I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 924

Up to now, some ancient Xinmi have also been revealed, and all Great Sects have turned up the ancient book and found some clues from it.

Someone was shocked and saw that there was a record in the ancient book that Nine Heavens God World and even the entire Six Realms are a burial ground!

Some people also wondered why the Great Thousand Worlds outside the south wall came to attack God World and even the Six Realms.

There is even more panic in people’s hearts, thinking that the Six Realms are about to come to an end. Even the only remaining God World in the Six Realms will be difficult to survive this catastrophe!

There are also some people who are praying, hoping that the ancestors who had gone away can return as soon as possible, otherwise God World is hopeless!

Three days later, I seemed to feel the oppression and tension between this Heaven and Earth, as if I felt the panic and doubts in the hearts of all beings, and Tianya finally came forward.

On this day, a Dharma Dao Decree illuminates the entire Nine Heavens God World, and invites the top Sect rulers to go to Cangzhou!

This is the first time since ancient times that Cangzhou has issued an imperial edict, and it is also the first time that so many people have been invited into Cangzhou!

But, this time, no one feels honored, and no one is excited.

More people feel heavy, and the fear of deep in one’s heart has never disappeared.

Everyone knows that there must be a major event for a shot on the horizon that has never been born!

This major event may be about Nine Heavens God World itself, or about the Six Realms, or about the Great Thousand Worlds beyond the South Wall.

In short, being born on the End of the World is not a good thing for this world!

But what will happen after Tianya is born?

Is it a bad thing or a good thing?

All of this depends on the end of the world.

“Should I go alone?” Jiang Chen stood in the Transmission Array of the Nine Heavens and asked in confusion: “As the prince of the Nine Heavens, won’t you go with me?”

“Cangzhou only invited the rules of Great Influence.” Jiutianzhong said: “Now, you are the ruler of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, so you can only go.”

“But…I Can this go?” Jiang Chen began to doubt himself for the first time.

Because of his absence, not only his identity is unusual, but his words and deeds represent the entire Nine Heavens Dynasty!

And, this time, there will probably be a major event!

There is even a mortal danger!

“Go ahead, since you are the emperor of the Jiutian Dynasty, if you are in trouble, even if my Jiutian Dynasty does everything, even if it is destroyed, I will protect you.” Jiutianzhong said resolutely:” Although he is the acting emperor, he is still the emperor after all!”

“Jiu Shen means that during his absence, I will be in charge of everything in the Nine Heavens Dynasty? Even because of me. Don’t care if the Nine Heavens Dynasty is destroyed?” Jiang Chen asked.

“Father means this.” Jiutianzhong nodded and said: “If not, why let you be the acting emperor.”

“So…” Jiang Chen lightly said, there was a glint in his eyes, and said: “Let’s live up to him!”

After that, Jiang Chen opened the Transmission Array, and slowly stepped into the Transmission Passage in the glow of the sky. .

In my ear, I heard a sentence from Jiutianzhong: “Give me a face for Jiutian Dynasty!”

Jiang Chen has entered the Transmission Passage. After hearing this, the corner of his mouth A faint smile appeared and he muttered to himself: “It’s really time to give you a long face, otherwise… I’m sorry you, and I’m sorry.”

Half a day later, Cangzhou border , Before a canyon.

This place is the official passage into Cangzhou.

If you want to enter Cangzhou, you can go in all directions, but Cangzhou has regulations. If you want to enter Cangzhou, you must take this road to be formal.

If you enter Cangzhou from other places, you will be regarded as provoking Cangzhou, you will be punished heavily, and even killed!

When Jiang Chen came here, there were already many people here.

Looking at it, the people who come here are all the main gods of the cultivation base, and they are all other main gods of Peak Level!

Because the people invited by Cangzhou this time are all rulers of a power.

As a ruler, perhaps not the most powerful house in the power, but the cultivation base will certainly not be low!

“This…which rule of sect? Lower True God?”

“Where did it come from? Did you go wrong?”


At this moment, many people saw Jiang Chen, and his expression was rather strange.

Among a group of Peak Master gods, there is suddenly a lower True God, just like a crane in a flock of chickens, it’s hard not to be conspicuous!

“He is the reincarnation of Tianchen! This life is named Jiang Chen!”

“I heard that he is now the ruler of the Nine Heavens!”


Some people have told the truth, but many people still cast contempt!

What about the ruler of the Nine Heavens Dynasty? The cultivation base is so low, there is no right to speak here.

“I heard that the Nine Heavens Dynasty was born, the real ruler should be Jiu Shen, right? Others? Are you afraid to come?” A man with a white sword coldly said, looked towards Jiang Chen At that time, there was a killing intent in his eyes.

“What a coincidence! Cloud Sword Sect!” Someone joked: “Cloud Sword Sect has also been inherited for several eras. When the Nine Heavens Dynasty was at its peak, Cloud Sword Sect was almost wiped out by the Nine Heavens!”

“Hey, I don’t know if the Sect Master of Cloud Sword Sect will do anything to Jiang Chen…”

At this moment, Jiang Chen expression Calm, with a smile on his face, when looking towards the Sect Master of Cloud Sword Sect, he couldn’t help raising his eyebrows.

Is this…provocative! ?

At least, Sect Master of Cloud Sword Sect thinks so!

However, before he could take a shot, a bright light fell in the distance, and a man covered in holy light walked over.

Before people arrive, a holy light that looks like a real dragon-like moved towards Jiang Chen and heads away!

“The Lord of Light!”

“Really strong! Direct shot!?”


Everyone was shocked, looked towards Jiang Chen, want to see how this lower True God can block the blow of the Guangming Lord God!

“Do you think it is appropriate to bully my dísciple like this?”



At this moment, together A light voice appeared, and then a palm fell in the air, smashing that holy light!

Immediately, I saw Song Tingtao approaching instantly, standing beside Jiang Chen with a lazy expression.

He buttoned his ears, squinted his eyes, smiled at Guangming Lord God, and said, “Why don’t I go to Cangzhou, I’ll have a fight with you?”

“Heavenspan Church Sect Master, Song Tingtao.” Guangming Lord God snorted lightly and said: “There are opportunities, not in a hurry.”

“You were very prestigious in the previous life, this life…you will only hide from others. Behind!?”

“A person like you is now like an ant, no one will care about you if you kill it!”


At this moment, a flame fell, and then a ray of breeze passed!

I saw both the main god of flames and the main god of Lingfeng coming, and they were heading for Jiang Chen away!

They seem to have no scruples, and in front of Song Tingtao, they have to kill Jiang Chen!

“Are you afraid right?” Jiang Chen lightly said, with a hint of sarcasm flashing in his eyes: “I’m afraid that after I return to Peak, you 36 main gods will all die, right?”

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