I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 926

Wearing rune, stepping on a large array, surrounded by Formation and prohibition, this person is a “Formation” master!

Moreover, his cultivation base is extremely high, reaching the peak of the Peak Master god, and his body is filled with a faint ring of gods, which is a sign that he is about to step into the Divine King!


At this moment, I saw this person rushing to Jiang Chen’s body, kneeling and bowing!

His eyes are slightly red, and his body is trembling, as if it is due to excitement or other emotions!

Jiang Chen also had a hint of grief flashing in his eyes. He looked at the man in front of him, lifted him up, and sighed: “Are you left?”

“They…” The man opened his mouth, but closed his mouth again.

He was worried that he would choke as soon as he opened his mouth!

“Tianchen Divine Sect’s a fish that escaped the net!”

“Tianchen, this is the last discipline of your previous life.”

“Today , I will send you to reunion!”

The main god of light and the others looked Ling Ran, staring at the man, his eyes flashing with fear.

This person is the eldest apprentice of Jiang Chen’s previous life. He has a deep knowledge of Jiang Chen Formation, and now he is about to enter the Divine King field!

If this person is not removed, their peak master gods are destined to be uncomfortable!

“Just have one more.” Jiang Chen sighed, feeling bitter and helpless.

In the original Tianchen Divine Sect, there are only one dísciple left now!

But, as Jiang Chen said, there is only one left.

After all, in that turmoil, even he fell, and the Peak God like Shen Nianzhe was robbed!

That group of people, there are still people alive, that’s enough!

This is a cruel fact, but Jiang Chen had to accept it!

The vicissitudes of time, returning to Nine Heavens again, people are no longer complete.

“You are still alive.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked towards another man.

After this person came here, he has not spoken, and when he looked towards Jiang Chen, there was a hint of resentment in his eyes.

He is the brother of Moon God!

Jiang Chen knows why he has hatred in his eyes, only because the Moon God sacrificed himself for Jiang Chen, this is Jiang Chen Samsara Reincarnation!

“She is still alive.” Jiang Chen lightly said: “She has also been reincarnated, I found her in the lower realm, and now she is about to rise.”

“She… …Are you still alive?” Yuexiangchen said lightly, and a ray of light appeared in his eyes.

That is hope!

“Oh, good! Today is all!”

“Send you guys on the road together!”


At this moment , Those 36 Peak Masters have started!

The sky is full of attacks, accompanied by law and order, and the power of Grand Dao is pouring down from the sky like a torrent!

In just an instant, this side world was submerged, and there was brilliance everywhere, and it was also full of killing intents!

Jiang Chen never flinched, and none of the people around him took a step back!

They stood side by side, rising up in an imposing manner, like a dragon-like flying straight into the sky!

Today, since we are here, we will not return!



But, suddenly, the 36 main gods’ attacks disappeared in an instant.

The sky is clear again, and even the imposing manner on them has been suppressed!

At the same time, Jiang Chen and the others also felt that in the depths of the canyon, there seemed to be creatures watching here!

Just now, a terrifying divine sense broke out, sweeping the a side World and obliterating the attacks of 36 main gods!

“There is a great enemy outside, are you still upset inside?”

A voice full of vicissitudes of life came from the depths of the canyon, sighing softly: “Everything will be destroyed, you Still thinking about civil war here?”

“Senior, this is my personal grievance!” The main god of Guangming said solemnly, bowing his hand in the direction of the canyon, and said: “For the sake of Radiant Palace Hall , Can Senior not intervene in this matter?”

“Radiant Palace Hall?” The creature in the depths of the gorge lightly said, lightly snorted, and said: “The Lord of Radiant Palace Hall is here, so I dare not say such things. You are a trifling junior, a little rude.”



The voice fell, and a clear voice sounded.

Everyone was shocked, seeing that there was an extra bloody palm print on the cheek of the Lord Guangming!

He… was beaten in the face! ?

“Senior! You are too much!” The Lord of Light complexion is gloomy, staring into the depths of the canyon like stagnant water, coldly said: “The end of the world is strong, but my Radiant Palace Hall is not weak! Senior acts like this , I am not afraid of resentment in my heart at Radiant Palace Hall!?”

“I was not afraid, now I am not afraid, and I will not be afraid in the future.” The creatures deep in the canyon said indifferently: “You are too young.”

“Senior, if this is the case, then in Cangzhou today, on behalf of Radiant Palace Hall, I refuse to enter!” The Lord Guangming’s face was damaged and shouted furiously, he turned and left!


But, next moment, I saw him being patted back by a palm covered by a holy light, and he was forcibly shot out of the void!

“Senior on the End of the World is right, you are too young.” On the other side of the void, an illusory voice came, with a trace of anger, saying: “And you are not qualified On behalf of Radiant Palace Hall.”

“Old Ancestor…”

Divine Heart, the Lord of Light, was surprised. He didn’t expect that his Old Ancestor was actually paying attention to this place!

And now, the meaning of Old Ancestor is obvious, this is to blame him! ?

“This person is my ruler outside of Radiant Palace Hall. I am young and ignorant. I still hope to understand.” On the other side of the void, the powerhouse in Radiant Palace Hall seems to apologize.

This shocked everyone, secretly thought how strong this world is! ?

How can an Old Ancestor in Radiant Palace Hall bow their heads and apologize in front of so many people!

“It’s okay, child that’s all.” The creature deep in the canyon didn’t seem to care.

When the voice fell, the rocks that had been blocked on both sides of the gorge disappeared, and a road leading to the depths of the gorge emerged.

“Come in.” The voice of the creature is very vicissitudes of life, as if it has lived for countless years, it is more like standing on the river of years.

“This person…not simple!” Jiang Chen was shocked. He could clearly feel that there was Power of Time in that voice!

This Supreme power is simply difficult for ordinary people to control, even difficult to figure out!

And Jiang Chen is sure that the creature in the valley within the valley absolutely mastered the Power of Time!

“Never underestimate the end of the world.” Song Tingtao reminded secretly: “This force is extraordinary and must not be provoked.”

“Sect Master, you are not Nonsense?” Jiang Chen rolled the eyes, as long as you are not a fool, you will know that you must not provoke the world.

If you provoke, you will end up like the main god of light, getting slapped in the face!

Even, if it weren’t for the Radiant Palace Hall behind the Lord of Light, the slap just now would not be as simple as a face slap. It is very likely that he would be suppressed on the spot!

“The moon phase minister, the old one, you two don’t need to come in.”

Just when everyone was about to step into the canyon, the voice came again.

“You are not a ruler of a force, so you are not qualified to enter Cangzhou, nor are you qualified to come to the end of the world.”


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