian Dynasty!”

“Yes, the old bastard of Jiu Shen, left at a critical moment.” Jiang Chen whispered.

“Uh…Don’t be rude to the Imperial Father…” Jiu Tian wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said: “Although you are now the acting emperor of the Jiu Tian Dynasty, you should also pay attention… Yeah.”

“I’m telling the truth.” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “If your irresponsible Imperial Father is here, wouldn’t the Nine Heavens Dynasty’s background be enough?”

“Don’t think I can’t see the strength of Jiu Shen and surpass the Divine King, right?”

As soon as this word came out, Jiu Tian Zhong nodded, said: “I have surpassed it a long time ago, but it is far from Divine Emperor There is still some distance.”

“This is not enough, beyond Divine King’s powerhouse to sit in the Nine Heavens Dynasty, what else can there be? But unfortunately… he left at this time.” Jiang Chen did not Said angrily.

After that, Jiang Chen waved his hand and said: “Let’s go, go and pick up another Old Ancestor from the Dynasty.”

Then the two got up and came to Bronze. Before the door.

“By the way, how strong was the power that sealed the heroes of the Nine Heavens Dynasty…?” Jiang Chen asked, “That power is not in Nine Heavens God World now?”

“Should be passed away.” Jiutian Zhong said lightly: “If it were there, do you think the Jiutian Dynasty could be born?”

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen nodded and said.

After that, Jiang Chen looked towards the bronze door, his hands kept forming seals, and the runes were cut on the bronze door like sharp blades.

Before, there was a gap in the bronze gate, but now under Jiang Chen’s rune, the bronze gate is slowly opened!

After the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, when the bronze door is completely opened, Jiang Chen’s expression changes instantly!

The hairs on his forehead are standing upside down, and he even has cold sweat on his forehead!

“Is this… hell?” Jiang Chen was shocked, complexion pale, looking at the world behind the bronze door, have one’s hair stand on end!

Looking ahead, behind the bronze door, there is a blood-colored plain.

The rivers of blood are crisscrossed and crisscrossed with blood-like flames burning on the river, and there are countless bones up and down!

A round of blood moon hangs high in the sky, and the coquettish moonlight shines on every inch of this Small World!

There are broken limbs everywhere, and the rotten flesh exudes a stench!

In this Small World, red blood and white bones became the main colors!

“This was the final battlefield of the Nine Heavens Dynasty and that force, and many people died.” Jiutianzhong explained: “The blood of the Emperor is spilled, corroding everything, cutting off the rules and order!”

“A powerhouse with God Emperor Level has fallen here?” Jiang Chen was shocked, how fierce the battle was! ?

“Otherwise you thought this place would be like this?” Jiutian Zhong said in an angry tone.

However, Jiutianzhong has not experienced that battle, but he knows the horror of that battle!

There is a record in the ancient book of the Nine Heavens Dynasty. During that battle, both sides dispatched the Peak powerhouse, and there were even Supreme level heroes!

As a result, after the battle conclusion, the Peak powerhouse of the Nine Heavens Dynasty died 90%, and the Peak powerhouse of another force also died 70% to 80%.

The remaining part of the Nine Heavens Dynasty was sealed here.

As the years change, only Jiu Shen and the other Old Ancestor are still alive.

Everyone else was consumed by the seal alive!

“Where is the other Old Ancestor in your house?” Jiang Chen asked.

This Small World neither too big nor too small, but with Jiang Chen’s divine sense, all corners of the Small World can be clearly understood at once.

He is looking for the breath of another Old Ancestor from the Nine Heavens Dynasty, but… there is no clue.

“There.” Jiutian pointed to the blood moon again, and sighed: “That is one of the strongest Old Ancestors in my clan, and the only one alive.”


“It’s just a pity…the seal on his body is too much and too heavy, you’re afraid…you can’t untie it.”

Jiang Chen hearing this, look up and look carefully. After the bloody moon, eyebrows slightly frowned and said: “The seal of the blood demon clan!?”

“Your original enemy was the blood demon clan!?”

nodded, the forces that competed with the Nine Heavens for hegemony were the blood demons!

This is an inheritance ancient race, not a Human Race, nor a Monster Race, let alone a demons!

They form a family of their own, claiming to be a race favored by the heavens!

This race has been one of the races of the cream of the crop since the time they appeared!

The battle strength of Blood Demon Race is extraordinary, especially the secret technique, which can be described as unpredictable!

Jiang Chen once saw the description of the Gorefiend clan in the ancient book, it can be called an invincible race!

“At the beginning, if it hadn’t happened to meet the birth of the Gorefiend family, my Nine Heavens Dynasty would not have fallen, let alone be sealed.” Jiu Tianzhong said solemnly.

“How strong is the Gorefiend family?” Jiang Chen asked.

“I don’t know the specifics. I didn’t participate in that battle, but I heard from my Imperial Father that the blood demons are indeed a race favored by the heavens. Every clansman is a god since birth! “Jiu Tianzhong said.

“What!? Being born is a god!?” Jiang Chen was shocked.

For thousands of years of cultivation success, others may not be able to become a god.

And this Blood Demon Race is good, a newborn baby is a god!

This… is indeed favored by the heavens!

The birth point is much higher than that of ordinary creatures!

“Such a powerful race… how did it disappear, where did it go?” Jiang Chen was puzzled and asked: “Are you sure that the blood demons are not in the Nine Heavens God World?”

“Of course it is.” Jiutianzhong said: “I heard…the last place the blood demons went…is…Cangzhou…”

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