I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 925

The flames, the light, the wind and the others are all 36 Peak Master gods!

In their eyes, an ordinary lower True God cultivator, like an ant, they will not even take a look!

However, when facing Jiang Chen, they have to pay attention!

Just because they are really scared!

At the beginning, 36 of the strongest Peak Master gods joined forces, secretly ambushed and set up various array restrictions, and then Jiang Chen ambushed.

In that battle, if they hadn’t been prepared, they might have died!

Only they know how terrifying and terrifying Jiang Chen in the Peak period is!

Just like that, when they learned that Jiang Chen was reincarnated, fear and fear appeared in each of them!

At the beginning, they did not hesitate to pay a great price to send people into Atheus Continent to kill Jiang Chen, precisely because of the ray of jealousy and fear in their hearts!

Now, Jiang Chen is back. Although the realm is low and low, they are still afraid after all!

However, Jiang Chen is in front of so many people at this moment, and has spoken their aspirations, how can they admit it!

“This time is different, you will die!” Lingfeng Lord God said with a frosty face, “No one can save you!”

“Oh? Different?” Jiang Chen lightly said, “How is it different?”

“Heh.” The flame master sneered and said: “This time, all the peak forces of Nine Heavens God World ruler have been gathered on the horizon. “

“So what?” Jiang Chen asked.

“That means that all 36 of us will appear here, a lot of them!” Guangming Lord said solemnly: “Do you think you can still live?”

As soon as this is said, the expressions of all around people change one after another.

The 36 strongest gods of Nine Heavens God World appeared at the same time, and they came together, even the Divine King will have to hate!

It was an extremely powerful force. After the fall of Jiang Chen, half of the Nine Heavens God World was almost the final say!

Even those Top Sects who have the Ancient God King seat, dare not easily go to war with these 36 people!

“Really worthy of me.” Jiang Chen lightly said, shrugged indifferent, and asked again: “So what? Today, you can’t kill me.”

“Really? Just a Song Tingtao, think you can keep you?” Guangming Lord God said contemptuously: “He is very strong, but… not enough!”




tone barely fell, everyone heard one after another splitting the air sound!

After that, I saw silhouettes stepping out of the void, each exuding a strong aura!

Some people were shrouded in radiance, some were enveloped in darkness, some were standing on the Golden Lotus, and some were dripping in the sea.

“All are here!”

“The 36 Peak Master gods, all have arrived!”

This moment , Many people held breath cold air, and even those old Divine Kings were heartbroken!

These 36 shots are enough to sweep half of the Nine Heavens God World!

“Boy, it’s a bit of trouble this time.” Song Tingtao’s face was ugly, and said: “If it doesn’t work, after I break, you go first!”

“Sect Master, since I’m here, there is no fear of them.” Jiang Chen lightly said, his eyes gleamed with confidence!

He is now not only the ruler of the Nine Heavens Dynasty!

“Tianchen, it’s time to send you off.”

“It’s time to kill.”


At this moment, 36 extreme The terrifying imposing manner has flooded this place, and even the rules and order of the void are falling apart!

As if the divine light is dying, Heaven and Earth pales, only those 36 people seem to be the only ones in this world!

Too strong!

Everyone was shocked, these 36 people joined forces, afraid that the Peak Divine King would fall!

Many people are shocked. Secretly thought how strong Jiang Chen was at the time, that 36 people can join forces!

“He is my man.”

At this moment, a red-clothed fell and stood beside Jiang Chen.

His long hair reaches his waist, and the stars are shining through his body.

“Sect Master, red-clothed!”

Someone has revealed the identity of this person, and the expression is weird. When did the secretly thought Jiang Chen and red- clothed “hook up”! ?

Even Song Tingtao was confused. He went to the Eastern Sea forbidden area before, so he didn’t know the relationship between Jiang Chen and red-clothed now.

“Okay boy, is this red-clothed?” After a few breaths, Song Tingtao gave Jiang Chen a thumbs up with a look of admiration!

“Sect Master…now is not the time to tease.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile, pointed to the 36 people, and said: “These people, not to be trifled with.”

“I like to eat meat!”

At this moment, a man covered in Purple Qi came out.

He came to Jiang Chen, cupped the hands, and said, “Dongfang Family, Dongfang Wangri.”

“Oh? Are you here to help me?” Jiang Chen curiously asked.

“Like a small drag.” Dongfang Wangri said resolutely: “He is now a distinguished guest of my Dongfang Family. He is half of my Dongfang Family.”

“If you are a kid, you have a good mix.” Jiang Chen said with a smile, cupped the hands to Dongfang Wangri, and said: “Many thanks.”

“Count me as a force .”

“My son-in-law of Hundred Flowers Sect, I can’t lose it.”

“He is my Holy Son next to Academy.”

… …

At this moment, several people came over, namely Lizong Sect Master, Hundred Flowers Sect Sect Master, and the adjacent Institute Head!

“Heh…how about you all together? Can you stop us?” The Dark Lord said contemptuously: “Even if you go together, you can’t stop me from waiting!”

“Don’t ruin your own future path!” The main god of Guangming coldly said: “We only want his life! It has nothing to do with you!”

“To take his life is to take my life. Red-clothed is extremely strong, staring at the Lord Guangming, and said: “If there wasn’t a Radiant Palace Hall behind you, the Guangming clan would have been destroyed!”

“Trudizong and Heavenspan Church have been separated for several times, It’s not as good as before! Even if there is no Radiant Palace Hall behind me, I don’t have to wait!” said the Lord Guangming.

The voice fell, and the imposing manner of the main god of Guangming skyrocketed, a holy light like a sword that opened the sky, moved towards Jiang Chen!

With the action of the Guangming Lord God, several other Lord Gods also started!

For a time, the changeable situation here, the rules and order are collapsing, and the grand dao’s aura has turned into mist, floating everywhere!

Three thousand years later, 36 Peak Master gods, joined forces again!

Many people moved towards the back and retreated, afraid of being involved in it!

There are also ancient Divine King expressions that are ugly, they think they can’t stop the joint attack of these 36 people!

Even, as long as one meets, they will be killed!

“He is the Sect Master of my Tianchen Divine Sect!”



Suddenly, far away A few roars that shook the sky came!

Then the void collapsed and two men came back!

One of them, with rune steaming on his body, and a large formation under his feet, there are restrictions and Formation ups and downs on the left and right sides!

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