I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 923

Every cultivator has no way to go, and there will be differences in strength.

Similarly, there will be a gap between blood energy and life essence, and with the higher the realm, the gap will be larger.

As a Divine King, some people can live for several generations, and guarantee that their blood energy will not dry up and be in a Peak state all the time.

But for some Divine Kings, after tens of thousands of years of life, the blood energy will be exhausted. Only silence and sleep can delay the decline.

Just like the dead Ancient God King of the Lingxiao Pavilion, he has not been born before, but is dormant and sleeping, keeping his blood energy from depleting so quickly.

Now, this Divine King of the Nine Heavens Dynasty is the same.

However, he is much stronger than the one in High Heaven Pavilion. He has lived for several times!

Since the opening of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, he has been alive until now.

Several times have passed, and even the most powerful Divine King will decline.

“It’s okay, if I get there, I will fight again for the Nine Heavens Dynasty.” In Cave Mansion, the ancient Divine King lightly said.



At the moment the voice fell, I saw a burst of rays of light rushing up in the Cave Mansion!

Glorious and dazzling, it breaks through the clouds and sinks into the void above the endless.

This is the Divine King waking up, absorbing the purest power between Heaven and Earth, so that he can recover to Peak briefly!

He is preparing!

Peak’s sublimation, ultimate recovery, after this time, even if he doesn’t make a move, he won’t live long.

“Congratulations on the birth of Old Ancestor.” Jiutian bowed his head and kowtowed, knowing that this Divine King is ready to die!

At the same time, in the Top Sects of Nine Heavens God World, bunches of rays of light rushed to the cloud and entered the endless void!

Obviously, there are a lot of Divine Kings sleeping and dormant in Nine Heavens God World!

They all choose to wake up at this time, Peak ascends, and protects their forces with life!

On this day, many people in Nine Heavens God World have seen this scene!

A dozen beams illuminate the entire Nine Heavens God World!

That’s more than a dozen ancient Divine Kings awakening and sublimating!

“Grand Era is coming.” Someone lightly said: “The ancient people will die, and the new generation will rise.”

“But…this era, after all It is the world of the former Paragon group, or the world of the new generation of Tianjiao, it is hard to say…”

At this moment, in Cangzhou, in an ancient temple.

A Buddha statue that had been silent for several times suddenly vibrated, and the dust on its body fell, and even the mud was falling off.

After more than ten breaths, this Buddha statue has changed and turned into a strong man!

“The world? Buddha?”

The man frowned, his eyes seemed to be in a trance, as if he had just woke up.

After a few breaths, he walked out of the temple and saw the light beams in the sky.

Afterwards, he reacted, both hands forming seals, deduced in front of him, the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, he suddenly woke up and said: “Have all these years passed? It has reached the first Ten prosperous times?”

“Congratulations to the birth of the King Buddha.”

At this moment, an Elderly appeared in front of the temple. It was the Elderly who was on crutches who went to the Lingxiao Pavilion before. !

He smiled and came to the front of the Buddha King, bowed his hands, and said in condolences: “Buddha in the world, is it good?”

“What is good, the tenth In the prosperous age, everything will end in this prosperous age.” The Buddha lightly said, holding the Buddha seal, and asked: “What do you think, in this era, what will happen to my horizon?”

” Extinction, or rebirth.” Elderly expression condensed, said solemnly: “The master is waking up, but it will take some time. During this period of time, a few of us will take charge of it.”

“Master Do you want to wake up too? It seems…this time is really a catastrophe for me on the horizon.” Tianxia Buddha sighed.

“Perhaps it is a great calamity, or it may be a great good fortune.” Elderly said condensedly.


On the other side, in the great hall of the Dongfang Family.

Due to the birth of Tianya, the Dongfang Family has been unstable during this period, and they often convene high-level family members to discuss countermeasures.

On this day, a purple haired man suddenly appeared in the great hall of the Dongfang Family.

He didn’t say a word, just took out a purple token with a cluster of purple clouds engraved on it.

“Eastern Imperial Clan!”

“My clan’s ancestor lineage was born!?”


Dongfang Family Clan People are excited, they have been waiting for this day for a long time!

“Standby.” The man lightly said, and then disappeared in place.

“As you bid.”

“As you bid.”


Dongfang Family members salute, Excitement flashed in his eyes, and even more domineering!

“Look! What’s that!?”

“An island!? From outside!?”

“Illusions!? Still real !?”


Three days later, a vague shadow suddenly appeared in the sky of Nine Heavens God World.

As if from outside the sky, like an island, the current person Nine Heavens God World is slowly approaching!

When Divine King was born, staring at the sky, his expression became gloomy!

“The South Wall…is going to be broken!?”

“That is…the creature of Great Thousand Worlds!”

This news can’t be concealed, just because there are many Divine Kings born now, they can see what it is at a glance!

That is not only an island, but also Great Thousand Worlds from outside the south wall!

Many creatures stand on the island, and now they have come beyond the southern wall!

What are they waiting for, as if they had predicted that the South Wall would collapse!

“The internal turmoil has never been fixed, and the external turmoil is about to start again. Is this really a flourishing age? How does it feel like a troubled time.”

“Under the flourishing age, there will be troubled times.”


“The age of blood is about to begin.”

In just a dozen days later, there are more and more illusory shadows outside the sky.

There are huge sailboats as large as mountains, as well as artifacts like compasses, and individual creatures stand alone outside the southern wall!

As for the creatures of Nine Heavens God World, few people know where the south wall is now!

Even, they don’t even know how to open the south wall!

However, the creatures of Nine Heavens God World have the same goal at the moment, that is, they cannot open the south wall!

Once opened, Nine Heavens God World will definitely become a land of war!

“The ancestors have not returned yet, will the south wall be opened?! How does Nine Heavens God World gain a foothold in the Great Thousand Worlds!?”

“No ancestors The shelter of Nine Heavens God World is destined to be destroyed!”


Among some ancient inheritances, everyone was panicked and even felt desperate!

They knew only from the records in the ancient book that the Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall, how powerful the creatures there are!

If the group of ancestors who had gone away were unable to return, then… in this Nine Heavens God World, there are not many people who can stop the group of creatures in Great Thousand Worlds!

Even, no more than one hand!

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